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Ten Songs That Make You Crave for More "Damage"

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Neil Young Did His Damage With an Acoustic Back in the Early 70s


Much has been written about recent illness of former President Clinton, who had been hospitalized for several days. Americans were reflecting on Clinton's two-term Presidency, the first of which will be celebrated for its thirtieth anniversary a few months from now.

On that exact same day, January 30 of 1992, an exhilarating film was released. It centered around a sex scandal by a member of the British Parliament, serving as kind of a preview of the controversy that would mar Clinton's time in the Oval Office.

The film was simply titled Damage, starring Jeremy Irons as the politician who became obsessed with a sexual relationship with his son's fiancee. Because of the depth of the plot and the intensity of the cast, surely the movie mertited a better title than just Damage.

After all, damage is a pretty broad concept, possibly relating to physical or psychological or emotional or even financial. Popular songs have covered each type of damage, and the titles offer much more detail than the otherwise wonderful Jeremy Irons film.

Here are ten of the most well-known songs with “Damage” in their titles.

1. The Needle and the Damage Done by Neil Young

“I am not a preacher, but drugs killed a lot of great men,” the Canadian folk-rocker wrote for the liner notes of this classic from the Harvest album.

2. Brain Damage by Pink Floyd

At first he was on the grass before moving into the hall, but it is when he makes it into the head that the lunatic really makes us uneasy as the Dark Side of the Moon descends.

3. Permanent Damage by Rhett Miller

Old 97s front man Miller has managed four solo albums, the last of which (The Messenger) contains this autobiographical single.

4. Damage, Inc. by Metallica

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Its one-word title is effective here, since the track concludes the Master of Puppets album.

5. The Damage Is Done by Foreigner

“Cold As Ice” and “Feels Like the First Time” are the most famous pair from the self-titled debut, which also offers underrated cuts like this one as well as “Headknocker.”

6. The Damage in Your Heart by Weezer

“Beverly Hills” opens Make Believe, an album fortified with lesser-known tracks like “Freak Me Out” and this minor single.

7. Damaged Soul by Black Sabbath

If you only listened to this cut, what with its harmonica and pace, you would think a better name for the band might be Blues Sabbath.

8. Damaged By Love by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

The album's title, Highway Companion, indicates automobile damage instead of the emotional sort found in this track.

9. Psychic Love Damage by Black Moth Super Rainbow

Do to their psychedelic electronic rock on songs like this one, BMSR might be the most eccentric artist to emerge from Pittsburgh since Andy Warhol.

10. Damage Inside by Machine Head

These Australian alt rockers rank second behind Aussie colleague Tame Impala, thanks to this cut and its mates on the Bloodstone and Diamonds album.

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