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Ten of the Worst Chefs in Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares

I've been a fan of Gordon Ramsay since he started his television career with 'Boiling Point.' He has been a star ever since.



Just to be fair, Amy has one of the cleanest kitchens in the history of Kitchen Nightmares where everything is organized and has dates and labels.There is also not piles of spoiled or rotten food in the kitchen.

Sadly, Amy does not have much in terms culinary skills. She relies on store bought prepackaged food and cannot cook foods like pizza properly.She also cannot multitask and this leads to a backlog in the kitchen as food comes out very slowly.

Amy claims to be good at baking and claims to have made the cakes at the restaurant but there was no evidence in the episode of her actually baking a cake from scratch. This led to many people believing she buys the cakes from a supplier.

She also cannot take any criticism from customers as she views this as a personal attack.



Casimiro has been a long time chef at Charlie's - a struggling restaurant. Tatiana used her family's money to purchase the restaurant and hoped it would be a success.

Unfortunately, the restaurant has not been doing well and one of the causes of this is the substandard food cooked by Casimiro, its head chef.

When Gordon Ramsay tried to have Casimiro and his assistant chef cook a meatball it is revealed that the assistant chef was actually more skillful than Casimiro himself as he did not know how to cook a proper meatball.

Tatiana was sad to let Casimiro go but Casimiro seemed to not reciprocate the gesture.



Doug was a chef for nearly four decades and instead of being a good example for younger chefs to follow, he has grown complacent and lazy.

The Seascape was once the premiere restaurants in Long Island and it has gone from being packed to being mostly empty.

Doug could not be bothered to clean his kitchen and did not care whether he served quality food.

What triggered Gordon is that Doug did not even care enough to taste the striped bass that Gordon prepared as a chef has never refused to taste one of Gordon's dishes.



Eric was the epitome of a lazy chef.

While he was the head chef of Casa Roma, he let his sous chef Drew do most of the heavy lifting.

Eric would often move at a snails pace and would often leave the kitchen for cigarette breaks.

While he thought his food was good, Gordon and the customers think otherwise.



Joe Nagy claimed to be self taught by old school Europeans and claimed to serve fresh meat coming from his farm.

However, these seem to only be tall tales as Joe did not have the culinary acumen and the food quality that he claims.

The Mill Street Bistro has overpriced food which has been sourced from wholesalers and is mostly frozen and not fresh.

Gordon saw through Joe's lies and had a verbal altercation with the deceitful chef.

Joe's employees hated him so much that they were cheering Gordon on as he and Joe had a shouting match.

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French chefs are among the best in the world and Gordon Ramsay himself went under the tutelage of French chefs.

It is surprising that Michel was not particularly a good chef and had a penchant for crusted or stuffed food.

The quality of the food was poor and the dishes were mostly bland.

The food was also of questionable quality as the fridge was moldy and had maggots.

The aesthetic of the place was no better as when you enter the Secret Garden, the decor is very old fashioned and looks like decor from your grandmother's house.



Ricky thinks he is a superstar and claims to be passionate about food but takes a lot of shortcuts in the kitchen such as using powdered mashed potatoes.

He also spends a lot of time fighting with Tabitha, the waitress, instead of improving his craft.

Despite Lela's losing money, Ricky is not doing anything to prevent his coworker Buzzard from pilfering food and wine from the restaurant.



Part of being a good chef in a restaurant setting is good inventory management. You cannot have too much or too little food prepared. Too much leads to wastage and too little leads to lost sales.

Gene has purchased a lot of ingredients enough for a busy restaurant.

Sadly, the Campania was far from being one and this led to a lot of food wastage.

Gene also served huge portions and this led to increased food costs for the restaurant.



Laura owned Mama Rita's and believed in her chef Perla's abilities.

She did not notice that Perla ran the kitchen like a catering service and not a restaurant.

She was not concerned with serving fresh quality food.

Gordon exposed Perla's lack of skill and this eventually led to her dismissal.



Chappy looks like a proper chef but did not have the proper ability.

His food was bland and watery which is in stark contrast to the spicy and flavorful taste of New Orleans dishes.

Chappy also does not manage his inventory well as his walk in freezer is filthy and full of expired food.

Chappy later slammed Gordon in the media and made several accusations towards the celebrity chef.

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