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The 5 Most Horrific Massacres of New Zealand


Ratima Family Massacre

Raymond Ratima and his wife were going through difficult times and had recently moved into his wife's parents home in Masterton in 1992..After a dispute with his wife in June 1992 Raymond's wife took off to the local pub leaving her 3 children at home along with 4 adult members of the family.Raymond Ratima made his way into the family home stabbing and killing all 7 family members 3 of which were his own sons. Ratima left his 3 sons on his wife's bed with a bible on top of them. Ratima then waited for his wife and her parents to arrive home who he also planned to kill. When they arrived home Ratima tried to attack his wife's father with a baseball bat.The family members managed to escape and called the police, Ratima was sentenced to life in prison. Below is a video which talks a little more about this crime.

The Aramoana Massacre

The Aramoana Massacre took place in a small town called Aramoana which is located in the deep south of New Zealand. David Gray had an altercation with his neigbour which led to him killing 14 people and injuring another 3 people.Gray had a dispute with his neighbour on the 13th of November because his neighbour's dog kept coming onto his property. After having the dispute Gray returned home to get his gun and then returned to his neighbour's house and shot and killed his neighbour. The neighbour's 3 daughters then ran into the family home. Gray followed the daughters shooting and killing 2 of them. 1 managed to escape. Gray then set the house of fire. A vehicle full of locals then pulled over when they saw the house on fire. Gray started shooting at the vehicle killing 6 and injuring 1 person. Gray then broke into an elderly couples home shooting and killing them and also killed a man looking for his dog and someone who tried to call 111.Gray was shot by police and died on his way to hospital. Below is an original video of the news report from 1990.

The Aramoana Massacre News Report

The Kokatahi Massacre

The Kokatahi massacre took place in 1941 when a man by the name of Stanley Graham shot and killed 7 people in total. Stanley was living on the west coast of the south island with his wife and children. In 1941 Stanley started to go off the rails when his cattle breeding business lead him into debt. Stanley started abusing locals in the area and shooting guns in the middle of the night. In late 1941 Stanley's neighbour made a complaint to the local police as he believed Stanley had been killing off his cattle. Stanley confronted his neighbour about this with a rifle. His neighbour then went to get 3 police officers as back up. After a brief discussion Stanley shot and killed one of the police officers as he attempted to disarm him.He then shot the other 2 officers and a man who tried to enter the property in attempt to help the victims. Stanley then lead the police on a 12 day manhunt where he was eventually killed by the police.

The Bain Family

Almost an entire family of was killed in Dunedin in 1994. The only survivor was David Bain who was the oldest son and also was the main suspect. Both his mother and father died and the father was also a suspect. David bain called the police early on the morning that the family was killed in a panic saying that they were all dead.A message was found on the family PC which said "sorry but you deserved to stay".However 5 days later David Bain was charged with 5 counts of murder and was eventually sentenced to life in prison with a non parole period of 16 years.In 2009 David Bain had a retrial and was found not guilty for 5 counts of murder. Below is a video clip of the original call to the New Zealand police from David Bain.

David Bain's Phone Call To The Police

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The Schlaepfer Family Massacre

In May 1992 almost an entire family was killed except for one member.
Brian Schlaepfer stabbed his wife in the chest after having a dispute.
Brian did not stop there however and his next victim was his 33 year old son
who had woken up to see what was going on. The 33 year old was shot
in the throat. He then went outside to find his other son who was 31 years old.
He found him in the garage and he was shot in the face and neck.
His daughter in law who lived in a house which was on the same farm heard the gun shots and came to investigate. Brain also shot at her however she managed to escape back to her house and called the police. Brian then went to her house and found his 11 year old grandson in his bedroom who he stabbed to death. He then went into his granddaughter's room as he planned to kill her next. His granddaughter was hiding in her closet and was the only member of the family to survive. He then made his way back through the house and shot his daughter in law who was on the phone to the police. The last member of the family was his 39 year old son. He was working on the farm so he went and waited for him to return. When he returned he stabbed and shot him to death before heading off into the bush to take his own life.

The 5 Worst Massacres Of New Zealand

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