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Thanos of Titan

Thanos of Titan as he was known when he began, was created by Jim Starlin, and strangely enough Starlin created him during a psychology class and used him in an Iron Man comic he initially worked on. The character saw major popularity during the Infinity Gauntlet comic series, and has recently seen more popularity due to his long term inclusion in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


The Infinity Gauntlet

The actual Gauntlet which Thanos wears that has all the stones, is one of the cooler aspects of the creation of this character. To me, something as a simple as a glove with stones that basically control the universe, its a unique idea for a weapon, and powerful weapon to say the least.


The character of Thanos, as seen in the MCU has certainly evolved, when he first started it was not Josh Brolin doing the motion capture, and his skin tone was slightly different than his final appearance in Endgame. Obviously the technology to create a character like this evolves over time, and by the time they got to Avengers Infinity War, things looked significantly better.

Infinity War

The Thanos we saw in Avengers Infinity War was a seasoned villain, and had the scars his face as proof he had been through war. He cleverly outsmarted the Avengers, and when the chance came for Thor to stop him, he did not go for the head, which allowed Thanos to still snap his fingers.



When we arrived at Endgame, Thanos had used the stones, and more than once apparently, and found is place in the sun to relax, well, until The Avengers found him. My favorite part of the entire 3 hour Endgame movie is where the Thanos from the Guardians of the Galaxy post credit scene comes to the present time to fight the Avengers, but this Thanos was not as seasoned and experienced as Infinity War Thanos, and just created a really cool dynamic in the film.

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Return in the MCU?

Given the nature of comic books it becomes natural to assume at some point a dead character will be brought back. A character as popular as Thanos seems like he will at some point be back. Perhaps in a film set in the past, like maybe if Nova gets a movie or Disney Plus show, we might see Thanos again, since Thanos would have likely destroyed his planet too, before coming to Earth. This is all speculation and hearsay at this point, but the popularity of this villain within the MCU makes most believe he will be back at some point.

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Cheryl E Preston from Roanoke on October 12, 2020:

I have always found him to be intimidating. Another great article.

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