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Ten Sitcom Episodes Featuring Dentists

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Al Bundy Found Nothing Enjoyable About Going to the Dentist


Dentist trips are undertakings to be dreaded, unless of course you are suffering from an acute toothache. In either case, it is safe to say that there is nothing funny about finding yourself in that uninviting dental chair.

Somehow, though, some of the best sitcoms have managed to make amusing episodes involving tooth doctors, not even counting the shows where a kid has to get braces. Here are ten of the most memorable classics which feature an encounter with a dental professional.

1. Seinfeld
Dr. Tim Watley figures in a couple of episodes of the show about nothing, the first of which he tries to score a touchdown after inviting Elaine to the Super Bowl. Later, in the re-gifting episode, his parsimony is exposed when he presents Elaine with a label maker that Jerry had previously given him.

2. The King of Queens "Two Thirty"
Doug (portrayed by Kevin James) is convinced that his dentist hurts him because he once had a crush on Carrie.

3. The Brady Bunch
A tooth tender captivates the eldest Brady daughter, inspiring Marcia (portrayed by Maureen McCormick) to fantasize about becoming his wife.

4. Married With Children
Shoe Salesman Al Bundy (portrayed by Ed O'Neill) refuses to go to the dentist, choosing instead to drive his family insane by his constant groaning over his toothache.

5. Coach
In "Ten Percent of Nothing" Luther (portrayed by Jerry Van Dyke) deceives the man who serves as both his dentist and agent, only to find himself with a cavity causing much oral discomfort.

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6. The Flintstones
Barney Rubble has an aching tooth which, in order to save money, Fred in "Nothing But The Tooth" recommends a visit to a veterinary dentist.

7. Happy Days
Fonzie (portrayed by Henry Winkler) thinks a trip to the dentist would negatively affect his coolness, until the aching molar prevents him from kissing in an episode called "It Only Hurts When I Smile."

8. Family Guy
In "Brian the Closer" the title character is initially self-conscious about the prominent smile resulting from his dental work, but he quickly changes his tune when he receives much positive feedback.

9. Friends
Rachel's (portrayed by Jennifer Aniston) ex-boyfriend dentist is now engaged, but that does not stop the two from having a sexual encounter in his dental chair in a show titled "The One With the Evil Orthodontist. "

10. Gilligan's Island
Professor Roy Hinckley (portrayed by Russell Johnson) ends up serving as the oral surgeon when, among all the other crazy things that happen to the castaways, Gilligan (portrayed by Bob Denver) somehow turns his mouth into a radio.

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