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"The Adam Project" Movie Review

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I love it when films surprise you by giving you more than you expect. The Adam Project does exactly that, providing its viewers with so much emotion, a heap of laughs, and a ton of fun action.

The film follows Adam, a 12-year-old kid with asthma and a whole lot of grief. His father passed away, leaving only his mother who has to work extra hours to keep the bills paid. Adam has a major awakening one night when his future self crash-lands near his home. Future Adam is on a mission to save someone close to him, but doesn't quite realize the person who truly needs saving is his past self.

What was ultimately surprising about the film was how deeply emotional it really was. There were some truly touching moments that seemed so out of character for Ryan Reynolds that it somehow made those scenes even more meaningful. There's several messages in the film that kids and adults both can benefit from, and perhaps might even bring some families closer.

Ryan Reynolds was amazing in the film, his humor right on par with his usual sarcastic self. He had incredible chemistry with the entire cast, including Mark Ruffalo, Zoe Saldana and Jennifer Garner - which is a great sign if Ryan actually does have an MCU future. But the person that stood out the most in the film was Walker Scobell. He and Ryan played off each other amazingly. Walker was able to keep up with his pace and dish out just as much as he took.

Shawn Levy, who directed Ryan in both Free Guy and Just Friends, and also directed 8 episodes of Stranger Things, proves he has all the experience he needs by making The Adam Project a near-perfect film. He was able to take something that sounded cool but rehashed and was able to turn it into an astounding film.

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Is it the best film of the year so far? Not at all. Is it a great film? Absolutely. It's definitely a step up from Free Guy, which was already a funtastic time, and it delivers on the heartfelt moments. It's definitely worth a watch and it can be found on Netflix, in the comfort of your own home! I give The Adam Project a 4 out of 4.

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