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The Art Fair Performance Arts Stage That Touched Me and Left Joy Back Home

The Art Fair of madness and at the end joy and touching moments and stop the weeping.

The sadness at first and later joy that touch me from that stage month of September 2022

The Saint Louis Art Fair left frustration and madness at first no parking space nearby and no hope and give up this idea of Creative Castle and something changes at the end of the Art Fair I was touched by the songs played on stage called Stitches as a group about the subject of African American heritage of the plains or plantation of healing places in a rap format song that made sense to go global to the 50 states of America and South Africa outreaching. I was change completed after these rap songs were taken on stage worldwide. The key to Happiness was our vision for our vendue at Creative Castle and it attracted all type of kids. The hotdogs were costing at the price of $10 and $3 for chips and bottle of 7up was price at $4. The stage performance was rated 10 and 5 stars. The talent was heated up with some rocking the stage and screaming in song and dancers and instrument played. I got touched by the rap and went home with joy.

It was a big audience that came to see the show of Stitches and other talent. It was hot humid that day and I came with no money. I enjoyed the creativity of art projects.

As a volunteered I got free pizza and drink. Was near the Starbucks area at the ending of the Art Fair closed. Who perform on that stage at the time made them some money and wore they t-shirts and made joy come to people on the way home

brought smiles at the table and humor. I heard a voice say while seated in mine inner ear God said there was something of Dementia attached to me of to forget my personal important things to take with me with of survival need to have food and drink and shopping money never happen but the Art Fair itself was a memory I never forget with family and groups of people and the performers on the stage it blessed me and left me with a smile on mine face back to the creative corner and my home. I send out memory of Rock star legend ML passed on February 22, 2022

Great music played no bells ring on Sunday and St. Louis Elegy song hits of Low favor a lot and enjoyed the concert. Most everything that was played was a gift to me and enjoyable made mine day from cloudy feeling and put a smile on my face greeting people on streets or sidewalk. I change from all that celebrity to a private person and prayer warrior and discerning of mine happenings globally. The performers on stage to honor the loss of the Rock star legends or the Country stars that died, so hope they rest in Heaven not spend all they life in Hell. All the people who perform had bad life experiences and was corrected harsh at a time growing up. God so Loved the World that he Loves you and want you all to be set free and mission minded helping the community and with so much loss of Celebrity status.

We are a time of pain, sorrow, laughter, joy and shootings and peace and eat out, but shooting is not the way to die would been a murder and unrest death. This is the issue of shootings in the area and schools need to decrease guns and the criminals need the firearm locked down. Military strategy is in unit patterns grounded to be unarm right one sided and armed and fire from left side and then what shall people do to fire back not license for military and get shot, so if a hero come on right side and shoot who will be guilty of the entire group so be the right side what a trip it became friendly fire all going down the war ended. I noted some of the stage performers had confidence within themselves and not stage fright but had to fight many battles in the lives and bad situations. Noted had a taste of Bourbon butter at a bar it was like whisky, alcohol my taste tasted bland and funny.

At the bar I thought I met a guy not the one for me he disrespected me at the age 38 years old but just open the door for me, but never committed not the one he left me angry away at an open mic night and never saw me again. In mine life wanting to perform on a stage I had some relationship problem with some men in dating times, so thought he was mine trophy and celebrity status never did me right. In any relationship it takes a process and mentorship and for me to let go men deceived and envy how I am made as a person in style and wish him the best in style like me

and not surprise about his many faces he is under process like me when it comes to hold the celebrity status at the moment of life to death depart.

Living from age 15 I had got into the occult and grew up and never got into those dark arts again or Celebrity on a high seat needed to be honor. Every 50 states.

Nobody can get the right way to be above the highest God it is ashamed to mention the deaths of Celebrities because with this attitude to be above 50 states or God the Father everywhere at onetime that made us.

Everything is accurate to the best of September 10, 2022, Saturday stage performance from group called Stitches and honor September 11 Sunday with all the lives lost. On that Sunday I was not at the Art Fair I got weak, and tired from working at the Art fair that Saturday

Thanks for listening you all have a great day

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Celebrity loss status music still jam legacy

The jam session never ends on any stage with people that come to see the show and admire all the arts of creativity and dance and singing on stage, so bring home joy and out the cloudy days and dark times and see light glow for days ahead and sunshine reflect somebody happy and giving praise to the one to help us perform or giving life what a joyous time of thanksgiving last day of weeping.

Great memory of this event of creative art time and stage performance

The stage held me before and my mom fell off the stage before and I done skit puppets and talk and sang with joy. You must use dance of relaxation of a hard day at work or from negative people every day in places you never imagine seeing. Ballerina is the slow modeling style dance Afro beat unique made mine day enjoyed thanks. It gave me more confidence what it is to become fat not in an insult way but natural shape your world to beauty. Smiles after that seeing stage performance was a blessing and amazement and healing and joy. We hope all the patrons got something from this stage performance and went home with joy, so it has been a time of difficulty and uncertain and enjoyment we want to hold our prayers for the loss ones and who had Covid 19 in memories that hung on a wall.

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© 2022 Candace Buckner

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