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How To Buy Up the Block

I am very experienced in creative writing. Being creative when I write is soothing. It is therapy. I write about anything I put my mind to.

Sean Carter

In Brooklyn NYC, Shawn carter was born. He grew up in Marcy Houses in the Bedsty neighborhood. He and his siblings were raised by their mother. Their father left them early and he did what he needed to. All of the hard work paid off. A young carter turned to the streets. He was headed in the wrong direction. At 12, he shot his older brother for stealing his jewelry. He was known as Jazzy around the neighborhood. By the time he got to high school, he was a drug dealer. If anyone knows the attributes of a dealer, they hustle. They run the streets and sell to anyone wanting the product. Jazzy adopted that part of business and used it for something else to get him out.

Jay Z

At the same time he had a passion for music . He just knew that it was a pathway he could use. In his home he used to wake up everyone in the house at night banging drum patterns on the kitchen table. That was until his mother bought him a boom box for his birthday. His neighborhood name would soon become his stage name, Jay Z, he has now. He was large on the streets. He was large in the industry. Currently, he is still large out of it. He was always the best businessman on the block.


1. Never Stop Hustling

Jay Z took the streets by storm. By that point, it wasn't hard noticing the reason. He had hustlers mentality and it showed. His name came from his mentor Jay-O. The rapper had that gangster like image. He often participated in battles with various rappers in the 1990’s. He was respected as a street rapper. He was not signed to a major label. Despite it, he continued hustling. He wasn't drug dealing much but being consistent. Communities started recognizing who he was. It could be haters or fans watching you. You never know. Even if they talk bad about you, that's exposure.

2. Do What it Takes

The fact that it did not stop him from releasing music was impressive. He released it and sold the music from the trunk of his car. The success was so great, he and a few friends created an independent label. It is called Rock A fella records. They created that in 1995. The independent label was a great accomplishment. Jay still seemed to have wanted a major label to sign him. He later signed a distribution deal with Priority records.

2. Make Greatness a Priority

There, he released his first album. The debut album under the label was a success. Jay Z being the hustler that he is wanted more of it. He signed another distribution deal with Def Jam the next yr. There he released a follow-up album entitled In My Lifetime Vol.1. That album reached platinum status. By the time the next year came he was ready to climb more charts. His next album, Hard Rock Life, ended up being the biggest hit of his distribution career. At that point he noticed that Imagery is not everything, hustling is.

3. Stay Ambitious

Him dealing drugs was not right but, that is where he adopted his ambition to hustle. Now, he's known for many things. He became successful using distribution deals. So successful, he was inducted in the songwriter hall of fame. The hustling skills came to good use. On the streets he learned a few things. He learned that a record label executive tried bootlegging his music. As a result, Jay Z assaulted the record executive at a night club.

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4. Persevere

Jay Z changed realized a change must be made. He was aware of the challenges to change. He faced them and cleaned up. Overtime, he has established himself as a successful; entrepreneur. He has a business empire that is spanning a variety of things. Those include clothing lines, beverages, real estate, sports teams and record labels. He did not stop at the music. He built himself a life after it. He along with a close friend founded Roca wear. In early 2006, he sold the Roca wear company for $204 million. He sold it but didn't rid himself from being affiliated. He co-owns a night club called the 40/40 club in New York City.

5. Think Big

The 40/40 club is also in Atlantic City and Chicago. He invested into a company called Carol’s daughter. His stake into Barclays center was sold it in 2013. The businesses never stopped for Jay Z. Eventually, he was known for it. Along with his accomplishments as an entrepreneur, Jay Z became a philanthropist. He founded the Shawn Carter foundation to help kids have what he couldn’t. He began using his music to raise awareness. He later established a trust fund for Sean Bell’s children. There are so many things he's involved in. Currently, he's involved in the NFL. Change did hurt him but, as you could see it was worth it.

6.Embrace the Change

It has been proven that with success comes changes. Changes that invite the false critics. So you can't be afraid. You have to change your surroundings. A lot of celebrities have much money doing what they do. Sadly, many of them forget to change their surroundings. Its even sad when their lives are ended tragically. Luckily, Jay Z was not one of those people. He did what he did to get by early. Once out, he made changes to stay that way.


7. Don't Be Blinded

The bright lights didn’t hinder him. Instead, they revealed what needed to happen. He needed to relocate and do it fast. That's just what he did. He changed the scenery. He is known across the world. During his career, started helping make movies. In 1998 it was "The Streets is Watching". Two years later, he made "Backstage".

8. Don't Limit Your Vision

He produced "Annie" in 2014 and "Rest in Power in 2018. Jay Z is one the greatest hustlers that hip hop has ever seen. He and his family will make moves until they leave the planet. He and his family are far away from where he grew up. In order for him to stay the way he wants, he is not afraid to be criticized for his moves.

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