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The 80's babies

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For those of us who grew up in the 1980s, overromanticizing our childhoods is a universal trait. Our refusal to pretend that our decade was something it wasn't sets us apart from other people, though. We don't pretend that life was all milkshakes and poodle skirts like those kids from the 1950s did. The 1980s were certainly ridiculous, as we all know.That time period featured shoulder pads, synth solos, and completely ludicrous efforts at breakdancing. And what do you know? We blatantly adore it! Even with all the embarrassing incidents—or perhaps perhaps because of them—it was the ideal time to be a kid. You can eat our shorts if you don't believe us, but here are 25 ways that growing up in the 1980s was completely tubular and gnarly.


MTV in the 1980s was fundamentally different from the main music video-viewing platform of today (YouTube) in that you weren't able to choose which videos you saw. The Prince video "When Doves Cry" or The Police's "Every Breath You Take," for example, might require you to wait through hours and hours of videos you don't care about. We watched Rod Stewart's "Infatuation" video countless times in hopes that something cool will appear next. It was a crucial lesson in practicing patience.


In the 1980s, the only method to communicate with friends was in-person and in-the-moment, typically on the playground. Your pals were people you actually knew and saw every day rather than those you only spoke with via SMS, Twitter direct messages, or SnapChat. On the monkey bars, while breathing in fresh air and making eye contact, you laughed with them, got into arguments with them, and created memories with them. Pretty original, huh?

We were all dressed in acid-wash jeans and parachute pants.

Both of these items were in our closets, and we wore them openly. Moreover, we believed that we seemed quite stylish. Jeans with an acid wash have a certain rustic charm. The sole article of apparel that allowed for dancing in the MC Hammer manner were parachute pants. In a pair of ordinary pants, we want to see you do a "Can't Touch This" triple step.And everything was, grey, and navy blue? merely if you were a goth child. Yellow, green, pink, and blue hues that were so vivid they almost seemed like heat sources were the 1980s for everyone else. Our method of letting the world know that, "Oh, look at us! You risk damaging your retinas if you wait too long."


Who among us didn't leave the theater after watching Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo thinking, "I can do that?"

If the idea of performing gravity-defying maneuvers like the Buddha Spins or the Boomerang without any professional dance training strikes you as absurd, then you most definitely did not grow up in the 1980s.

Movie night

A real joy was checking out the movie selection at Blockbuster.
Blockbuster Video, relics of the 1990s, Shutterstock, Netflix, and chill? The phrase "drive to the Blockbuster and pray all the nice movies haven't been rented already... and chill" is more appropriate.

Of our video entertainment world in the 1980s, it was survival of the fittest (or, rather, the quickest), and it served as a terrific reminder that no one is entitled to anything.

D.A.R.E. The "Just Say No" campaign made passing on drugs cool

Today, we are far more aware of addiction than we were in the 1980s, and we understand that saying "No, thank you" is not always the best course of action. But it seemed like we had all the resources we needed for a drug-free life when former First Lady Nancy Reagan made a guest appearance on Diff'rent Strokes in 1983 and offered her now-famous anti-drug message.

We actually knew our friends' phone numbers by heart

Back in the 1980s, you had to commit to memory someone's seven-digit phone number if you wanted to remain in touch with them because smartphones didn't do the hard work for you (or carry around a little black book). Our brains remained in good shape because to this ability. It didn't hurt, but we can't say that it made us better in math.



Making the ideal mixtape required an art form. We were constrained, unlike modern digital playlists, as a cassette had a limited amount of time on each side. However, we approached it as a challenge rather than feeling confined. After all, the size of the canvas is not a limitation for a painter. What you do with that designated space is what matters. A mixtape may be absolutely sublime in the proper hands. The ultimate mixtape of the time is Songs Every '80s Kid Knows By Heart.The process of bootlegging music still existed in the 1980s; all it required was for you to wait for your favorite song to be played as you sat next to the radio with one finger on the cassette player's record button. Even though we frequently missed the beginning of the music due to the idiot DJ's inane commentary, we always felt like we were somehow manipulating the system.



Today's kids wouldn't even know where to start on the phone wr had in the 80's. No Smart phone just a plain old fashion phone used to call your friends and family . Rotary phone dial was our I phone. To be honest I don't even think they would work in today's modern technology.


I can say this. Our generation was a tough one to grow up with if you actually look back at it. Today's kids are spoiled if you ask me. Take away the smart phones and internet and let them play with our generation toys. A generation where we had a curfew was when thestreet lights flicked on , we rode bikes, in class we passed notes as our text messages.. We actually had to make our own fun. Hide n go seek, red rover, Marco polo and wall ball was just a few but our parents must have been out of their minds when it came to buying us toys.

Rubix Cube


I don't know what kind of sick joke this toy was supposed to do buy many of us tried to master the Rubix Cube. Trying to match all the colors on the Cube was nerve wrecking. We used to peel of the stickers to act like we completed this Game or Toy that built up my understanding to what having patience really was.

The Pogo Stick


THE Pogo stick, what the hell was this crazy creation. A stick with 2 handles on a spring. Hopping around this noisy piece of art was one of the craziest toys of our generation.. Why ? That's the question I really need answers to.

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Bored out my mind I would find myself with this toy. Paddle ball was one of the stupidest toys I owned. Hitting a ball all day wasn't easy and wasn't amusing if you ask me. Which leads me to my next toy JACKS.



Don't even know where to start. Jacks was so dumb I never played just because it never made sense to me.

Rock'em Sock'em Robots


Squeezing a trigger it would make the robots punch one another. This was the 1st game I can think of where a robot was involved and it was fighting. The game was exciting if you had a friend to play with you. Otherwise it was another stupid game to have.

View Master


The view master. Some binoculars with a cardboard disk covered with pictures like negatives. You placed the disk into the glasses and click a button it would create a slide show. Wow that was fun for about 10 minutes.

Chinese Checkers


Another horrible game if you ask me. Why I got this for a gift every other Christmas was a mystery. Still mind-boggling til this day.

Teddy Ruxpin


Teddy Ruxpin was the 1st stuffed animal to speak back to the owner . He would sing and ask dumb questions. He was just about as close as a friend if one wasn't around. Sike.. lol which leads me to the next roy.



Another doll was this guy MY BUDDY. The Torture. They was trying to get boys to play with dolls. UNACCEPTABLE

Action figures


Action figures was just getting to the market. Hey what can I say. These toys made you have an imagination.

Glow worm


The glow worm was a worm that would light up and do nothing else. It was more of a night light if you ask me.

Jordan vs Bird


The video games had just made a entry and Jordan vs Bird was awesome if you liked basketball but the graphics was trash. Ha but was the beginning to the game world which brings me to this



This was the best thing ever to a kid in the 80's. Super Mario, duck hunt ,Donkey Kong. I remember staying up all night on this game station. Soon after they released this guy.

The Game Boy


Video game you can fit in your pocket. This was the start to new technology in my opinion. Man I remember my childhood and the game boy was a big part of it. Wow how times have changed.

Garbage pail kids


Like baseball cards Garbage Pail Kids was a card but with great humor. Now a days it would be considered inappropriate for children. But these cards was hilarious. I still can't believe we had these things growing up. This funny pics and harsh humor will always have a place in my heart. Wow the 80's. Today's generation had no chance if you ask me. I hope you enjoyed my article. It definitely was a flash back.

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