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PanamaTrickster Reviews: The Bad Guys (2022)

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DreamWorks Animation tried an animation style that was a bit different from their traditional work. It felt similar to Who Framed Roger Rabbit in that the characters within the movie didn't quite blend seamlessly into their worlds. The humans seemed very reminiscent of the art style DreamWorks used in one of it's previous films, Captain Underpants. However, it was nice to see them try something new, as it has been a while since they've really pushed their boundaries.

As far as the movie itself, it was about as average as you could get for a film like this. There was nothing outright painful about it, but also nothing really memorable or creative about it's story either. It was overwhelmingly predictable, as you might expect for a movie marketed at kids, and had a fairly decent lesson throughout. Even with this in mind, the film seems to hold your hand for far too long, even taking the steps to repeat dialogue or scenes that happened 10 minutes prior to remind you about why the events that are currently unfolding are significant.

DreamWorks usually prides itself in making a few "adult jokes" or at least a thing or two to keep the parents entertained when taking their children to see their movies, but this movie had hardly any, if any of those things at all. Instead, it was riddled with bathroom humor and overly dramatic characters to induce a laugh.

This movie is a fun time for the kids, but I don't think it will be a movie that anyone would watch more than once.


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