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The 9 Most Popular Women in Cartoons (And Their Husbands)


Normal women are all over cartoons from the time that I was a kid and they all make an impact. I realize that I have not including everyone, but these are the famous women who have stuck with me over the years:


The cartoon woman from Left To Right

Betty Rubble

The wife of the Barney Rubble on the Flinstones. Betty was Wilma's best friend and always second guessing Barney, but she always stood by him. Betty Rubble was not the most prominent women in cartoons, but she use to make me laugh with that trademark annoying voice that sounds like she is laughing from her lungs and instead of her mouth like normal people. If the Flintstones were on prime time TV today, Betty would probably have been a mystery shopper at Walmart.

Francine Smith

The wife of Stan Smith on Seth McFarlane's American Dad (the same producer as Family Guy). Francine usually keeps a low profile, but flirts once in a while. She is that wife that all the men want, I think, uh maybe...

Lois Pewterschmidt Griffin

Peter Griffin's wife on Family Guy, probably one of the most popular cartoons of the modern world which was banned on Fox, made popular again on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim segments and brought back to prime time on Fox.

Lois Griffin has an amazing tolerance for her family. Her husband Peter is dumb and always embarrasses her, her son Stewie is always trying to kill her (although the newer episodes tone down on Stewies attempted murder sprees, and her father Carter Pewterschmidt still treats her like a child, yet she still manages to hold it together.

Lois is known for wearing the pants in the Griffin household although she sometimes feels like strangling her husband, although she loves him and sometimes, she really gets down and dirty and Peter is too stupid to notice, but she loves to transform dorky daughter Meg Griffin into a cool superstar.

Marge Simpson

Marge Simpson is a simpler woman than Lois Griffin, but still has a wild streak in her as demonstrated on some episodes with husband Homer Simpson. Marge always supports her over-achiever daughter, Lisa Simpson, while always bailing son Bart Simpson out of jams that ironically enough, he ends up in those jams because of actions from husband Homer.

Marge Simpson's best known trademarks are 1) Her blue beehive hairdo and 2) Her raspy voice, voiced by Julie Kavnerm best known for the Mary Tyler Moore and Tracey Ullman shows.

Simpsons Speculation: Marge also gave birth to Beavis from Beavis and Butthead, but Beavis decided that it was better to be raised by a dorkly little metalhead than a mommy with Blue hair.

Olive Oil from Popeye

Olive is one of the dumbest women out there in TV land. He heart is in the right place, but she cannot decide whether she loves Bluto (that fat ugly brute navy seal ) or scrawny Popeye the Sailor. Olive loves muscles and until Popeye eats his spinach, she always seems to side with Bluto. I guess she likes fat ugly guys with beards.

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Rumor: Olive Oil suffered from bulimia and purged when she was offset during filming. That's why she is such a toothpick!

Leela from Futurama

The captain of the Planet Express. Known as Turanga Leela, she is a mutant who managed to escape the sewers of New New York (that is not a typo) and live above ground. Leela's trademake one eye and her use of karate makes people around her scared of her, except for Philip J Fry who is in love with her, although she rejects him in almost every episode except for the time when Philip Fry are the egg sandwich with the worms in them that made him stronger.

Not only is Leela's "eye" funny to look at, if you look closely at her father when he talks, you will see that his mouth is sideways and opens at a 90 degree angle.

Jane Jetson from the Jetsons

Jane Jetson was the wife of George Jetson and she did not have much of a personality, but she was a great cook in the kitchen with those food capsules! Oh boy, did she know how to cook. Just throw in the capsule and 1 second later, a pizza. After all, this was the future. I wonder if she hung out with Leela once in a while.

Wilma Flintstone from the Flintstones

Probably the most assertive wife in all of cartoon history, Wilma was always trying to break away from the house and make something of herself, although husband Fred always tried to keep her in. Wilma reminds us of Alice Krandem from the Honeymooners with that nasally voice. I never heard of anyone besides Wilma Flintstone pronounce the word "Fred" with two syllables.

Some of Wilma's Accomplishments: Substituting for Fred at the rock quary, becoming the star of the Happy Housewife TV show, and getting free piano lessons by giving up the Flintstone household to a couple of college kids.

Jessica Rabbit

How the heck did a clumsy bumbling stupid looking rabbit like Roger Rabbit get such as sexy wife anyway? She's like a redhead version of Mae West only prettier, but she had bad taste in men. I guess she's into bucked tooth guys.

Rumor: Jessica dated Bugs Bunny in high school, but she broke up with him, because she was sick and tired of hearing the line "What's Up Doc" over and over and over again.


The goody too shoes young woman who was at the mercy of her stepmother and jealous stepsisters and didn't have the guts to stand up to them. They say that Cinderella was a romantic love story with the prince and all? I think she was just a naïve little woman who couldn't stand up to her sisters and married the first frog looking prince that told her I Love You. I think Cinderella should have lost the dress, let her hair down, and gotten into heavy metal music. At least then maybe her stepsisters would have left her alone.

I understand that Wilma Flintstone wanted to adopt Cinderella, but Pebbles was not happy with it.


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