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Ten Crazy Fads on Youtube



Wikipedia defines a fad as "Any form of collective behavior that develops within a culture, a generation or social group and which impulse is followed enthusiastically by a group of people for a finite period of time." It is a short term craze which everyone digs to be cool or to just stay with the trend. You can actually create a fad by doing something as simple as throwing water on someone. If your friends and other people start doing the same thing, it becomes a fad. It's crazy right? By the way don't do that on strangers or on your boss.

Here are the biggest fads that are trending on Youtube so far. Some of them are really weird and might make you puke so hang on. Take a look and have fun!

Pokemon Go

Capturing a Pokemon

Capturing a Pokemon

This game has hit the headlines several times so far. It combines virtual reality with the matrix, um sorry, the reality (I am not sure). Basically you roam around the streets of your neighborhood searching for pokemons on your mobile, which appear based on your location. You can then capture them with your "pokeball." Imagine if pokemon go players get an alert saying that a rare pokemon has been spotted in the ladies bathroom of a ladies club. Now I know why feminism became a fad.

Several celebrities have tweeted their love for pokemon go including

  1. Whiz Khalifa
  2. Ellen DeGeneres
  3. Demi Lovato
  4. Soulja Boy
  5. Josh Groban

This fad became so popular that it dominated the news for weeks. Take a look at it yourselves below.

Pokemon Go (it is a spoof)

I just found a pokemon hovering over the ledge of a thirty story building.

Body Modification

Modified person

Modified person

I have seen people get tattoos, piercings, and cheek or ear plugs. But what is really shocking is that there are actually people who modified themselves to look exactly like a barbie doll. Literally, a living and breathing barbie doll.

Meet Valeria Lukyanova. She is from Moldova, an erstwhile part of USSR. In 2007, she won the title of "Miss Diamond Crown of the World," a contest which allowed any women to compete including women with body modifications. There have been allegations that her modifications included breast implants, plastic surgery, eye color alterations and removal of a couple of ribs. Apparently this was done to make her waist look smaller. This is a fad because she isn't the only person to do this. Olga Dominika Oleynik from Ukraine is another living Barbie. Take a look at the video below to believe it.

Body Modification - Living Barbie

All she is missing is an electronic chip

Paleo Diet

Raw meat. Bon appetit.

Raw meat. Bon appetit.

A new fad is creeping up on Youtube which is both shocking and repulsive. It is called Paleo Diet. It involves people eating copious amounts of raw meat and other uncooked raw foods which were the only foods available during the paleolithic age. Followers of Paleo Diet argue that humans in the paleolithic stone age were more fitter and stronger than us now because of their food habits. According to them we suffer various ailments in this century due to our consumption of cooked food. I am personally not against eating raw fruits and veggies, but raw meat is a big no no.

What is truly shocking is that there are videos showing Paleo Diet followers eating something known as "high meat." It is essentially raw meat, fermented over a period of one year or several months leading to its decay into a foul smelling paste which is then consumed. You don't believe me? Youtube has evidence below.

The Paleo Diet - High meat

A lion just saw the video and it puked.

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Fidget Spinners

Spinning a fidget spinner

Spinning a fidget spinner

This little toy is the perfect example of how marketing can convert even the most humblest of devices into sales. In this case it is ball bearings. Ball bearings are friction reducing devices which are coupled with moving parts of machinery. From bicycles to huge industrial machines, ball bearings are really common. Some sell for really low price. What better way to commercialize them than by adding a tag line that says it is beneficial for people with ADHD and Autism. Tons of fidget spinners have been sold and people have started entire collections of them. There are even luxury fidget spinners with gold coating and embedded jewels.

Several schools banned these spinning devices and there have been protests by students against such a move. All over a fad. What is wrong with kids these days? Check out the video below

Fidget spinners = Fancy ball bearings

Spin it my boy, to infinity and beyond


Taking a selfie

Taking a selfie

This fad, as harmless as it seems, is proving repeatedly to be quite deadly. Selfie deaths continue to be reported regularly in the news. Since the inclusion of a front cam in mobile phones, people have developed an almost insatiable urge to click pictures of their faces constantly. According to the United States Department of Transportation, an estimated 33,000 people were injured while driving and clicking selfies in 2014. This is just an estimate and the number is confined to selfie accidents while driving alone. There have been reports of fatalities involving selfies in many countries including death by drowning, electrocution and collisions. Check out the video below to understand why selfies are so dangerous.

