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The 5 best reggaeton albums 2021

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This 2021, there have been many great albums that artists of the urban genre have released



When we talk about music records in reggaeton 2021, we can see that there has been a lot of variety in terms of musical style. To start 2021, Anuel AA and Ozuna released a joint album called, Los Dioses, of which it was composed of 12 songs. The album contains very good songs like "Nena Buena", "Municiones", but let's just say it wasn't one of the best albums in terms of numbers. Speaking of visits, the video for the song "Los Dioses" has more than 70 million visits, followed by "Before" and "Municiones" that exceed 20 million visits. For me, it was one of the best albums (not the best) but in my opinion it would enter the top 5 albums of 2021.



We continue with what for me is up to now the best album by Rauw Alejandro in his entire career, "Viceversa". This album that was released on June 25, 2021 has 14 songs, among them; All of you, That nap zZzZ, Blur ', Beautiful thing, among many others. This album achieved number 1 in Spain, in addition to obtaining platinum certification in the Anglo-Saxon country after exceeding 60,000 units of said material. Also, it obtained the platinum disc in the United States and Colombia, and in Peru the gold. With the single "Todo de ti", it has reached more than 210 million views, which was, among others, the song of the summer. For me, this is one of the 3 best albums of the year and I would put it at number 3.



If we go to the beginning of December, we find Eladio Carrión's album, "Sauce Boyz 2", released on December 2. This album has 21 songs, among them; Quarantine, Young millionaires ... If we look at 2021, we will clearly see that Eladio has been one of the protagonists in urban music in 2021. Probably, this album represents the definitive consecration of an artist who seems to have found his international music. In addition, in this album, Eladio has achieved collaborations with singers such as: Nicky Jam, Rels B, Duki, Karol G, Arcángel and Myke Towers. For me, this album remains at number 4, and clearly in 2021 we have all been able to see a tremendous musical evolution by Eladio Carrión. Without a doubt, this 2022 will continue to bring out hits to the tip and shovel.

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Without a doubt, Anuel's album "Legends never die" is the top 2 albums of the year. Anuel AA, released the album on November 26 and contains 16 songs, including songs like; "Legend", "RHLM", "Pin" ... With this album, Anuel got his fourth number 1 on the Billboard charts. Anuel, was very inspired by the legends that inspired him during his career, for example he has a song called McGregor. In addition, in some song we can hear how Anuel names Tupac, Floyd Mayweather, Pablo Escobar, and we can also see it in video clips such as in the songs of Leyenda or Dictadura, which pay homage mainly to Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. In this album, Anuel has achieved collaborations with singers such as: Jhay Cortez, Myke Towers, Mora and Eladio Carrión.



Finally, we have the album that for me is the best of 2021, and this is Timelezz by Jhay Cortez. This album was released on September 3 and has 17 songs, among them: "Ley Seca", "Christian Dior", "Tokyo" ... Timelezz is the second album by the Puerto Rican singer and has collaborations with: Anuel AA, Arcángel, Kendo Caponi, Skrillex, Myke Towers and Buscabulla. One of the best songs on this album is undoubtedly "Tell him", which is a tribute by Jhay Cortez to the theme of his idol, Don Omar from 2003. Without a doubt, for me, it is the best album of the year.

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