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The 5 most talked-about topics at the Baftas in 2022, from Putin jokes to jabs at JK Rowling

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On a night where Rebel Wilson laughed about JK Rowling, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Vladimir Putin, Jane Campion's western took home the top prizes.
The 2022 Bafta Film Awards were a brilliant return to form, with some of Hollywood's biggest personalities walking the red carpet and attending the ceremony in person for the first time since the pandemic began.

On a night when Denis Villeneuve's sci-fi epic Dune headed the pack with 11 nominations, it was closely followed by Jane Campion's western The Power of the Dog, which received eight.

The biggest winners of the night were Dune and The Power of the Dog.

The Power of the Dog, a gothic western starring Benedict Cumberbatch as a repressed rancher, won both the Best Film and Best Director awards at this year's Baftas.
The most honours, however, went to Dune.
Best Cinematography, Best Special Visual Effects, Best Sound, Best Score, and Best Production Design were all awarded to the sci-fi film.
The complete list of winners may be found here.

Benedict Cumberbatch came up short – but did so gracefully.

Will Smith, who played King Richard in the film The Power of the Dog, won the Best Actor award.
Cumberbatch feigned to start delivering his own planned winning speech when presenting an award for director Jane Campion later that night.
He said, "Hold on a second..."
"I'd like to... Bafta," she says.
"Damn it, that was supposed to be my speech, whoops."
"You don't lose to Will Smith; you win being in his company," he continued.

JK Rowling was slammed a few times.

Not only did the host, Wilson, make a joke at Rowling's expense, but Emma Watson, who played Hermione Granger in the film adaptations, appeared to throw shade at the author with a statement about being "here for all the witches."
Find out more about the situation and what Twitter had to say about it here.
Wilson mocked Leonardo DiCaprio as well, so she wasn't the only one who was the brunt of the joke.

Ukraine is being supported.

During the ceremony, many people's thoughts were drawn to the continuing situation in Ukraine.
Cumberbatch remarked on the red carpet before the Oscars that he wishes to accept some Ukrainian refugees into his own house.
Wilson, on the other hand, was ecstatic.

Beautiful performances by Shirley Bassey, who sang the James Bond theme "Diamonds are Forever," and CODA star Emilia Jones, who performed the film's single "Both Sides Now," were interspersed among the awards speeches.
CODA had a terrific night, earning Best Adapted Screenplay and a Best Supporting Actor award for Troy Kotsur in the film about a kid of deaf elders.

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