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The 10 Most ALPHA Male Celebrities Of All Time

Clark Gable

Clark Gable

Humphrey Bogart

Humphrey Bogart

Kirk Douglas

Kirk Douglas

Robert Mitchum

Robert Mitchum

Yul Brynner

Yul Brynner

Jack Palance

Jack Palance

Charles Bronxon

Charles Bronxon

Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg

Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler

HE Is Here And YOU'D Better Take Notice!

There are males and there are THE ALPHA MALES. Alpha males have a presence about them that other men simply do not have. They are supremely confident in their essence. They have the ability to draw others to them. They know how to take charge of the situation at hand.

These men are the leaders among men. Oftentimes, taking charge is natural to them. Women are drawn to such men because they are not afraid to be strong when the situation necessitates. While they are strong and take charge, they do not try to bully and dominate others. They are not THAT insecure.

They love being men. They are not afraid to open the door and pull out a chair for women. They also appreciate the strong and secure woman, knowing that there is someone on par with them, emotionally, intellectually, and sexually. These men do not suffer fools and wimps gladly.

Nothing is too difficult for them to undertake when it is for the good of the whole. They also can show their more vulnerable side without it being thought as a weakness. These men are not ashamed to admit their mistakes. They know that being a man is not all about macho bravado, real men can be vulnerable also.

The alpha male is totally beyond par. Here is my take on the 10 most alpha male actors of all time in descending order.

(10) Clark Gable(February 1, 1901- November 16, 1960) -This male essence had set women's hearts aflutter throughout his extensive career. He exuded masculinity to the multillionth degree. He was what your grandmother and her contemporaries would call a man among men. He did theatre work and acting in bit parts in silent films before his foray into starring roles in feature films.

Such films included It Happened One Night (1934) with Claudette Colbert and Mutiny on the Bounty (1935) with Charles Laughton. Mr. Cable's known role was Rhett Butler in the blockbuster movie Gone With the Wind(1939) which he was nominated the 2nd time for an Academy Award. The first Academy Award nomination was for Mutiny on the Bounty.

During World War II, He was in the United States Air Corp as a pilot. His subsequent films included The Hucksters(1947), Mogambo(1953) with Ava Gardner and Grace Kelly. His last film was The Misfits(1961) with Marilyn Monroe, Montgomery Clift, and Eli Wallach. He subsequently died of a heart attack.

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(9) Humphrey Bogart(December 25, 1899-January 14, 1957)-This sublime man was known by his moniker "Bogie". He aptly represented the extremely masculine alpha male. He knew how to take charge, no questions asked.

He acted in Broadway productions in the 1920s and 1930s. He subsequently made his entrance into films such as The Petrified Forest(1936) and Angels With Dirty Faces(1938) with James Cagney. He graduated to leading parts in High Sierra and the Maltese Falcon(1941). His most famous role was in the film classic Casablanca(1942) for which he received his 1st Academy Award nomination for Best Actor. He also starred in Sahara(1943), To Have & Have Not(1944) and Key Largo(1948) with his wife, Lauren Bacall.

He continued to work in films such as The African Queen(1951) with Katherine Hepbun. This work resulted in his receiving his 1st and only Academy Award for Best Actor. He was nominated for the 2nd time by the Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance in The Caine Mutiny(1954). He also was in another film that same year, Sabrina. His last film was The Harder They Fall(1956). He ultimately died of complications related to cancer in 1957. In 1999, he was rated the greatest male start in film history by the American Film Institute.

(8)Kirk Douglas(December 6, 1916- )- This man is masculinity multiplied by a million. He is an actor, producer, author, and humanitarian. His various films include The Strange Loves of Martha Ivers(1946), A Letter to Three Wives(1949), Young Man With a Horn and Detective Story(1950), The Bad and the Beautiful(1952), and The Juggler(1953).

He went on star in more films such as The Vikings(starred in other films such as The Vikings(1958), Spartacus(1960), and Town Without Pity(1961). His subsequent films included It Runs in the Family(2003) with son Michael Douglas and grandson Cameron Douglas, and Illusions (2004). In 1996, he received an Academy Honorary Award for his half a century career. He was also rated number 17 on the list of the American Film Institute greatest male screen legends of all time.

(7)Robert Mitchum(August 6, 1917- July 1, 1917)-This man was the real unadulterated alpha male in its raw state. He is one who is totally unapologetic about his masculinity. Before his eventually foray into films, he did various odd jobs including being a ghostwriter for the late astrologer Carroll Righter.

He started as a bit player for many B-films and film noir. He graduated into feature roles in films such as River of No Return(1954), Night of the Hunter and Not as a Stranger(1955), and The Sundowners(1960). His breakthrough role was as Max Cady in Cape Fear(1962). His other blockbusters during the 1960s were The Longest Day(1962), El Dorado(1966), and Anzio (1968).

His subsquent work included Ryan's Daughter(1970), The Friends of Eddie Coyle(1973), Midday(1976), and Farewell My Lovely(1975). This was followed by his work in The Big Sleep(1978). He starred in the acclaimed World War II television miniseries, Winds of War (1983) and its sequel, War & Remembrance(1988). His last film was the Norwegian film Rakten(1995).

