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The 13 Best Slasher Movies Ever! (and a Few Psych Profiles Too)

It's not good when you see one of these!


First, the honorable mentions.

Honorable Mentions:

I had this one in the top 6, but then, Tony Todd himself told me that it was not a slasher. I certainly won't argue with him.

Candyman 1990- The role Tony Todd was born for! Shortly after the civil War ended, an artist was killed in a brutal way by the his pregnant fiances father and his helpers. The victim has returned with a vengeance and a big plan that is not disclosed until the ending. And yes, the ending was awesome! The acting and suspense made this a classic!

Return to Horror High 1987-This was campy and pretty stupid, but I loved it. George Clooney played a small part in this too.

What stunk?

Valentine 2001-This wasted a decent sized budget and a big cast. Some of the murders would have been impossible and we all knew who the killer was from the beginning!

The Prowler- This wasn't bad but is not among the best.

Here come the scariest, most shocking, and yes the cheesiest.

Slashers are a popular part of the horror genre, even though many have a low budget and a cast of no names. Whether there are multiple killers or just one and they are mental or evil, people line up in huge mobs to watch them and of course the money flows in. That is why most of them have a string of lousy sequels and remakes. Below is my list of the best of the worst, and I even added a few psychological profiles of some of the killers. It will be controversial and I am sure disputed, but I hope that you enjoy it none the less!

The profile part will have some spoilers, but I will try not to ruin the endings outside of that section.

Here are the best 13.

13. This is a tie of course. The Invisible Man 1935- Claude Riens was a master and though this is old, slasher fans still love it. It's a Universal favorite at film festivals.

13. Urban Legend- Another great cast and the story line and suspense weren't bad either. The second one was good and came close to making it as well.

12. When a stranger calls- 1979 This was a gripping, on the edge of your seat tale.

11.Child's Play 1988- This was good and has a cult following, but I don't understand the lists that put this in the top 5 or 10. But some lists have Final Destination, which is not a slasher and Scream 2 which stunk, in the top 10. This was pretty original and the acting and writing were above average.It had a lot of blood and creep moments so watch this one and skip all of the sequels!

10.My Bloody Valentine- A series of murders and disgusting acts take place in a small mining town.As the bodies pile up the race to find out who the killer is, heats up.

9. Friday the 13th 2- Jason returns, but in a different way and form. Bloodier and scarier than most.

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8. Psycho 2- Norman returns from the asylum and there is mystery and confusion everywhere.
What's not a mystery? The fact that all Hell is about to break loose!

7. Scream 1996- I struggled with this one but dropped it in at 7. They tried to be clever and funny and did pull that off with a decent amount of suspense.

The psychotic six!

6. Hatchet 2006- In a creepy swamp in New Orleans, a twisted, evil being waits for the unweary. Cain Hodder and Tony Todd appear to save this one.

5. Sleep Away Camp 1983- Don't ask me how, but this one gets over looked sometimes. It was well done and emotional. But the shocking ending and the set up to it were absolute master pieces! They through out some hints and a lot of red herrings to cover them until the final minute when the psychosis hit the fan! I loved it, and call it a must see for horror or thriller fans!

4. Halloween 1970- This was far from my favorite but, Michael deserves his props. and this franchise has some great moments.The first was by far the best! Rob Zombie's first was good too.

3. Friday the 13th 1980- It was hard not to rank this higher as Jason has become a huge icon in the world of horror. He was a giant, Frankenstein type of freak from Crystal Lake in N.Y. What? Jason wasn't a part of the first one? Watch it again! Jason was the heartless and soulless of this entire franchise. Some of the sequels were good too, but after the second one, they all started to lose something.

2. A Nightmare on Elm Street- A murderer was taken out by an angry mob. The problem is, they thought that as things heated up, Freddy was stopped. Elm Street has learned that the fire had only begun to rage out of control!

The one that we all know and love! The mild mannered and kindhearted care taker has a personality flaw. His Mother!

1. Psycho 1961- Norman was normal kind and harmless. But that was a long time ago! You see, his mother moved in since then...into his head that is. And she is not moving out! Beware if you are on a trip this summer and you think renting a room at a small motel will get you out of a storm.It won't!

Other bloody bests!

Psych profile on the deranged, anyone?

SPOILER ALERT! I will be giving away the ending of Firday the 13th and Sleepaway Camp. So, please do not read this until you watch them.

Everyone knows about Norman. But have you met Angela? No? Well let me introduce you to the main character of Sleep Away Camp and the focus of this profile. PLEASE stop here and go watch the movie if you haven't yet! Angela is an innocent little girl who is shown in the beginning with her twin brother Petey. Angela is killed with her father in a boat accident but you don't really know that until the end. Her Aunt adopts Pete but already has a son. She wants a daughter, so she turns Pete into a girl and names him Angela. Though Angela looks like a girl and goes by that name, the gender and genitalia were never changed.

Angela is still alive in Pete's body, and so is Pete! Here is why I think that. There are two personas and two people inside that head. Angela is friendly, sweet, and social. The reason, I believe that the character is quiet sometimes is because Peter the beater, is not! Peter stares at the girls, is quite and has a violent streak. Don't believe me? Mess with the innocent and meek Angela, and later Pete will pay you a visit. When he does you had better have a very good explanation as to why you touched his twin sister! Well, may kill you anyways. As good as Rebecca De Mornay was, outside of Norman Bates, I thought that this was the best portrayal of a killer with multiple personality disorder I have ever seen! Felissa Rose was brilliant in this role, though she was only 12.


MikeSyrSutton (author) from An uncharted galaxy on August 07, 2015:

Cool. Which ones are among your favorites?

Larry Rankin from Oklahoma on July 11, 2015:

Some of my alltime favorites here.

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