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The 10 K-Drama Bands You Would Wish Were Real Kpop Groups

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Xhyniie has been a K-pop fan since 2010 and a K-drama fan since 2000. She enjoys writing about the Korean entertainment industry.

We've seen Korean musical drama’s wherein the lead characters were members of fictitious bands. These tons of Kpop groups were played by popular actors and actresses in South Korea. Some of them have actually recorded the original soundtracks for K-dramas and also played a mini concert as part of their thanksgiving to their fans. I picked out some of my favorites on the list and I guess it’s also your favorites. If you haven’t watch the following K-dramas where they performed then you should search now.

Let’s start the countdown!

10. National Treasure Girls

The Greatest Love

National Treasure Girls

National Treasure Girls

Kukbo Sonyeo also known as “National Treasure Girls” is the most popular girl group in South Korea as depicted in the drama Greatest Love. It is a 4 member girl group.

9. Excellent Souls

Modern Farmer

Excelent Souls

Excelent Souls

Excellent Souls is the center point of a storyline that includes musical performers who migrate from the huge city to a little town. Members from Excellent Souls are thought to wind up included in a love triangle when they begin to look all starry eyed at a town inhabitant.

The members of Excellent Souls are Lee Hongki, Lee Si Un, Park Min Woo and Kwak Dong Yeon.

Excellent Souls - Do or Die! Watch it now!

8. Absolute Perfection

Mary Stayed Out All Night

Absolute Perfection

Absolute Perfection

Absolute Perfection band is from the musical drama Mary Stayed Out All Night. The leader of the band is actor Jang Keun-suk who had played several roles in different musical dramas in South Korea.

7. Infinite Power

My Lovely Girl

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Infinite Power

Infinite Power

In the Korean drama My Lovely Girl, Infinite Power is depicted as the main Hallyu group in South Korea. Kang Rae Hoon played by Hoya is the leader of the group.While L will play Shi Woo, who is the most popular member of the group. Adjusting the band's thrown is Lee Dae Yeol and Choi Seong Yun. Here's amazement, Lee Dae Yeol is really the sibling of the Infinite member Lee Sung Yeol! Desires are high that Infinite Power will have the capacity to inspire viewers with their natural star force.

Likewise, Infinite Power uses the name MHDR for the group, which are the initials of their name in Korean. SBS has released the accompanying proficient looking poster from the show. If I haven’t watched this drama then I would have thought that they are a real Kpop boy band who debuts last year.

6. M2

KPOP The Ultimate Audition



M2 is a popular fictitious Korean boy group in the musical drama Kpop The Ultimate Audition.

Sunny Management, the company that manages the group M2, chooses to patch up the boy band m2 with new members. The present members are expected to graduate from the group; however fanatics of m2 contradict the thought and exhibit outside of Sunny Management's office. Sunny Management holds an audtion, which Ji-Woo joins in. Because of being apprehensive, Ji-Woo fizzles his audtion. His tryout feature is posted on the web. This disturbs up enthusiasts of m2 much additionally, grumbling how the candidates are more awful. Hyun-Seok (Hong Kyung-Min), president of Sunny Management, holds a question and answers session and declares that they will pick new individuals from m2 through fan voting. A survival tryout is then held.

M2's Stand Up! Watch it now!

5. Eye Candy

Shut Up Flower Boy Band

Eye Candy

Eye Candy

Shut Up Flower Boy Band is a Korean musical drama that is immensely stylized to the punk sentiment, but always with a heart.

Eye Candy is a well-known underground rock band. The members of the band are leader, vocals and guitarist Kwon Ji-hyuk. Lee Hyun-soo, the chic and guitarist of the band who is also named as the Ice Prince. Kim Ha-jin, the playboy and bassist. Jang Do-il, the silent member and also the drummer of the group. And Seo Kyung-jong, the baby-faced and keyboardist of the group.

