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Tenet Movie Review 2020

As an avid movie watcher with a Bachelor's in Creative Writing, Aurelie is uniquely qualified to review and give opinions on Movies.

Precursor - The Movies During Quarantine/Social Distancing

Before I jump in the nitty-gritty about this movie, I would like to take a paragraph or two to discuss what this experience was like during a pandemic.

While I was under the assumption that the movie theater would not be packed I was surprised to come to the movies on a Friday night at 10PM to find the theater completely dead. No life, maybe three cars total in the parking lot. One person behind the concessions stand.

It was honestly a little eerie to see, basically a ghost town in an area that normally is so chock full of people. No one scanned our tickets, honestly, I don't think they would notice or even care if we just walked in and bought some concessions then walk right into the theater. (Not that I'm saying anyone should do that) but it was merely the vibe the entire place gave off.

Tenet - The Actors

Tenet has an interesting cast of John David Washington who's name is known as "The Protagonist"

Followed by Robert Pattinson playing "Neil"

Dimple Kapadia as "Priya"

Elizabeth Debicki as "Kat"

Kenneth Branagh as "Andrei Sator"

Himish Patel as "Mahir"

and finally Clémence Poésy as "Barbara"

Tenet - The Movie

So, Tenet. A movie that I honestly hadn't heard anything about until a friend of mine invited me out to see it. After watching the trailer and deciding it seemed interesting enough I decided to tag along.

The intriguing aspects that encouraged me to attend definitely would have to be who the director of the movie is - written and produced by Christopher Nolan who I am sure you know (and if you don't) is also responsible for the movies The Prestige (2006), Inception (2010), and The Dark Knight Trilogy (2005-2012)

All really good, intriguing movies. That was enough convincing for me to go.

A quick side note - I am not sure if it was merely that specific theater I was in but the music was EXTREMELY loud. Now, I like loud music but I had my ears covered pretty much the entire movie but onto the actual movie.

It starts out very randomly to put it lightly and not let out any spoilers. To be completely frank the way this movie tosses you into the story is very discombobulating and confusing. Even knowing the plot of the movie I couldn't really figure out what was going on or why it any of these things are happening or how they are at all related. It comes across as very random events merely being followed by the main characters.

It definitely carries a heavy air similar to Inception in that there is a lot you need to figure out which usually occurs near the end of the movie rather than as you watch it (meaning throughout)

It is pretty intense the entire time, there isn't any downtime really. It's pretty much at 100% from the get-go until the end of the movie - so if intense movies aren't your thing then you probably won't enjoy this movie.

My honest feelings once I left the theater immediately after would have to be explained as relief just because of how absurdly loud it was. But after I gave it about an hour to recover and truly think about the movie I came to the conclusion that I did in fact like it despite my personal issues with time-related scifi movies.

It was an interesting movie, to say the least, and I was pleasantly surprised by Robert Pattinson's performance. I hadn't seen him in much else aside from Twilight and watching this movie just confirmed my suspicions that Twilight did an extreme disservice to him and his acting ability. He did a very good job in this movie and hopefully, this will help push him away from all the jokes and memes that have followed him from Twilight that haven't been the most kind (for good reason). That role just wasn't a good role, to begin with and I am certain that the director didn't help any in showing his true capabilities.

As for John David Washington, I had never seen him before but he also did a very good acting job in this movie. So I have to commend them both on tackling a rather confusing scifi time-travelesque movie.

I would (and do want to) watch this movie again. Perhaps in a different theater or maybe when it comes out of the theater and is available on a streaming service or on demand of some kind.

My hope is that people give this movie a chance, let it ruminate in your mind before giving your honest opinion about it.

Have you seen Tenet? And if so did you like it?

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Becca Mahoney on September 27, 2020:

Yeah, I felt similar about it—it’s REALLY hard to understand for the first half of the movie, but then you realize it’s pretty enjoyable. I found it a lot harder to understand than Inception, but I do think you’re right about the similarities—it’s just that Tenet is the same, only more so :)

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