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Ten Memorable Moments in Gordon Ramsay's Hotel Hell

I've been a fan of Gordon Ramsay since he started his television career with 'Boiling Point.' He has been a star ever since.

The Great Art Auction


Robert Dean II has prided himself in being an antiques dealer. He claims to have amassed a fortune in artwork and antiques worth $300,000. This collection was bankrolled by his boyfriend Ari Nikki.

Gordon is puzzled on how Robert can support such a lavish lifestyle while his employees are not being paid on time and his hotel suffering from declining revenue. Gordon then tries to convince Robert to part with his collection to raise much needed revenue.

He then commissions Amy, an appraiser from Bonhams, to find out the value of Robert's collection. Gordon then finds out that the entire collection is only worth $25,000 at best because they are mostly reproductions and also have conditioning issues.

Robert is then humbled that what he thought was a great art collection was near worthless.

Not Sherlock Holmes


Cosplay is popular nowadays and people cosplay anything from comic book superheroes to video game characters.

John Hough likes to cosplay as Sherlock Holmes. He holds a murder mystery night once a month and invites the locals for a show and dinner. After all the work, John only nets $200 - a paltry sum compared to the nearly $300 he would have netted if he rented a room.

The locals do not even stay the night at the hotel so all this effort is for naught.

Hippie Commune


Richard was once a hardworking man. He built the lodge with his bare hands.

After his hard work however, he slacked off and spent his days playing music and smoking weed.

Richard and Duke were having an indoor concert and were hosting a hippie party.

Gordon even joked that he does not do drugs so he never thought he would see a dancing mushroom.

One of the dancing mushrooms was actually Richard.

The noise generated by the event was not good for the lodge as Joanna had to comp some rooms for the guests bothered by the noise.

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Women's Prison


The Calumet Inn is a historic hotel in Pipestone, Minnesota.

Calumet means "peace pipe." Ironically though, the inn is far from peaceful.

The two owners - Vanda and Rina are at war with their female staff.

Part of the reason is because the two sisters do not pull their share of the workload while questioning the staff's work ethic and commitment.

During the staff meeting, things explode and Mandy, the general manager, walks out and quits. This is a big blow to the struggling hotel as Mandy was the glue that held things together.

Gordon said that he felt like he was in a "women's prison" because of the hostile atmosphere.

Not Cher


Cher is known as the "Goddess of Pop." She is a famous music and television personality.

The heyday was in the 60s and 70s. She came to prominence performing with her partner Sonny Bono. The two were once married and had a son named Chaz.

Though Cher is still a name in the industry, she is not as big as she once was so it is surprising why someone would try to launch their music career using Cher's old songs.

Cali owned the Meson de Mesilla and used it try to launch her failed music career. She believed she was an "audio mirage" who sounded like Cher and that if you did not know it was her, you would think she was Cher.

Instead of garnering praise from the audience, Cali garnered ridicule for her subpar performance.

The Ferrari of Hotels


Eddie Kaen created a hotel that was designed after a Ferrari.

At first glance, the hotel does not look that bad and has a different feel to it.

However, it is the epitome of style over substance. The furniture is barely functional and the bed is not even done properly.

The food is no better. The food is of fast food quality and even placed in plastic containers.

Gordon then talks to Eddie Kaen, the owner, and gives his feedback. Eddie refuses to believe that the hotel is actually bad.

Haunted Hotel


The historic Curtis House Inn is the oldest inn in Connecticut. Unfortunately, the hotel has not aged gracefully.

The structure is now dilapidated and the rooms are not maintained properly.

To add to this, the hotel is actually haunted by Betty the ghost.

Room 16, the room assigned to Gordon, was actually the room haunted by Betty.

There was even a scene in the episode where Betty "locks" Gordon in the room and Gordon cannot seemingly get out.

Philip the Alcoholic


Phillip Lovingfoss inherited the hotel when his wife died. He also inherited a substantial fortune to go along with it.

Instead of using the money to improve the historic hotel, he has used the money to support his lavish lifestyle and to fuel his alcoholism.

It was so bad that Phillip was actually arrested not long before he actually appeared on the show.

Ramsay confronts Phillip about his problem and Phillip denies any wrongdoing.

Sorry No Samples


Brent and Afni were not popular in the community as they treated people poorly.

This can be proven by their policy of not providing free samples at their ice cream parlor.

They were like the Grinch of ice cream parlors.

Gordon chided this practice as ice cream parlors and yogurt shops accumulate customers by giving them samples to try. Gordon feels that the couple would not grow their shop by being this stingy.

Ungrateful Lisa


To be part of Hotel Hell is something a struggling hotel owner should be grateful for.

Think of it this way. Among thousands of applicants, you were among the few chosen for the show. This would provide much needed exposure and changes to your struggling establishment.

Everyone was happy about the improvements Gordon did to the Vienna Inn like the POS system and the new furniture.

However, instead of being grateful, Lisa scrutinized the improvements and did not appear to be satisfied.

Gordon then talked to her and advised her to not be nitpicky and not be over-the-top.

Memorable Hotel Hell Moments

© 2019 Jan Michael Ong

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