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The Best Results Women Nomination Thought History Burnout Is Real.

Which is fewer than the previous three years — 28 percent of women-only camps — but Jane is the director of "NumberAttack Dogs competing for the first time in the category" direction, and maybe the third greatest, throughout history, earning the statuette.
The edition also features a historic female victory bet in the field of best cinematography, with Ari Wegner, from "Attack of the Dogs," being only the second woman nominated for the category in the award's history. Director Rachel Morrison was the first to be nominated in 2018, for her work on filmmaker Dee Ree's "Mudbound - Tears Over Mississippi."

Ari Wegner, the favorite, spoke out about the paucity of female triumphs in the category in an interview with CNN.

According to a study by San Diego State University's Study of Women in Television and Film, only 6% of the 250 highest-grossing American films last year had a woman in the cinematography department, demonstrating that the problem extends beyond the awards.

Ari Wegner


Ari Wegner, cinematographer for "Attack of the Dogs," has always had art in his life. She studied cinema and spent her work in the independent sector until 2016 when she filmed "Lady Macbeth," a production that propelled her into the mainstream.
Jane Campion, the feature's director, invited her to participate in "Attacks of the Dogs" over the phone in 2018 after she had previously met her in an advertising project. For a year, they worked together to create a comprehensive pre-production work that gave Ari crucial knowledge of the history, such as vegetation, geology, and the peculiarities of cattle farming. The result of this plunge has already been recognized with a BAFTA award for outstanding photography, and it looks like the same thing will happen at the Oscars.

Germaine Franco


Was born in California and reared in El Paso, Texas, a border city between the United States and Mexico. Her forefathers' culture especially accepted her, even encouraging her love of music.
She is the first Latina woman to be invited to the Hollywood Academy and is nominated for best original music for her work on the animation "Encanto." She is also the first Latina to be nominated for an Oscar in the category of the best original score and the first woman to create a song for a Disney cartoon. She, on the other hand, sees little reason to rejoice over these honors.

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Jane Campion's

The oscar-nominated duo of films continues its disruptive journey. After 28 years of contending for best director and winning best original script, the New Zealand director is back in the running for the award, making her the first woman to achieve this feat as a director.
Jane received the Directors Guild of America award two weeks ago, confirming her Oscar preference. If that happens, she will become the third woman to win the main prize. In addition to the nomination itself, the director still has 11 additional chances to witness her award-winning film. "Attaque dos Dogs" has the most nominations this year, and it is unlikely to go home empty-handed.

You're aware that you must strive for fair pay? I did that job, and I appreciate it, but it should have been paid better. [Smith] addressed this by increasing my compensation, as well as the salaries of the other performers in the film, demonstrating that when black women get along, everyone gets along.

A change of environment The decrease in female nominations in this edition should raise a red flag for actor and screenwriter Nara Chaib Mendes, who studies how patriarchy has impacted the existence of women in art. "Time's Up and Me Too [an American film industry movement for women's rights] demonstrated the importance of our voices being heard and represented in the audiovisual, but it's impossible not to be concerned about a potential setback." This is a never-ending battle.
More access to sufficient training is required to achieve these accolades, which is a critical factor in determining who will or will not have the opportunity to advance professionally.

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