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Tenet (2020) Movie Review


Tenet is the Best Hollywood Movie Ever

Stars: John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki

When Christopher Nolan criticized the Warner Bros. last week, he did more than criticize them. When he attacked them in the press, most of us were like watching movies at home. Don't waste any of that on us. You're a Hollywood anarchist and you want to see movie theaters just to be safe during an epidemic and I have to say that now I've really seen Tenet.

I really see where Nolan is coming from. I think watching the movie makes me feel a lot more sympathy for him because tenet means watching on an Imax or Dolby screen, and watching it made me feel bad, that I Lost the original experience of the movie, and it would have been great, but then I realized, that this is an epidemic mistake, just this is a bad time, Nolan it is useless for all of us.

Now watching this movie means, that it is also sad to see, that I am also sorry to say, that it will be seen with the members of the BTC Ah community, that I recommended to do so and I did. Didn't do it first but then the first dialogue started like movie stars, and I was like oh no hell, and I had to twist the subtitles and twist it a bit, not really you but thanks to Madeleine Titles are required.

But not only because of the sound mix, but also because it is a film, where the characters often talk in a code of conduct and explain only one thing when there is no Hitchcock's rule of the three if You've never heard of Hitchcock's rule of threes, so this is a great cinematic technique. To really make sure the audience gets something, you can tell them three times verbally or even visually, and a great example of this is strangers on the train.

But here they tell you once, and with any diagram or anything they just tell you, and that's it, if you can read it, it's so easy to run it in ah, that I really think that if you don't change the subtitles on your own, you are having a very hard time after the movie, and I doubt that is why so many of you who saw it in the theater, Betting without, I didn't enjoy it, now the movie is really two and a half hours.

Wonder Woman 1984 is also two and a half hours, when I felt it more, although for the first hour and a half I thought that when I was enjoying the visuals and performances a bit, I would not really get the movie as well as I did. It's a beautiful movie, and again I have no idea what Nolan is trying to do here, but he is well, but last time and I know when it was because someone apologized to me. Nolan said.

You know, I'm in for a surprise in 1984 because of Wonder Woman. I put on my phone that I'm not worried, but you know, you're watching a movie at home, who called me. I said, oh let me pause this movie that it's almost over, and then I was like that. Oh my god it takes an hour to go, I just complained a lot about it on the phone call, and then I turned the rest of the movie, and you know what Yes That everything came together completely.

Clicked on its place, and I was surprised, that it is really good, so do not leave this movie, until you watch it, watch to the end, I think, that you also It will be an experience, especially if you have this subtitle on, it was it the moment when I clicked on everything that I decided, that I desperately needed a prequel-sequel set up by Nolan. I don't know if we will ever get a movie, though not just because of an epidemic.

Which has caused financial losses to Tenet, so other people are arguing that the Warner Bros. will end their right to vote, because tenets are clearly made to vote, but because novices And the Warner Bros. hurt each other's feelings, and I don't. Who knows, they'll all come together like the Nolan movies, the set pieces are funny, and oh so beautiful.

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I mean, he's been making Bond movies for a long time now and again and again, maybe he and Warner Bros. have broken up, maybe he'll make a Bond movie now that he's talking about timing. I want to Oh my God when the opera house scene never worked when John David slides down to get the Washington Code check area it means the whole scene-setting.

I felt like this was an extraordinary incident at the airport. I laughed out loud several times during this episode and said that it was just so funny and so cool, and then finally a big mission that I can't discuss. Because it would involve the spoilers, but it was for me. Interestingly, I like that not only were the last two sequences visually compelled, but I was going to be just as enthusiastic as Nolan.

Because they not only had a great strategy, but also theory, and I was like I got it. I felt good when I first saw John David Washington, and the Ballers after Black Classman where I fell in love with him. And now I'm convinced that John David Washington could make a film in which he is the leader of every inch, and I admired that his casting was absolutely colorful, and sometimes even his race was real. Not found.

They'll spend a character slowly learning from the script, but then they'll make some changes to it, that you know you know, act like bad boys, just like the two uh uh white actors. Written for Caucasian actors, Irish is why their names are what they are, and they made a joke about it in the movie, but you know, they included some elements of Mart Lawrence and Will Smith.

But here he never did, and I think it was really a big step for Hollywood, and now John David Washington, even though he's so good, he can't compete with Robert Pattinson, who Lawrence has an Arabic character in the adapted character. Look at your heart and Pattinson's actions, and meet the challenge, which I can see in full, why Warner Bros. then decided to go into Robert Pattinson's business.

It's just unbelievable. I mean, I like most people too, like after a good time I saw Robert Pattinson differently, and I think he knows about resuming by then, but You know they know they're modeling, especially after Leonardo DiCaprio, and I think that in this film he went completely like Leonardo DiCaprio, as he actually did, I can't believe that Hamish Patel also has some good moments.

And Nolan fits beautifully with the aesthetic, because Elizabeth Debicki Nolan is notorious for having little interest in her female characters, which is strange to him because his wife is his production partner, but still he almost Always shortchanges his female characters, and for the first hour, and a half it seemed like it would happen again, but in the third act it would pay off, which is so amazing and beautiful.

That I was really impressed, and I really liked Elizabeth Debicki, and finally this Kenneth Branagh yes means that she didn't ruin the movie, but she did it with such clutch inspiration and cliché villain. There is such a choice, which means that we have not moved. In the past, I meant that I felt very dirty, I think another actor could have done more with this character, as it was written.

And despite having a lot of experience in both of them, they're working hard at the level of Washington, and Pattinson Kenneth Branagh, just can't compete, and they don't have the villains that, in my opinion, they deserve. The tenet is sometimes even a little bit, for good self-awareness you bet that this is a movie, but interestingly, that movie is sometimes unnecessarily complicated, like you Why, why do you do it to us.

But other times it's even easier, that sometimes it feels a bit like a video game, like okay go here now just go here now you have to do this, and I was just like you Come on, I think the best video games are far more sophisticated, but I think I understand that the tricks that Nolan is playing in the third act, And the idea is that he has managed to introduce this film so forcefully.

I guess maybe my favorite Nolan movie is out of The Dark Knight, and I really have to tip my hat on for my success, and yes you know I am, as you know I feel like As funny as this Pixar soul is about to come out, I think Pixar finally did what he was trying to do so easily, and like um um you know, that I really feel like the right hand, that Pixar finally did what he always wanted to do.

And I think that's what tenet Nolan wanted to do forever, and that's what's happening. I think this is a very exciting year, so my Tenet review, Which is ultimately digitally available, and I have to say that This is a movie you want to watch more than once. If you have time, believe me, this is a great movie, Which you should see in each case.

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