In 1991, he received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Board of Review of Motion Pictures and the Cecil D. DeMille Award. He was rated number 23 on the list of the American Film Institute on the greatest male American screen legends. He died in July 1977 from a combination of lung cancer and emphysema.

(6) Yul Brynner(July 11,1920-October 10, 1985)- This alpha man had a lethal combination of raw masculinity and urbane sophistication. He possessed the "factor" and knew it. He hold many odd jobs before he became an actor. These odd jobs included being a broadcaster for the United States Office of War Information during World War Two.

He also performed bit part in his first Broadway play, Shakespeare's Twelfth Night in 1941. In 1949, he made his film debut in Port of New York. His breakthrough film was The King and I (1956). He also had a starring role in The Ten Commandments(1956). His other films in the 1950s included The Brothers Karamazov and The Buccaneers(1958) and The Journey(1959).

His subsequent films included The Magnificent Seven(1960), Taras Bulba(1962), Morituri(1965), Cast a Giant Shadow (1965) with Kirk Douglas, and The Madwoman of Chaillot (1969). He continued to star in the films Catlow(1971), Westworld(1973), and Futureworld(1976). He starred in the play The King and I thrice; the first time from 1951-1955, then from 1977-1978, and the last time in 1985. He ultimately died of lung cancer as a result from decades of smoking in 1985,

(5) Jack Palance(February 18, 1919-November 10, 2006)- This enigmatic male was the complete renaissance alpha man. He did various odd jobs as a youth including working in the coal mines and being a professional boxer. In World War II, he entered the United States Air Force. After World War II, he attended Stanford University; however, he was one credit away from obtaining a bachelor's degree in drama.

His first acting break was being an understudy for Marlon Brando in the play A Streetcar Named Desire. In 1947, he made his Broadway debut. He subsequently made his foray into movies including Panic in the Streets and Halls of Montezuma(1950), and Sudden Fear and Shane(1952) which he was twice nominated for Academy Awards. He also earned an Emmy for his role in the television show Requiem for a Heavyweight. He continued to be busy working in even more movie roles during the 1960s.

In the 1970s, he starred in movies such as Chato's Land(1972) with Charles Bronson and Oklahoma Crude(1973). From 1975-1976, he starred in the television series Bronk. He continued to work throughout the 1980s, 1990s, and the early 2000s. His movies included Young Guns and Batman (1988), City Slickers(1991), City Slickers II: The Legend of Curly's Gold(1992), Ebenezer(1997), Treasure Island(1999), and Talking to Heaven(2002). He finally received an Academy Award for his work in the last City Slickers movie.

His work in television included starring in miniseries. These miniseries were Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde(1968) and Dracula(1973). His last work were Living With the Dead(2001) and Back When We Were Grownups(2004). He subsequently died of natural causes in 2006.

(4) Charles Bronson(November 3, 1921-August 30, 2003)- This man was the ultimate of naked and to the core alpha maleness. Before beginning a career in the entertainment business, he was a World War II aerial gunner. After World war II, he was part of a theatrical group.

He had bit roles in movies such as Pat & Mike(1951), Miss Sadie Thompson(and House of Wax (1952). He also worked in television shows during the 1950s. These shows included guest starring roles in The Twilight Zone, Gunsmoke, and Have Gun Will Travel. He even starred in his own television series Man With A Camera(1958-1960). In the interim, she starred in movies such as Machine Gun Kelly(1958).

His breakthrough movie was The Magnificent Seven(1960). More blockbuster movies followed in its wake such as The Great Escape(1963), Battle of the Bulge(1965), This Property is Condemned(1966), and The Dirty Dozen. He continued to work in the 1970s in movies such as The Valachi Papers(1971), Chato's Land(1972), Mr. Majestyk and Breakheart Pass(1974), Hard Times(1975), and the White Buffalo(1977).

He starred in moneymakers such as The Death Wish movie series(1974-94). His subsequent movies were 10 to Midnight(1983) and The Evil That Men Do(1984). His last movie was a television movie, the last of the trilogy Family of Cops. He subsequently developed alzheimer's and died from pneumonia in 2003.

(3) Denzel Washington(December 28, 1954- )-This alpha man possesses old time Hollywood sexual magnetism and mystique. He is alpha with the consummate class. He is an actor, director, and producer. He also has a Bachelor's Degree in Drama and Journalism from Fordham University.

He did summer stock work in theatres. He also worked in television commercials. His first foray into movies was in the television movie Wilma(1977). His first feature film was Carbon Copy(1981). He won a 1982 Distinguished Ensemble Performance Obie Award for his stellar performance in A Soldier's Play for the Negro Ensemble Company. He was in the acclaimed television drama St. Elsewhere from 1982-1988.

He starred in a scene stealing performance in the movie A Soldier's Story(1984). This followed by roles in such movies such as Hard Lessons and Power(1986), Cry Freedom(1987) which he was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, and Glory(1989) which he won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. In the 1990s, his body of work included Mo' Better Blues(1991), Mississippi Masala and Malcolm X(1992), and Philadelphia and The Pelican Brief (1993), Crimson Tide(1995), and The Preacher's Wife ( 1996).

