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Ten Legends Who Collaborated with the Late Nanci Griffith

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John Hartford Is Just One of the Many Artists Who Worked With the Late Nanci Griffith


Country star Darius Rucker, one of the many notable artists with whom she worked during her career, praised Nanci Griffith upon hearing of her passing.

“She is one of the reasons I am in Nashville,” Rucker said. “Singing with her was one of my favorite things to do.”

He is not alone in his sentiment, for nearly the entire music world expressed similar reactions after word spread of Griffith's demise. Although no cause of death has been disclosed, the folk singer suffered bouts with breast cancer and thyroid cancer back in the Nineties.

Along with her work with Rucker, Griffith collaborated with artists from all genres during her career. On her album Other Voices Other Rooms, in fact, she worked with Bob Dylan, Guy Clark, John Hartford, Emmylou Harris, Leo Kotke, Allison Krauss, Chet Atkins, John Gorka, and John Prine.

As impressive as that list may appear, Griffith easily could add to it when you consider all of her other albums. Here are ten stars of the music world who worked with her outside of the aforementioned record.

1. Lyle Lovett

Half a dozen times this country veteran contributed to a Griffith record, the best of which was on Once in a Very Blue Moon.

2. Bela Fleck

That same album, Once in a Very Blue Moon, also featured the excellent work of the banjo wizard.

3. Rachel Peer Prine

Her husband John, mentioned earlier as appearing on Other Voices Other Rooms, so Rachel offered her service on “More than a Whisper” from The Last of the True Believers.

4. Lucy Kaplansky

Lone Star State of Mind includes two of the most talented female voices in folk, as Kaplansky joined Griffith.

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5. John Stewart

This Kingston Trio lifer, whose death preceded Griffith by a few months, performed on “Sweet Dreams Will Come True” from Little Love Affairs.

6. Bernie Leadon

Eagles founder Leadon, who was always more inclined to folk - country, adds banjo and other assorted instruments to “Listen to the Radio” from the Storms album.

7. Phil Everly

“You Made This Love a Teardrop” is a perfect title for half of the famous brother duet, who lends his harmony here on this single from Storms.

8. Rod Argent

The main force behind the Zombies, as well as a solo artist, produced the Grammy Award winning album Late Night Grande Hotel.

9. Adam Duritz

Flyer is an appropriate title for the Griffth album in which Duritz appears, for he was long known as a Counting Crow.

10. Mark Knopfler

Dire Straits front man Knopfler provides some excellent guitar work on various tracks on the Flyer album.

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