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The Best Serial Killer K-dramas

The world of kdrama introduced me to a whole new dimension of undiscovered comedy, romance and fantasy.

1. Voice 1, 2 and 3 (보이스)


An accident at a young age gives our lead, Kang Kwon Joo, extreme hearing ability. She becomes a detective and forms the Golden Time Team to help emergency callers.

In the first season the wife of the male lead, Moo Jin Hyuk and the father of Kang Kwon Joo are targeted by the same serial killer. The duo work together to catch the culprit. We also get to see the hate relationship between the leads turn into a friendly one. Lee Ha Na and Jang Hyuk deliver amazing performance as the leads aided by an incredible cast.

In season 2, we see a problematic detective, Do Kang Woo joining hands with Kang Kwon Joo to solve yet another serial murder case. What starts as a serial murders by one killer extends beyond our expectations as the story continues through the 3rd season of the series.

In season 3, we get to see a continuation of the story from the previous season. Although it is safe to say that you wouldn't enjoy it as much as the first season, the 2nd and 3rd season are worth the watch.

2. Tell Me What You Saw (본 대로 말하라)


Yet again we have Jang Hyuk in an investigation role. A criminal profiler who went off grid after his fiancé's death re-emerges to join hands with a rookie detective who has photographic memory or picturing ability. Along with the detective and an ex team member, the profiler work together to find the serial killer who is also responsible for the profiler's wife's death.

Overall an exciting watch offering suspense until the end, the series has a shabby plot which seems lame at times. Despite its shortcomings, it is worth a watch.

3. Born Again (본 어게인)

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Breaking the stereotypical plots of serial killer dramas, we have Born Again bringing a refreshing take on the genre. There is a tragic love triangle that goes beyond time and space. There is a serial killer and there is a detective. There is also, the next life, where the 3 meet again. What begins as a normal story, becomes a gripping tale of 'what will happen in the end'.

If you have watched Jang Ki Young in Kill It and Come and Hug Me, you already know what the actor has to offer. Awesome enactment of the misery and romance by both the male leads, Jang Ki Young and Lee Soo Hyuk.

4. Psychopath Diary (싸이코패스 다이어리)


Who even imagined that comedy would ever go well with serial killings. This specific series offers what no other drama would ever. A perfect blend of thrill and humor.

Our lead, Yook Dong Sik, a reserved pushover as he describes himself, goes on to acquire a diary belonging to a serial killer aka psychopath while suffering from retrograde amnesia . This takes a toll on the psychological process of the lead, who thinks of himself as a psychopath and begins to behave as one. Shim Bo Kyung, a rookie police officer uses her instincts to solve the case after getting entagled with Yook Dong Sik.

The show has lighthearted moments but also offers heartbreaking moments. You would secretly root for the actual psychopath, due to the incredible skills of Park Sung Hoon to portray the cold hearted culprit.

If you have seen Jung In Sun in My Secret Terrius, you know that she and humor are made for each other.

5. Tunnel (터널)


In 1986 Korea, serial murders strike the town where our lead, Park Gwang Ho is a homicide detective. The case leads him to chase the culprit into a tunnel. When he exits the tunnel, however, he ends up 30 years into the future. Our lead now has to solve the serial killings in 2016 instead of 1986, along with his new partner Kim Sun Jae and Professor Shin Jae Yi, a criminal psychologist.

An exciting watch, yet one ponders in the end if all that effort by the detective was worth it. A nice plot that drops at the end isn't new but this takes it to a whole new level. A must watch in terms of suspense and intrigue.

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