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Best Musical Instruments You Can Learn to Play

A Look at Musical Instruments:

The history of musical instruments is very broad and extensive. Individuals for thousands of years have used musical instruments as way to express themselves or as a daily hobby to relieve stress. Instruments such as the drums, flute and harp have been around for more than two centuries now.

Various cultures have always found music as a great outlet.

Today, my article will discuss some wonderful musical instruments that are fun and easy to learn. Now, let's take a look at ten great musical instruments you will enjoy playing.

#10 The Saxophone

The saxophone was created in1840 and was used in orchestras, concert and military bands. It has also been used in various genres of popular music such as jazz, blues, classical and some forms of Rock n Roll.

The saxophone is from the family of woodwind instruments. It is operated by a player covering or lifting a hole which enables the pitch to be raised or lowered. It uses a single reed mouth piece.

A saxophone can help give your lungs a much-needed workout since it requires a great amount oxygen and focus. It can soothe your brain and nerves and improve your overall cognitive health.


#9 Violin

The violin is a string instrument. It is usually played by a player drawing a bow across its strings. The violin requires a lot of upper muscle strength and the ability to hold a playing position for a long time. It is a lightweight instrument that is easy to carry.

Its powerful and unique sound makes quite an impression on audiences. It can really help with your physical coordination and muscular strength.


# 8 The Harp

The chromatic harp has one row of diatonic strings and a separate row of chromatic notes. It is now used in various classes of music especially live orchestra. Smaller harps can be played in the lap but larger ones are usually played on the floor.

Many individuals love the harp because of its relaxing nature and easy learning ability. The harp have been in existence for thousands of years and was once most popular in Europe.


#7 Piano

The piano is a string musical instrument developed in Italy around the early 1700s. The instrument consist of numerous black and white keys. It is played by an individual pressing down on the keys to release musical notes. A piano can play over 80 different pitches going from the deepest bass range to the highest treble. Its notes are distinguished by the amount of force that is used while pressing on the keys of the instrument.

Pianos are some of the most desirable products for music lovers. Many individuals use pianos for wedding ceremonies, parties and other musical endeavors. Pianos are mostly used in private homes. Its notes can be very calming. It is a fun instrument that you will never get tired of playing.

Children also enjoy learning how to play the piano. Try playing it with your children. They will love you even more.


#6. A Keyboard

Keyboards are similar to pianos although the two vary in musical notes and sound. The keyboard is popular among young people but older individuals also enjoy playing the instrument. A lot of aspiring musicians prefer the keyboard when performing their music. It is a cool instrumental to own and to learn to play.

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#5 Electric Guitar

An electric guitar is an instrument that lets players "bend" the pitch of notes or chords up or down to perform vibrations and effects. It is similar to a guitar but it uses an amplifier to send notes into a loud speaker. It is also the most important instrument among rock and blues musicians. People from all walks of life love the electric guitar especially aspiring musicians.

It is really a great instrument that is pretty awesome to master. Try adding an adrenaline rush to your daily life and relax with an electric guitar.

Acoustic electric guitar mostly used in homes


#4 Drums

The drums have been around since the beginning of civilization. It is used in various cultures around the world from Africa to Europe and the Latin world. There are various types of drums such as bongo and conga drums. There also drum kits which are used in the playing of rock music.

Conga Drums


#3 Clarinet

The clarinet is often used in high school bands and in other forms of popular music. It is a way for a performer to play high and difficult trumpet passages. It was once called the clarion trumpet after the musical note known as the clarion register. The clarinet uses a single mouth piece.

Teenagers love playing the clarinet as well as older adults. Its level of difficulty and popular appeal make it an awesome musical experiment.


#2 Flute

The flute comes from the family of woodwind instruments. Its origins date back to Germany some thirty-five thousands years ago. Flutes are known as reed less wind instruments because of its non use of a mouthpiece. A performer usually blow directly into the instrument to create musical notes. Its air holes are how the sound is released.

The flute is a simple and classic instrument. The instrument light tone makes it a very appealing product to use in a home setting.


#1 Guitar

The classic guitar is a fretted string instrument that is played by tapping its strings while holding the top part of the instrument to create sound. Many individuals play guitars as a hobby. It is the number one choice among music lovers.

It is an inexpensive and fun instrument. You can never go wrong with owning and learning how to play a guitar.



Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on February 02, 2019:

I took clarinet lessons when I was in junor high, but I didn't cotinue. This is a nice article for some basic information on the 10 insturments.

Liz Westwood from UK on February 01, 2019:

I had a go at the recorder in primary school, like a lot of kids in my generation. Later I learned piano and guitar, but neither to an advanced level. I am interested on how you decided on these instruments, as some of them look quite difficult to master. I always admire accomplished musicians.

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