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Ten Memorable Moments in Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares

I've been a fan of Gordon Ramsay since he started his television career with 'Boiling Point.' He has been a star ever since.

Gordon Ramsay Goes Toe to Toe with Joe Nagy


Gordon Ramsay and Joe Nagy's initial encounter was quite pleasant. Joe proudly proclaimed to Gordon that his restaurant was from farm to table. He showed Gordon his small ranch where he had all sorts of livestock that supplied the restaurant.

This made Gordon excited to try out the food at the restaurant. His excitement quickly turned to disappointment as he discovered how overpriced and substandard the food was. Instead of being from farm to fork, the food in the restaurant came from a wholesaler and were not fresh at all.

Gordon then criticized Joe for being pretentious and being a phony. They had a heated argument and this was watched by an amused staff. Amy, one of the waitresses, compared the confrontation to an atomic bomb.

Gordon was trying to get his message through to joe and try to help him save his restaurant but Joe was too defensive and too stubborn to hear Gordon out.

Gordon Tries the Sushi Pizza


There is nothing wrong with fusion food. Sometimes the combination of two cultures results in an epicurean delight.

However, this is not the case with the Sushi Pizza from Sushi Ko. The waitress Ashleigh thinks it is vile and wished Gordon "luck" when Gordon ordered it.

The meal was not going great as it is. The miso soup was lukewarm and not fresh. The green tower had hair in it. The salmon sashimi was made of frozen salmon and Gordon detected it right away. The coup de grace was the reviled sushi pizza. The pizza was made out of rice, salmon, crab, mayonnaise and cheese. Gordon spat the vile dish and immediately got triggered. He set out to find the joker who made the gastronomic horror.

Nino Confronts Gordon Ramsay


Nino was an old guy who acted like a child. He barely put any effort in helping his family run the restaurant that bears his name. Gordon then gives his feedback about the horrible food. Nino then confronts Ramsay. Instead of being grateful for being selected among the thousands of applicants for the show, he feels he owes Ramsay nothing.

The bad part about it is Nino likes to put up the face that he is working hard when in fact he is hardly working.

Ninos family tries to calm him down before things escalate

It's the Same Species


In the episode featuring the Black Pearl, there appears to be a miscast. Instead of being a restaurant owner, David should have appeared as a politician as he is very arrogant and deceitful.

Just like any crooked politician, David likes to give a show. Since Gordon was coming, he was in the restaurant the whole episode and was very active. He wanted to show Gordon that he truly cared for the restaurant.

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Gordon then finds out that the lobsters used are not from Maine but from Canada. David justifies it saying they are the same species - Homarus Americanus and that they both live in North Atlantic waters.

What David does not know is that since Maine lobsters are in a warmer climate, they are much softer with a sweeter, tastier and more succulent meat than their Canadian counterparts. This makes Maine lobsters more desirable and more expensive.

Chef Ramsay vs Chef Doug


One of the common sources of conflict in each episode is the battles between the incumbent chef of the restaurant featured in the episode and Gordon Ramsay.

Many chefs feel insulted when the owners bring in Gordon to help them turn around their failing restaurant.

Chef Dough was no different. He has been a chef for nearly four decades and he felt insulted that Gordon came in and tried to tell him what to do. He got so upset that he did not try the striped bass dish that Gordon prepared.

This act of defiance eventually led to Doug's firing.

Samy Nearly comes to Blows with a Customer


A day before Chef Gordon Ramsay arrives, the crew do a little surveillance on Amy's Baking Company to see what is going on in the restaurant and why it is failing.

While the restaurant does look nice and presentable, the food is prepared at a very slow pace. One of the customers comes up to Samy and keeps following up his pizza. This leads to a confrontation and shouting match between Samy and the customer.

Samy and the customer nearly come to blows if not for the intervention of Gordon's people. The customer and his friend leave and they are cussed out by Samy and Amy.

Gordon Walks Out


In the six seasons that Kitchen Nightmares has been airing, Gordon tried his best to revive struggling restaurants. Sure, Gordon has had many confrontations with stubborn restaurant owners but in the end Gordon was always able to help refurbish their restaurant, help set them up with a new menu and help them relaunch their restaurant.

In season seven, we meet Samy and Amy Bouzaglo. They fought against their guests and against Chef Ramsay. They always blamed haters as the reason their business was struggling.

Unlike other establishments featured in the show, Amy's Baking Company was cleaner and more organized. This put the restaurant head and shoulders above 905 of the establishments featured in the show.

However, the owners were to stubborn to listen to Gordon's advice and he ended up walking out of the restaurant. This was the first time Gordon ever gave up on a restaurant in the long history of the show.

Gordon Clashes with Samy


Gordon discovered that Samy was taking the servers' tips. Gordon confronted Samy about this and this lead to a screaming match between the two. Amy feared that Samy would hurt Gordon. Fortunately no physical confrontation happened.

The scene was very similar to Samy's altercation Samy had at the beginning of the episode with one of his customers when Samy got fed up with him for following up on a pizza.

It is later discovered that Samy has a gangster attitude due to his involvement with criminal elements and is suspected that Amy's Baking Company may just be a front.

Denise 86es the Menu


Denise Whiting of Cafe Hon came under fire from the community for her attempt to trademark the word "Hon." What seemed to be a good moneymaking idea backfired and Denise lost a lot of clients and even received death threats.

During service, things were not going right.Denise panics and 86es items from the menu instead of fixing them.This ended up disastrously for the restaurant. The guests who waited to be served ended up hungry and empty handed.

Gordon then talks to Denise on what happened and tells her how things can be better next time.

Peter Fights the Bill Collector


Sometimes restaurants have cash flow issues and end up in debt. However, owners tend to negotiate better payment terms or ask for consideration. Not Peter. He was trying to physically assault the bill collector and would have pummeled the poor guy of his staff did not intervene.

Peter acts like a Goodfellas reject and his mobster image has not helped the restaurant one bit. He spent most of the restaurant's resources to make himself look good. id this without even putting anything back.

It will be unlikely that the collector gets paid as the restaurant closed.

Memorable Moments

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Jan Michael Ong (author) from Metro Manila, Philippines on February 08, 2019:

Hi Marlene. Thank you for your comments. Yes, Gordon is passionate about being a chef to this very day despite being rich and famous.

Marlene Bertrand from USA on February 08, 2019:

I use to be disturbed by Gordon's behavior, but then I realized he was just more passionate about food than most people and it became fun to watch his shows. I really enjoyed these memorable moments.

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