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The Best Liza Minnelli Performances on Youtube

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Liza Minnelli turns 75 today! The multi-talented actress, singer, and performer has amassed a massive and dedicated fanbase. Her fanbase spans the internet, even on YouTube. Here are some of the best Liza Minnelli videos on the web.

First off, Liza Minnelli's music video for her cover of Stephen Sondheim's Losing My Mind. This video is fun, thrilling, and very strange. That's basically everything you need in a music video. And hey! Who doesn't sit in a bathtub full of pictures every now and then? Minnelli is truly a relatable queen.

Liza Minnelli's Losing My Mind

One of Minnelli's most iconic songs is New York, New York from the film of the same name. The song is definitely iconic, that can't be denied. Minnelli performs it all the time, however, this performance is one of her best. The gorgeous actress performs the song wonderfully in this clip at her 1979 concert at Carnegie hall. It is a fantastic little clip that all deserve to see.

New York, New York

Returning to Sondheim, it is hard to go wrong with the Arthur Laurents/Jule Styne musical fable, Gypsy. Minnelli's performance of the song Some People is particularly thrilling. Minnelli captures the frustration, the aching dreams, and the urge to move perfectly. While many a performer has sung and performed this song, Minnelli gives it her all in this 1992 clip at Radio City musical hall.

Some People

The Act was a massive musical flop in 1977. Written by George Furth with music and lyrics by John Kander and Fred Ebb, the show followed an actress as she staged her come up. This actress was played by Liza Minnelli. The show went through trouble in development, as it was directed by Martin Scorsese who didn't know how to direct stage shows. The show went through a staggering 12 full rewrites within the span of 15 weeks under Scorsese's vision, and even the writers themselves had hardly a good word to say about it. One of the songs was Arthur In The Afternoon, here's a video of Liza Minnelli performing the song with the original Ron Lewis choreography and the original Arthur, during a concert in 1979.

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Arthur in the Afternoon

Ring Them Bells is another Kander and Ebb song that Minnelli has performed many times. The song is cute, quaint, and charming. This performance from Liza with a Z goes beyond charming, and it is a total joy to watch. Minnelli and her dancers give the performance a full feeling, and the story really resonates through the action and the voices.

Ring Them Bells

Liza Minnelli's work is often simply fantastic and it is very hard to decide what's best of all the content online of her. Minnelli has so many great songs, performances, and shows. Her impact is far and wide and hard to understate. What's your favorite Liza Minnelli clip? Tell me in the comments.

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