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Ten Songs With Style in Title

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Jim Reeves Had a Distinct Style, As Well As a Style Song


He has recently drawn comparisons to Mick Jagger, but his name sounds more like someone who might own a barber shop. Harry Styles, however, is getting much critical acclaim for his new album, Harry's House.

The former One Direction member dresses in some of the same fashions as the legendary lead singer of the Rolling Stones, and they are physically the same size. Styles has even done an impersonation of Jagger for a skit on Saturday Night Live, so the comparisons seem natural.

Jagger, though, does not seem to believe the two singers have anything solid in common.

“He doesn't have a voice like mine or move on stage like me,” Jagger told People magazine on May 22. “He just has a superficial resemblance to my younger self, which is fine.”

One advantage the young star has over the veteran, besides the exuberance of youth itself, is his name. Being a music idol who appeals to a young audience, the last name of Styles seems to help perpetuate his celebrity.

As much as style is embedded in the entertainment industry, it is somewhat surprising how few times the word appears in a song title. Styles has so far in his young career never released a “Style” song, nor has Mick Jagger during his many decades as a rock and roll star.

One of Harry's contemporaries currently joining him on the charts, employed the singular form of his name as the title for a hit song. Taylor Swift released a single called “Style,” which appeared on her chart-topping album 1989.

1. Going Out in Style by the Dropkick Murphys

This is the title track from the eighth album from the group, known as much for its pro-union political advocacy as it is for its unique celtic punk.

2. Like It's Going Out of Style by the Punch Brothers

All Ashore was released in 2018, and tracks like this brought critical acclaim to this alternative folk quintet.

3. Southern Style by Darius Rucker

Former front man of Hootie and the Blowfish, Rucker has built up quite a following in his subsequent solo work as an alt-country artist.

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4. If Heartache Is the Fashion (Then I Guess That I'm In Style) by Jim Reeves

This deep cut from He'll Have To Go is not as widely recognized as the title track, but it fits right in with his cover of Danny Dill's “Partners” and two Roger Miller songs.

5. Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous by Good Charlotte

Named after the popular TV show, the song is appropriate one for the 2002 album called The Young and the Hopeless.

6. Love American Style by the Cowsills

The group on which The Partridge Family is based were hits on the radio with “Hair” and “The Rain, the Park, and Other Things,” and then they got another boost by recording the theme of this popular TV show.

7. California Style by Eddy Grant

After following Electric Avenue all the way to the Top Ten, Grant headed for the Golden State on this song.

8. That's Not Her Style by Billy Joel

Storm Front charted because of songs like this one in 1989, nearly two decades after the Piano Man made his debut.

9. Just My Style by Gary Lewis and the Playboys

“This Diamond Ring” wouldn't shine anymore, according to their earlier hit, so they went on to find something more suitable to their tastes.

10. My Style by Black-Eyed Peas

Justin Timberlake helped out on this track from Monkey Business, the 2005 record that also spawned “Don't Phunk With My Heart.”

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