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The 25 Best Christmas Movies on Netflix Instant for 2018


Fill your mug with some hot cocoa and get cozy. It's that time of year again! Here are the 25 best Christmas movies on Netflix Instant. In it are themes of family, holiday spirit, magic, Santa, Frosty, and singles looking for love. There is a movie for everyone! Every suggested movie includes a trailer or clip so you can preview the movie before deciding to watch the whole film on Netflix!

1. Coming Home For Christmas

Rated Y. 1 hour 26 minutes. 2013

Two sisters who haven't spoken in years reunite in hopes of making their parents close to each other again. The plan is for this to take place at their old house, only someone else lives in it now.


2 Adventures of Bailey: Christmas Hero

Rated G. 1 hour 26 minutes. 2012

Bailey the Baker family dog is worried that he will not get any presents from Santa because he's misbehaved throughout the year, but daydreams about getting stuffed animals and dog bones.

Baily inadvertently brings harm to his canine brother Duke and might even ruin his owners' plans for Christmas. It is up to Bailey to save Duke. Will the holiday plans be saved, and will Bailey learn to understand the true meaning of Christmas?


3. An Evergreen Christmas

Rated PG. 1 hour 38 minutes. 2014

Evie Lee has to leave her Hollywood career behind to go back to her little hometown of Balsam Falls, Tennessee to attend the sudden funeral of her father.

Evie Lee becomes the executor of the family estate that must pay a large inheritance tax, Evie Lee wants to pursue her music career as well as save the family legacy.

Ultimately, she needs to decide where her place really is in the world. Robert Loggia and Naomi Judd star in this beautiful story.

The top 25 Christmas movies you can watch on Netflix streaming

The top 25 Christmas movies you can watch on Netflix streaming

4. I'll Be Home For Christmas

Rated PG. 86 minutes.1998

College student Jake is rich and spoiled. He selfishly exchanges his ticket home for the holidays for a trip to Cabo San Lucas with his girlfriend.

Through a series of twists Jake ends up deserted and must find his way home for the holidays.

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This movie is great if you are a fan of Jonathan Taylor Thomas, or if you like movies with morals and lessons to the story.


5. Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas

Not Rated. 66 minutes. 1999

There are three great stories in one on this video:

  • "Donald Duck: Stuck on Christmas"
  • "A Very Goofy Christmas"
  • "Mickey & Minnie's Gift Of The Magi".

If you like traditional Disney animation before computer animation took over, you will love this video.


6. Holiday Engagement

Rated G. 1 hour 31 minutes. 2011

A woman with a boyfriend is dumped just in time for her Thanksgiving trip home to see her family, where she hoped to take him.

Not wanting to admit to her parents she no longer has a boyfriend, she hires an actor to play one for the four-day trip.

This movie is great if you like themes with single people and the holidays mixed in.


7. White Christmas

Not Rated. 2 hours. 1954

Bob Wallace and Phil Davis leave the Army after WWII to become a song and dance team. The men end up following a pair of beautiful singing and dancing sisters to a Vermont lodge where they perform in a Christmas show.

The men find out their old Army commander is the lodge owner and try to help him out. Along the way romantic tangle-ups ensue between the ex-soldiers and two ladies.

You will like this movie if you miss the 1950s or wish you lived in the simpler times of that decade.

African American holiday movie: The Christmas Wedding

African American holiday movie: The Christmas Wedding

8. A Christmas Wedding

Rated PG. 1 hour 20 minutes. 2013

Couple Tiffany and Marcus plan to wed during the holiday season in the small town of Tiffany's youth.

The couple spends time with Tiffany's family and then have second thoughts about their wedding.

You will like this movie if you enjoy African-American family movies, or if you are a fan of the talented Vivica Fox.


9. One Magic Christmas

Rated G. 1 hour 28 minutes. 1985

Gideon is a Christmas angel sent by Santa. The angel wants to help Ginny Grainger who is a cynical person and has a special hatred for Christmas.

Ginny and her family have become poor, causing them to lose faith in the spirit of Christmas. Gideon attempts to find a way to make Ginny a believer again.

You will like this movie if you miss the 1980s or need a little reminder about what is important at Christmas time.


10. Golden Winter

Rated G. 1 hour 29 minutes. 2012

Lonely middle school student Oliver has workaholic parents who don't have a lot of time for him. So Oliver finds some friends at school, but not the good kind.

Oliver then finds five retriever puppies at a foreclosed home, where they have no food or water, and begins to take car of them. But Oliver's bad friends have misdeeds in mind.

Watch Oliver as he maneuvers through it all and ultimately tries to save the pups and find the mother dog during the holidays.

This movie has some serious elements and lessons in it that you might want to discuss with any children in the room.


11. How the Toys Saved Christmas

Rated PG. 1 hour 18 minutes. 1996

Santa's helper Granny Rose gets sick and needs to take off on Christmas Eve. She puts Mr. Grimm in charge of delivering all the toys.

But only the toys know that Mr. Grimm plans to auction off the toys to the highest bidder. Mr. Grimm's plan means that the toys won't make it to the kids who were supposed to receive them for Christmas!

The toys decide to deliver themselves and a struggle with the heartless Mr. Grimm ensues on their way to their destinies.


12. A Christmas Carol

Not Rated. 1 hour 6 minutes. 1938

See this classic film in one of the first screen adaptations of the book that was ever created.

Ebenezer Scrooge is visited by the spirit of his former partner. Both of the men were known for being miserly. He warns Scrooge to change his ways while he still can.

