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The Beatles: 1971

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Growing up in the 1960's and 1970's I heard a lot of great music. I've been a Beatles fan since 1973 and Klaatu fan since 1977.

The Beatles


As we all know, The Beatles officially announced their breakup in the spring of 1970. They each released some great music after they left The Beatles but those of us that are Beatles fans have to wonder what might have been.

There is no way to know what kind of influence the members of the group would have had on each other. Would they have written the same songs? We will never know. What we do have is the great music they recorded and we can speculate which of those songs would have been on an album.

The Beatles Working In Abbey Road Studio.



In 1971 not all of The Beatles released albums, however they all did release singles. Based on my research and the history of Beatle albums, here is what I have come up with.

Ringo only released a single in 1971 so that song will make the album.

Paul McCartney had not yet hit full stride so his contributions would be limited.

George Harrison did not release an album until late 1971 when he released the live album "The Concert for Bangla Desh". George did release a double album in 1970 so he would have had a large back log of songs to try and get on the album.

John Lennon released his album "Imagine", which I think was his best solo album.

Most albums at this time had around 12 songs. Because The Beatles had so many songs to choose from, I am listing 14 songs for the album.


Historically Ringo would only get one song per album. That is fitting for 1971 because Ringo's only release was a single. It was a great single and may be the best song he ever released. I am surprised that is only peaked at #4 in the United States.

"It Don't Come Easy" was written by Ringo. In his solo years, it was unusual for Ringo to write a hit song on his own. He usually co-wrote songs or did a cover version.

Paul McCartney-1971



Paul was kind of struggling to hit his stride post-Beatles. He put out some really good songs and also some that were not so good.

I neglected to put "Another Day" on my previous article about a Beatles album in 1970 so I will include it on this album.

McCartney also released his first #1 hit after The Beatles with "Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey".

I gave him a third contribution to the album with "The Back Seat of My Car" from the "Ram" album that he released in May of 1971.

I am only using three Paul McCartney songs which is very unusual for a Beatle record. He will make up for it in the future.


George had a back log of songs when The Beatles broke up. That resulted in his legendary double album "All Things Must Pass". So George had a lot to contribute, however, historically George had to fight to get songs on albums.

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With Ringo contributing one song and Paul three songs, that leaves ten songs to split between George and John. George would have gotten more songs but John had a terrific album with "Imagine". George only gets three songs on the album.

Bangla Desh which was released as a single in 1971 and two songs from his "All Things Must Pass" album. "Beware of Darkness" and the title song "All Things Must Pass".

John Lennon-Imagine


In my opinion, John's best solo album was "Imagine". The album went to #1 in the United States, however, I am still baffled that the single only peaked at #3.

I neglected to include "Give Peace a Chance" in my previous article about a Beatle album in 1970 so I will include it in this album.

"Power to the People" and "Imagine" were both released in 1971 so those songs are included on this album.

I think every song on the "Imagine" album is high quality. It is tough to pick four songs to finish off the 14 song album but here are my choices. "Gimme Some Truth" and "Jealous Guy" were fairly easy to come up with. The final two are more difficult. Since it would be released during the Vietnam War, "I Don't Want to be a Soldier" would probably have been on it. My final choice would be "It's So Hard".

Top 40 Songs On This Album

source: wikipedia

TitleArtistTop Chart Position

Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey

Paul McCartney



John Lennon


It Don't Come Easy

Ringo Starr


Another Day

Paul McCartney


Power To The People

John Lennon


Give Peace A Chance

John Lennon


Bangla Desh

George Harrison


The Beatle Album 1971

So here are the songs that I selected in no particular order.

1) Imagine

2) Power to the People

3) Give Peace a Chance

4) Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey

5) Bangla Desh

6) It Don't Come Easy

7) Another Day

8) All Things Must Pass

9) Beware of Darkness

10) The Back Seat of My Car

11) Jealous Guy

12) Gimme Some Truth

13) I Don't Want To Be A Soldier

14) It's So Hard

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