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PanamaTrickster Reviews: The Adam Project (2022)

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What starts out seeming like another mindless comedy, turns into a heartfelt emotional roller coaster reminding you the value of those you hold dear to your heart and what you would change about how you treated them if you were to lose them.

This Netflix film displays an astounding ability to mix comedy and thought-provoking themes into a single, well crafted script that will have you on the floor laughing one minute, and in tears, reminding you of who you used to be in the next.

While Ryan Reynolds is at his absolute best in this film, his co-star, Walker Scobell absolutely crushes his role. This could very well be a breakout star with this performance, as he understood his job perfectly. No other individual could have played this role as well as Scobell.

This really is, despite having a PG-13 rating, a movie that the entire family could get something valuable from, and I just might recommend this film to nearly everyone. I will not forget it's message any time soon.


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