His work in the late 1990s to this day include such blockbusting successes such as The Hurricane(1999) which he received Golden Globe and Silver Bear Awards, Remember the Titans(2000), Training Day(2001) with Ethan Hawke which he received an Academy Award for Best Actor, Antwone Fisher(2002), Man on Fire(2003), and The Manchurian Candidate(2004). His subsquent film work include Inside Man(2006), American Gangster(2007), and the remake of the 1974 megablockbuster The Taking of Pelham One Two Three with John Travolta. His latest work to date are The Book of Eli(2010) which he also produced and Flight(2012) which he was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor. He is currently filming 2 Guns scheduled to be released this year.

(2) Mark Wahlberg(June 5, 1971- )-This alpha man with a badass,street attitude with brains to match is a prolific actor, film/television producer, and businessperson. He is also an ex-model and ex-rapper. He entered the entertainment business at 13 years of age as part of his older brother's (Donnie Wahlberg) group, New Kids on the Block. However, he do not like the group's saccharine persona so he quit. After a few negative detours and mishaps, he decided to reform and transform himself.

He become a rapper and started recording under the moniker Marky Mark. He formed a group called Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. This rap group was known for its extreme streetwise cutting edge. After his stint as a rapper, he become the ultimate underwear model for Calvin Klein.

He then embarked on an acting career. His first movie was Renaissance Man(1994). This was followed by Basketball Diaries(1995). His 1st breakthrough movie was Fear(1996) which he played a psychotically abusive boyfriend turned stalker. He was nominated for an MTV Movie Award for Best Villain. His 2nd breakthrough role was in Boogie Nights which he was nominated for a Satellite Award for Best Actor in a Motion Picture Drama.

He starred in other movies such as The Big Hit(1998) and The Corruptor and Three Kings(1999). In the 2000s, he was in movies including The Yards(2000), remakes of Planet of the Apes(2001) and The Truth About Charile(2002), I Heart Huckabees(2004), The Departed(2006), and We Own the Night (2007) which he produced as well as acted in. He subsequently starred in the comedy The Other Guys and the drama The Fighter(2010) which he also produced. He garnered numerous nominations for his work in The Fighter.

He has 3 upcoming films: Broken City, Pain & Gain, and 2 Guns(filming) (2013) with Denzel Washington. His film Transformers 4 is scheduled to be released in 2014. In addition to his quite prolific film work, he is the executive producer of series including Entourage(2004-2011), In Treatment (2008-10), and Boardwalk Empire(2010- ).

(1) Gerard Butler(November 13, 1969- )-This Scottish charmer of Irish descent is the quintessential alpha male. He exhibits an extremely high level of self-confidence, knowing, and resplendent sexiness. In addition to all of this, he is a trained lawyer. Before embarking on a film career, he worked on the stage and in television.

He first foray into film was in the movie Tomorrow Never Dies(1997). He worked steadily in television in 1990s and the 200s. He first came into prominence in the television movie Attila(2001) in the leading role. His other film work included The Phantom of the Opera(2004), 300 and P.S. I Love You and 300 (2007), The Ugly Truth and Gamer(2009), and The Bounty Hunter(2010). He also was in Coriolanus (2011), a movie adaptation of the Shakespearen tragedy and Playing for Keeps(2012). His latest movie is Olympus Has Fallen(2013), to be released in theatres March 22nd of this year.

The alpha male has masculine allure and a commanding presence. Men admire him while women are drawn to him. Here you have-the 10 most alpha male actors on this planet. Well, according to me, that is.

© 2013 Grace Marguerite Williams


Raju Bangali from Bagladesh on February 09, 2018:


hi on November 07, 2017:

butler, a alpha, seriously.

Hello... on May 04, 2017:

Sean Connery...Mr. Sexiest Man of the Century.

Grace Marguerite Williams (author) from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York on December 29, 2014:

To say that Mr. Schwartzenegger is narcissistic is THE UNDERSTATEMENT of the decade. Thank you for stopping by and for responding.

Shiro Tora on December 29, 2014:

I would say Arnold Schwartzenegger would have to make the cut here. That applies on and off the screen. Arnold was an extremely dominant male and still is. He dominated everything he ever set out to achieve. He has literally never ultimately failed to realise a goal. That takes absolute guts and certainty. Although, as much as I love his movies and admire the man, he has a touch of narcissism.

Lucian Lafayette on June 17, 2014:

Where is Steve McQueen?

Grace Marguerite Williams (author) from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York on October 07, 2013:

I may include them in my next segment. Thank you for stopping by Ralph, it is greatly appreciated!

Ralph Deeds from Birmingham, Michigan on October 07, 2013:

You missed several: Burt Lancaster, Anthony Quinn and Paul Robeson.

Grace Marguerite Williams (author) from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York on February 20, 2013:

Thank you Beth37 for your wonderful comment. God bless and have a nice night.

Beth37 on February 20, 2013:

Enjoyable. :)

Nan Mynatt on January 28, 2013:

GM you have done a lot of research on the men who were famous and never to be forgotten. I marked you up!

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