Selfie - Give this man an award (An award for what I leave it to you)

People please understand, death loves ill timed selfies




If you thought selfies are dangerous, it comes nowhere close to this crazy fad. It is called roofing. It involves a series of parkour stunts on extremely high rise buildings or structures, often at points where people are not supposed to be. People do it for the adrenaline rush and of course, the selfies. This is an example of a fad combined with a fad to produce dangerous and short lived fame.

There have been several roofing deaths in various countries. Construction sites of high rises are a favorite of roofers where they climb the cranes, often without safety equipment. Roofers often travel countries to climb various renowned sky scrapers and structures and to produce high quality video and selfies while at it. If just watching these videos can give you an adrenaline rush, I cannot imagine the kick they get out if it. I admit that these guys have nerves of steel and unparalleled confidence in themselves, but this is toeing the line of insanity. While the video seems awe inspiring and everything, please trust me, stick to bungee jumping.

Kim Jong-Un

Kim Jong Un of North Korea

Kim Jong Un of North Korea

Kim Jong-Un the guy ruling North Korea has probably taken more flak from leaders of other countries than any other living person. He is criticized for constantly cleansing his party officials so that he remains unchallenged. He threatens war against Japan and South Korea on an almost daily basis and he just hates the USA. The people in his country starve due to lack of sufficient food output and have no freedom. They are fed Kim Jong-Un's communist propaganda all day long, every minute of their lives. Dissent is met with a bullet or even anti aircraft guns.

So how did this guy become a fad for people across the world? Nobody knows. Many people across the world have styled their hair to resemble him. There are Kim Jong-Un impersonators too. These guys dress like him and also roam the streets like him, often mistaken by people to be the real Kim. Of course, this doesn't happen in North Korea. Check out the video below.

Kim Jong-Un - In NY

I think sometimes you hate something so much, that you end up loving it

Food reviews

That tastes good

That tastes good

Youtube is bustling with food reviewers. I am not surprised when many of them say they love their job. Who doesn't enjoy eating food man? You can find all types of food reviewers. Some serious, some funny, some over expressing themselves and some downright crazy. There are channels full of videos showing reviewers traveling across different countries, sampling food and giving us reviews. It is a fad because there are innumerable number of food reviewers on Youtube. I have selected one reviewer who is cold, calculated and super pale. I am thinking he is a time traveling vampire, but I like his style man. You need guts dressing up like that and keeping the gig going for so long. Check out the video:

Food review

Sorry guys too busy eating. Cannot review now.

UFO Sightings

We do not come in peace

We do not come in peace

There are thousands of websites on the internet devoted to UFO related content. There are pictures, videos and interviews of so called experts and victims of UFO kidnappings. The beings are described in detail and convincing explanations are always provided as evidence to back up their experiences.

To be exact, this isn't exactly a new fad. It is more like an on and off thing. For some period there is absolute silence from the UFO community and in other times, there is a constant stream of information on sightings and stuff. Now and then a mysterious quip from a retired Government Agency officer just sets the whole thing on fire again. Genuine unexplained sightings may be present but there are many spoofs involved. With cutting edge video editing software, it is getting pretty difficult to tell. Check out the video below. I have no idea if it is real or a spoof.

UFO sighting by USAF pilots

Hey! Wanna race my alien cruiser with your F-35?

Flaming shots

Yup its on fire

Yup its on fire

There is this fad going on where people light their glasses of alcohol on fire and try to down it. Some are successful but most just end up setting themselves on fire and suffering burns. Its a dangerous thing but I don't think anyone died from it, but a few needed plastic surgery to repair the damage. And it doesn't help when your friend chucks more alcohol on you in an attempt to put out the fire. I know. His intentions are true. But his actions are not.

Well my dear readers, that's it for now. Stay tuned for more later. Have a good day!(or night)


Elbert Jones on July 13, 2019:

How about taking a photo of your dinner(especially if you're at a "trendy" place to eat)?

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