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The 5 Worst Ash Ketchum Pokemon

Pokémon has always been a source of great enjoyment for all the gaming lovers around the globe.

. People are constantly on the hunt for something entertaining and inspiring and when Pokémon Red was released,

The earth suddenly stopped revolving and lay still for a whole 30 seconds because no one and I mean no one had ever seen something so innovative in their lives.

So, Pokémon Red was released which was based on the first Pokémon region, Kanto and what a game it was! It sold more than a billion copies in 2-3 years of its release and everyone started sending fan letters to the official “ Pokémon Company” and fans were constantly checking the newspapers for any news of another Pokémon game but it was not for a whole 365 days that a Pokémon game released.

After a year or so of Pokémon Red, Blue, Green and Pokémon Yellow’s release. Pokémon Gold and Silver was released which featured the Johto region and introduced the 3 new legendary cats: Suicine, Raikou and Entei.

These three were the faces of Pokémon Gold and Silver which also brought the anticipated outcome,

Everyone loved them and so started a long and exciting journey since then Pokémon has been everywhere in toys, manga, cosplays, comic cons and most importantly in Anime.


The Pokémon anime is about a 10 year old Ash Ketchum who wakes up late on the day in which he was supposed to get a Pokémon partner but manages to get a starter in the form of the electric Pokémon Pikachu,

At first Pikachu doesn’t really like ash and thunderbolts him whenever he feels like it but gradually a friendship begins to grow and Ash and Pikachu both became good friends and battle partners.

Ash journeys through all the 7 regions and catches lots of amazingly strong Pokémon but some of them don’t really manage to reach the bar of power that the other team does So today I am here to talk to you about the 5 Worst Pokémon owned by Ash Ketchum. So let’s start:

Note: This list is not going to include Ash’s Galar team since it hasn’t really been completed and since none of his Pokémon has fought any major battles.

5) Palpitoad


Palpitoad is a unovan Pokémon that ash caught a bit after the start of his unova journey, Even though Palpitoad was an early catch of Ash’s.

The Pokémon failed to impress people and while not many people expected a weakling to go and beat beasts in the Pokémon tournament, It also wasn’t able to defeat Pokémon in trainer battles.

He lost to several Pokémon of trainers that Ash met along the road and don’t even get me started on how much battles he lost to Trip.

Overall, even though it gave ash some good wins, this Pokémon turned into a disappointment that fans had not at all expected.

4) Torterra


It pains my heart to say that Ash’s Torterra could easily have done much, much better. Torterra actually started off as a frickin’ powerhouse in the form of turtwig which in it’s very first gym battle managed to take down a ferocious Rampardos.

Turtwig then went on to defeat many other Pokémon in trainer and gym battles but when it suddenly evolved into a Grotle,

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And then things started to go downhill from there, 1,2,3,4, Grotle started losing battles one after another, yeah I admit that it did win some major battles but on the whole it’s performance was not really more than average. And when it evolved into a Torterra then things only got worse.


, The most major battle Torterra lost was against Paul’s Drapion which easily clutched and threw it, knocking it out. Many people will agree that Torterra could have become a much better Pokémon and also had the potential to do so but it just didn’t. : (


3) Boldore


Boldore was a Pokémon that Ash caught as a Roggenrolla and then evolved it into a Boldore. Many people expected this guy to further evolve into the cool, Powerful Gigalith that could easily have been Ash’s ace in his unovan team but Pokémon never fails to surprise us and this time it came with the unfortunate news that Ash wasn’t evolving Boldore.

So since it hadn’t evolved into a Gigalith fans still expected it to at least live up to the mid stage legend Pikachu but it just didn’t.

Overall, this Pokémon just didn’t live up to the expectations that arose with it.

2) Tauros


While going to the safari zone in the Kanto region, Ash was given 30 Safari balls and he STUPIDLY used all 30 of them to catch one single type of Pokémon: Tauros.

Now Tauros may seem a good Pokémon to you guys since its shown to be an excellent choice for your Pokémon journey in the original Kanto games but wasting all 30 of them on a single Pokémon is nothing short of idiocy considering the fact that you want to become a Pokémon Master one day…


Tauros was also not a great Pokémon for Ash in competitive battling considering the fact that he lost to a handful of trainers and was easily pushed over in the Pokémon League.

It’s winning rate is literally less than 50% and I seriously have no idea about how he trained them and how he decided to pick one for his team, And just imagine Professor Oak’s face when he would have heard that the dude who wants to win the Pokémon League spent 30 poke balls on 1 single Pokémon.

I mean need I say more?! I think NOT!!

1) Totodile


The water starter of The Johto region and a Pokémon that become a part of Ash’s team early on in the series.

Totodile was a very playful and joyous Pokémon that almost always made Ash and other people laugh. He was also shown to be a true friend and a great partner which always stayed by its trainer’s side but the problem is that it’s winning ratio is much lower than its loss ratio

And he just kept losing battles which made him a considerably weak opponent. Totodile is loved by a massive number of people from around the globe but unfortunately his cuteness and naughtiness just doesn’t account for the number of battles that he lost for Ash. : (

These according to me were the 5 worst Pokémon that Ash caught during his journey. I hope you agree with my opinion!


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