At the point when their reprobate ridden school is compelled to shut down, they banter about whether it’s even worth coming back to secondary school by any stretch of the imagination. In any case, because of an outside encounter with their new school's present decision band, Strawberry Fields, Eye Candy chooses to go to Jungsang High out of resentment so they can run the school by and by.

4. Stupid




Heartstrings is a Korean musical drama released on June 29, 2011 that tells a story of teenagers who are involved in music.

The Stupid band was formed in this Korean drama. First we have the leader of the band Lee Shin who is also the guitarist, vocalist and is a college student who is majoring in Western Music. Shin is known for his great looks, arrogant identity, and solid enthusiasm for music. Everybody sees him as a heartless and removed individual, yet he has a delicate side inside him concealed away. He needs enthusiasm for anything irrelevant to music and has neither dreams nor plans for what's to come. The band’s drummer is Kang Min-hyuk. Other members of the band include Oh Won-bin as guitarist and Song Seung-hyun as bassist.

Though some of you here already knows that both Jung Yong-hwa and Kang Min-hyuk are members of the Kpop boy band CN Blue but still you also wished this fictitious band to be real and have a concert. Well, let’s see their performance at the Tea House in Heartstrings.

The Stupid's Performance! Watch it now!

3. Colorbar




Colorbar is the fictitious band from the Korean musical drama “Monstar” who had also released the MV for their original soundtrack songs "That Is My Only World" and "March".
For those who are not familiar with this fictitious band Colorbar, the band members were played by idols such as B2ST's Junhyung, Ha Yeon Soo, GLAM's Dahee, Kang Ui Sik, Kim Min Young, Park Kyu Sun, and Kang Ha Neul.

The band has also sung two remake songs on their final performance on the drama that will surely brings you the eagerness you wanted, on top of that, Colorbar warms the hearts of its viewers and listeners.

2. Comeback Madonna

I Am Legend

Comeback Madonna

Comeback Madonna

Comeback Madonna is a fictitious rock band from the Korean drama I Am Legend. The drama includes actual musical performances from the fictitious Comeback Madonna Band members Kim Jung-eun (vocals and rhythm guitar), Juni (lead guitar), Hong Ji-min (bass) and Jang Shin-young (drums).

The drama’s original songs e.g. “Comeback Madonna” and “You” are incorporated in the soundtrack, and a few modernized rock fronts of well known pop melodies from the 1980s and 1990s that the band had performed in the show. Moreover, Comeback Madonna Band also performed live at the Pentaport Rock Festival and Jecheon International Music & Film Festival.

Comeback Madonna's Band Concert! Watch it now!

1. A.N. Jell

You're Beautiful


A.N. JELL is a boy band from the gender bender Korean drama “You’re Beautiful”. Since this drama highlights concert footage in it, the band has really performed a mini-concert, where a total of 25,000 fans came up for the said event. As a fan of this drama, I really love this fictitious band and adore them as a group. I love their music and wish them to become a real Kpop group. Though we all know that both Yong Jung-hwa and Lee Hong-ki are members of well-known bands in South Korea but as we see them together in this drama, we wished them to become a real group.

Go Mi-nyeo/Go Mi-nam is one of the vocalist and pianist of the band. Hwang Tae-kyung is the leader, guitarist and also vocalist of the band. Kang Shin-woo is the bassist, rapper and the keyboardist. And Jeremy is drummer of the band.

A.N. Jell's mini concert! Watch it now!


Polluxia on May 08, 2020:

Where is Crude Play?? :D

Shin Woo Hyun on November 12, 2017:

Eye Candy Is Love. Eye Candy Is Life.

Random on October 23, 2017:

I was in shock! When i saw my cousin on ultimate audition! Why? Did she and her bro not tell me!

ANJELL on May 28, 2015:

Hi! ANJELL fan here! How I wish that they were a real Kpop band. And how I wish I was on that mini concert so I can support them especially Taekyung and Go Mi Nam

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