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The Best Spy-Terrorist TV Shows

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Ever since 2000, there have a slew of spy-terrorist genre shows available on TV. Most of these go full circle in one hour but others are often cliff hangers that are not solved until the last episode of the season. While the spy-terrorist plot genre shows have similar plots or twists, some shows simply do it WAY more effectively than others to grip and hold the viewer until the end. These are the binge worthy shows that people love and can never get enough of. That said, this is my list of them in no particular order. Any one of them is worth checking out.

1, Homeland- With over 8 seasons on HBO, this is the one show all others should emulate in creativity, action, plot twists, character development,. effects. All of the characters play an important role in this CIA undercover anti-terrorist show.

2. Berlin Station- This show mirrors that of Homeland in pace and intensity. Again, CIA undercover anti-terrorist but in Germany and Russia. I also has a great soundtrack and character development. Like Homeland, one theme is across the whole season, so each show is a cliffhanger. There are several seasons.

3. Deep State - like the two above this, it is a similar theme and style for all the same reasons.

4. The Bureau - This is a French version of Homeland but is more of a slow burn as it builds into a crescendo during a season (there are 5). What makes this stand out is that it happens mostly in Paris and unlike the others above, it is perhaps, the most realistic in what happens in the spy world of today. The Bureau is what the CIA is in the USA, intelligence and spy networks. Available on AMC+ or Sundance.

5. Little Drummer Girl- Another epic spy show that is like all of the above in style and execution. It is a woman who is the undercover spy and full of twists and turns leading to cliffhanger situations.

6. The Americans- Despite the title, this is espionage in the 80's with great acting and plots as undercover Russians pretending to be Americans try to gain intelligence. The Americans has many seasons and portrays how Russian spies were "Americanized" in order to blend in.

7. 24 - Another epic show that actually set the standards for this genre back in 2000 or so. Fast paced, great acting, realistic and the mother of all cliffhanger shows. It ran for 10 seasons and it can be watched over and over as the Counter Terrorism Unit fights of threats to America.

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8. Fauda- This comes from Israel and like all this genre, is about fighting terrorists in Israel and Gaza. It is a gritty show and quite good as their agents go undercover.

9. Deutschland 83 and 86 - A great German production showing how the East Germans tried to gather intel via undercover agents from West Germany in the 1980s. There are two seasons, each representing those years in 1983 and 1986. Great acting and action although at a slower pace Available on AMC+ or Sundance.

10. Blacklist, Jack Ryan, Condor, Alias, Enemy Within, Hannah- All of these shows are worthy viewing but they are not the most realistic spy-terror-CIA shows. They are entertaining for sure but some of the situations seem unbelievable and unrealistic.

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