Three spirits visit Scrooge in one evening and give him the opportunity to still start anew. Take a look back in time at the 1930s to see how this life-changing story is as relevant as ever in today's world.


13. Mumfie's White Christmas

Rated G. 22 minutes. 1996

Three characters, including Mumfie, go on a journey to ask Santa for a white Christmas. Though their travels take them through some unexpected turns, they get help from some great friends along the way.

Mumfie finds out what the the value of kindness and the true meaning of Christmas are. This is a charming watch and has a memorable music score. Let this film capture your imagination and your heart.

The 25 Best Christmas Movies on Netflix Instant

The 25 Best Christmas Movies on Netflix Instant

14. Dear Santa

Not Rated. 1 hour 32 minutes. 2011

Crystal, a 20-something woman, is threatened by her parents to cut her off financially if she doesn't change her irresponsible ways by Christmastime. She doesn't have a job or a boyfriend and doesn't know what to do.

But she finds a letter to Santa from a little girl asking for a new wife for her widowed dad. Crystal tracks them down and decides to win them over. However, the man already has a girlfriend and she isn't about to let him fall into Crystal's arms that easily.


15. Santa Claws

Not Rated. 1 hour 26 minutes. 2014

Tommy can't celebrate Christmas because his mother says Santa is not real. But Tommy leaves his kittens out for Santa to take back to the North Pole.

It turns out Santa is allergic to cats. He gets sick and cannot fly the sleigh and can no longer deliver presents. The kittens now must deliver the remaining presents to all the children for Christmas!

You will like this movie if you are a cat lover and are into seriously cute movies. This is also an African-American Christmas movie.


16. Christmas on Salvation Street

Rated PG. 1 hour 25 minutes. 2014

Pastor Noah Davis is from an affluent community, and has lost hope after his wife dies from an illness.

He finds an inner-city mission and takes himself and his daughters with him to live there and minister. The family undergoes difficulties with the challenges of crime in the area of the mission.

Noah tries to bring hope to the community, the mission, and to his daughters as well.


17. Curious George: A Very Monkey Christmas

Rated G. 58 minutes. 2009

The Man in the Yellow Hat and George are having a jolly time with their countdown to Christmas.

But what they can't decide is what to give each other for Christmas. Will they make it in time for Christmas morning?

You will like this movie whether you have children or fondly remember Curious George books from your own youth.


18. Christmas Crush

Rated PG. 1 hour 27 minutes. 2012

A twenty-eight-year-old woman believes that her true love -- Craig -- got away from her back in high school. The men she's dated since then just don't compare to him.

When Georgia hears she has a high school reunion a week before Christmas, she's is excited at the chance to win her old flame back.

When she relives high school for a night, she starts to understand than an old friend named Ben might really be the one that got away.


19. The Christmas Card

Rated PG. 1 hour 24 minutes. 2006

A US Army sergeant goes on a harrowing tour in Afghanistan. His tour ends when fellow soldier Jonesy is killed.

Cody goes on leave and returns Jonesy's possessions to Jonesy's widow. Cody then meets Faith and he happens to save her dad, Luke, from a bad car accident.

Cody gets a job in Faith's family's logging company. Faith's dad wants Cody to marry his daughter, but Faith is still committed to her rarely present fiancé Paul.


20. What She Wants For Christmas

Not Rated. 1 hour 23 minutes. 2012

Young Abigail wrote to Santa and asked for something very special this year - something she's keeping secret from her mom.

Although the character of Abigail seems like a demanding child at times, this is a charming African-American Christmas movie the whole family can enjoy.


21. Journey to the Christmas Star

Rated G. 1 hour 27 minutes. 2012

A courageous girl goes on a dangerous journey to find the Christmas Star so she can free the kingdom from a curse, which will allow her to bring back a long lost princess;

Enemies try to stop the little girl. Will she make it? This is an adventurous film in a beautiful winter setting.


22. Christmas With the Kranks

Rated PG. 1 hour 38 minutes. 2004

Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis star in this movie about a man that has had it with Christmas commercialism.

So he decides to just skip Christmas altogether and go on vacation with his wife.

But their daughter decides at the last minute to come home for Christmas, so he must throw a celebration together in time.


23. All American Christmas Carol

Not Rated. 1 hour 27 minutes. 2013

Unemployed Cindy had three babies from three different dads. She has no desire to work or have a steady relationship.

Cindy's dad (played by Meatloaf) left her on Christmas Eve when she was eight years old. Instead of raising her kids with good values, Cindy's more interested in pleasing herself by being selfish.

Cindy is about to lose her kids. She is visited by three ghosts that try to show her the err of her ways.

While this movie is not rated, it was suggested that the rating should be PG-13. The movie is a comedy but the above themes can be depressing in terms of family themes go. If you like movies about redneck stereotypes, however, you will simply love this movie.


24. Good Luck Charlie: It's Christmas

Rated G. 1 hour 20 minutes. 2011

A middle-class family goes on a flight from Denver to visit family in Palm Springs.

But two of the family members step out and many twists and turns ensue, including hitchhiking with alien abductees,and going through the desert on a tandem bike.

But the Palm Springs visit is just as zany as Grandpa and Grandma Blankenhooper entertain.


25. The Legend of Frosty the Snowman

Rated G. 1 hour 6 minutes. 2005

Frosty the Snowman goes to Evergreen to help the town out.

But the mayor does not like his talk of magic or any other such holiday nonsense.

Frosty, however, blows through the town and shows everyone that his magic is real!

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