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The Best Offer Review



As the title implies, we are here in front of a movie relevant to the world of auctions. Our protagonist virgil Oldman( Geoffrey Rush) who has features of his name, is an old director of an auction house who lives lonely with no wife or family. He suffers loneliness and internally longed for a partner and family. After tensions between him and a heiress customer Claire ( Sylvia Hoeks) who suffers from agoraphobia because of her unreal promises to meet him, he falls in love with her, feeling he is responsible for her. The rest happens when he reveals to her his secret museum of numerous valuable pieces of women portraits he used to obtain from scamming in auctions.

Plot Analysis

Actually the movie's main theme is like the original pieces; authentic. The writer/ director ( Giuseppe Tornatore) was very creative in tailoring this magnificent piece. Claire’s Pretending the agoraphobia to draw the attention, so getting the other to love her, obtaining the trust of a prestigious, cautious and sick of OCD old auctioneer, then deceiving him with the assistance of his beloved and most trusted ones made the plot rich in twists and cruel turns. The events are not predictable, rather they have a shocking effect at many places. The treachery of the lover, Virgil’s best friend and the artificer who assisted him to assemble the automaton are shocking events. Also when you find out the owner of the villa is the dwarf woman sitting all the time in the cafe opposing it. However the body language of Claire after engaging with Virgil and after he revealed his secret room gave the impression of an inconvenient thing ahead.


Philosophical Points

Since the movie’s realm is relevant to auctions, some terms like authentic and forged are used frequently and the writer takes them from their regular usage to a more global scale. According to Virgil’s friend statement, forgery can be in every thing, even in love. We later see how he was right as he described his forged feelings towards him as well. Likewise, Virgil stated that every forger cannot resist to put in something of himself And that there is always something authentic concealed in every forgery. And that was what happened when the artificer made the talking forged automaton recording the same sentence that refers to the true emotions the artificer had towards him in spite of the scam and to Claire true love feelings towards him.

In addition, you at some points feel sympathetic towards Virgil for the devastating shock he received. And at some points, you feel he deserves what happened to him as he used to scam in auctions but you return to feel sympathy when he reveals about his tragic childhood and how he lived all his life lonely.


Characters And Scenes

The characters are developed properly. Claire’s character fluctuates between weak and strong tone with Virgil to intrigue him. Virgil’s character changed to be reactive to her tone till falling under her control.

Scenes are well played and developed smoothly till reached its climax when Virgil discovered the theft and hence the deceit of his lover till spending months in a healthy mental institution to heal from devastation.

Just the idea and the scenes of the automaton were an excess complication and I did not feel its necessity . It was just a kind of distraction to the viewer.



If you like drama and emotional movies, you should not miss this film. On a scale from 1 to 10 I would give it 8/9 for only the reason stated above of the distracting details scenes of the automaton. And finally Geoffrey Rush’s performance was phenomenal as always.


Rania Heikal (author) from Egypt on September 12, 2020:

Yes, I enjoyed the story a lot. The end is somehow fair but involuntarily I wished he could live happily with his love. Thank you Umesh for visiting.

Umesh Chandra Bhatt from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on September 12, 2020:

Story seems to be very engrossing. In decceptions such ends are not unexpected.

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