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Ten Sitcom Characters Who Meet With a Psychologist


The Number of Roommates Doesn't Shrink Even After a Visit from a Psychiatrist


As people emerge from the brunt of the pandemic, psychologists are preparing for an increase in clients. Lengthy isolation has led to more psychological disorders than before the COVID-19 hit, and it will require sessions with a professional to help us re-adjust to normal social interaction.

While there is really nothing funny about needing the services of a mental health professional, numerous sitcoms have employed visits to such doctors in plots for particular episodes. In fact, one classic, The Bob Newhart Show, even centered around the title character who himself was a psychologist.

Here are ten sitcoms featuring a regular character who spends a session or two with a mental health professional.

1. Two and a Half Men

Charlie (portrayed by Charlie Sheen) suffers a break up with Courtney (portrayed by Jenny McCarthy), and he enlists a psychiatrist (portrayed by Jane Lynch) to help him deal with it in “Chocolate Diddlers or My Puppy's Dead.”

2. Seinfeld

George Costanza (portrayed by Jason Alexander) unravels in front of a therapist when the zipper on his jacket gets stuck, leading to the doctor's meltdown as well in “The Pick.” In another episode Elaine (portrayed by Julia Louis Dreyfus) tries to trick her psychiatrist into thinking Kramer (portrayed by Michael Richards) is her boyfriend.

3. The Simpsons

Springfield Elementary School's psychologist, after a session with Bart, decides the boy is a genius whose misbehavior stems from his not being academically challenged by Mrs. Krabapple and the rest of Principal Skinner's staff.

4. Family Guy

As the title indicates, “Send in Stewie, Please” revolves around the Griffin son's session with a shrink.

5. I Love Lucy

After giving birth to triplets the show's star develops an inferiority complex, prompting Ricky (Desi Arnaz) to seek the help of a psychologist friend who starts to flirt with Lucy.

6. Three's Company

In “Two Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest” Terry invites a burnt-out doctor of psychiatry for a meal at her home, where Jack (portrayed by John Ritter) and Janet (portrayed by Joyce Dewitt) mistake him for an escaped mental patient.

7. M*A*S*H

Hawkeye (portrayed by Alan Alda) is ordered to spend sessions with Dr. Sidney Freedman (portrayed by Allan Arbus), who tries to get at the root of the army surgeon's uncontrolled sneezing in an episode appropriately called “Bless You, Hawkeye.”

8. Mom

Seeking help for her ADD, Bonnie (portrayed by Allison Janney) consults a psychologist in “A Dark Closet and Therapy with Horses.”

9. Full House

An earthquake mentally shakes Stephanie (portrayed by Jodi Sweetin), who becomes so clingy to Daddy that Danny (portrayed by Bob Saget) schedules a session for her with Dr. Marion Steiner.

10. The Monkees

All four boys fall for the same girl in “Monkees Get Out More Dirt”, so they agree to meet with a female psychologist named Dr. Sisters.

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