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The Batman (2022) Movie Review

A somewhat lacking poster

A somewhat lacking poster

Batman and his miscast supporting characters and a Decent Villain

The casting of Jim Gordon and Catwoman felt very much miscast and were boring characters and not just because they wanted more people to watch it by changing established characters to look different from their comic counterpoints I thought we were past terrible casting of comic book characters it’s just mind-boggling they should’ve gotten a better director who doesn’t change characters indemnity just for wokeness or rather a terrible boardroom type of mind thinking of casting diverse characters means more people will see the movie which it doesn’t.

Pattison is a solid Batman, but his Bruce Wayne is terrible. I understand he's still a freshman, still learning and traumatized, so I can probably forgive some imperfections, but I hate his Wayne. In this movie, Bruce is an immature emo kid with stupid hair falling to the side. Sorry, but it's hard to take him seriously in this version. Plus, for me, when Pattison takes off his mask, he's too boyish for Wayne / Batman. He is fine with the mask on and with his square jaw, but the spell breaks when he takes it off. Then you see Edward Cullen, not Batman. Compared to the brilliant villains (especially Dano as Riddler), Pattison looks rather bland. Add to this too long screen time, boring sequences, and almost no action - and for me, it's a disappointment. Batman is often seen to lack fighting skills, and almost no use of any gadgets, scared to jump out of a building. Some scenes feel stupid (especially the one scene where police officers try to take off his mask).

Why does everything have to be anti-white, woke garbage? To quote this movie's version of Catwoman "Why would you want to help a white privileged city, who doesn't care about you?"...... what? Why? None of the characters match their profiles or typical storylines. All the white people are considered to be "bad" figures, whose intentions are either unknown or sinister. There's almost no creativity in the design of the plot, nor the development of the characters. This was a disgrace frankly.

I mean Parasite was an all Asian cast movie and it won the best picture you don’t need stupid gimmicks to get people to see a batman film and by the way, this movies version of the joker looked terrible at the end of the film heath ledger would be rolling in his grave and Jack Nicholson would be crying his eyes out like when Jared Leto played the joker (yes I know that was a joke video but still it applies again here.) If you liked the dumb Joker movie, then this is for you from the depressing and meandering story of a lame Batman riding his motorcycle in the rain with Catwoman with terrible emo music playing over the scene, even though he has a car and the limited action scenes shot with a shaky camera.

DC’s last good superhero movie, in my opinion, was Shazam, although the Black Adam movie looks like hot garbage I would rather play injustice 2 if I wanted an accurate version of Black Adam, not some superhero he’s a supervillain for F***’s sake. Anyway if you want a really good batman film watch the dark knight if you want a mediocre batman film with bad casting and a somewhat decent batman and a decent Riddler then maybe give this a watch or not and watch it free on a pirated site avoid the viruses Trojans and other bad stuff there and don’t download anything. Save yourselves 9 dollars and watch a My Chemical Romance music video and that would still be better than whatever this joke of a movie is.

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