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“The Adam Project” (2022) Review: The Good and The Bad

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After the unexpected smash of 2021, Free Guy, Ryan Reynolds, and filmmaker Shawn Levy reunited to produce The Adam Project, which could be the surprise hit of this year.

The Adam Project sees time-travelling fighter pilot Adam Reed (Ryan Reynolds) accidentally crash-land in 2022, where he meets with his 12-year-old self, who was played brilliantly by Walker Scobell. Now they both need to team up to save the future.

Based on the plot, it is basically Back to the Future with more cool technology, weapons, and a spaceship. Is it the greatest film ever made? No, it's debatable. Was it, however, enjoyable? That's for sure. However, given the people who worked behind the scenes and those who worked onscreen, this came as no surprise. You've got Ryan Reynolds as the lead, Mark Ruffalo, Jennifer Garner, and a slew of other brilliant individuals working together to make a lively and enjoyable movie.

Is it worth your time to watch this? Yes. However, not every film is flawless. Which leads us to...

Alex Mallari Jr. as Christos

Alex Mallari Jr. as Christos

The Bad

1. By the Number Antagonistic Force

The opposing force is pretty much the only flaw in the movie. From their motivation to their presentation, they are just basic.

Maya Sorian (Catherine Keener) is a nasty person because she is selfish and terrified of being forgotten (?). A fascinating feature that was overlooked. Christos (Alex Mallari Jr.) was Adam Reed's previous apprentice, and he despises him for (?) reasons.

Then there are the thugs underneath the two, who are dressed in gleaming silvery armour and can be dispatched with a single hit. Neither of the film's antagonists is very fascinating or challenging to the protagonists. This harmed the movie since there was never a threat of failure to our protagonists.

That’s the only bad part. Now onto the good stuff.

The Good

1. Embracing the Fun

This movie, like Free Guy, understands how to embrace the lighter side of its subject. Even though it has an emotional core, the movie never takes itself too seriously.

Don't bother watching this movie if you want to learn how time travel works and similar things. The film does explain everything, but it's only a side note (which some may enjoy or despise) because it was never the main point of the tale. It's more about the mayhem that might ensue when you cross paths with your alternate self from another age.

It's also about love and family, of course.

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Ryan Reynolds, Mark Ruffalo, & Walker Scobell in The Adam Project

Ryan Reynolds, Mark Ruffalo, & Walker Scobell in The Adam Project

2. Family Equals Emotion

Despite the silly premise and sometimes cheesy dialogue, the movie has an emotional core deep within the story. Underneath the time-travel shenanigans is a story about family and love. After a difficult upbringing that left him yearning for love and affection, Adam's whole journey revolves around his quest to preserve the one he loves the most.

Several situations elicited stronger emotional responses than you would have imagined. You have a scene where Adam is chatting with his mother. You have Adam conversing with his younger self. Basically, each scene with Adam has an emotional component to it.

It was genuinely a surprise to be emotionally invested in the story. These heartfelt moments, hidden underneath the laugh-out-loud moments and Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool for the sixth time, are what really set The Adam Project apart.

Ryan Reynolds as Adam Reed

Ryan Reynolds as Adam Reed

3. Solid Action

Director Shawn Levy and his team delivered another great hand-to-hand, vehicle-to-vehicle, and CGI action film, like Free Guy. It's nothing ground-breaking or innovative, but an action movie is solid if you can see what's always going on which is something that not many films can boast of.

Again, nothing remarkable, but there will be plenty of fun and great action moments throughout the film.

Young & Old Adam

Young & Old Adam

4. Two Adam’s are Better Than One

The two separate Adam Reeds from two different eras were the movie's best highlights. Walker Scobell portrays Adam in the year 2022, while Ryan Reynolds portrays Adam in the year 2050.

Ryan Reynolds is charming and lovely in the role, as he always is. As this smart-cracking but ultimately faultless and trauma-filled person, his collaboration with the director lets his talent as an actor emerge.

Ryan, on the other hand, was overshadowed by his co-star, Walker Scobell. Ryan's demeanour and speech cadence are difficult to replicate for a child actor. And he did it superbly. When two of them shared the screen, things went to a whole new level. Two Ryan Reynolds? What else could you ask for?

Overall Opinion

A solid Netflix movie that had a good story with talented casts. Not the greatest movie or original movie of all time but it is still a fun watch. I recommend you to watch this. 7/10 for "The Adam Project."

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