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Ten Great Villains of HBO

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DeLonda Brice

10. DeLonda Brice - The Wire

Most mothers want the best for their children. DeLonda Brice is no different, even though her expectations may be different than most.

DeLonda Brice was commonlaw gal pal of Wee Bey and mother of Namond Brice. DeLonda looks amazing, but sounds awful. She routinely flaunted the profits of drug trafficking through her outfits and lifestyle, although, like most people on the show, was perpetually miserable and belligerent.

When Wee Bey gets locked up, and DeLonda is cut from the Barksdales, she encourages her teenage son Namond to engage in illegal drug trafficking to keep the money coming in.

While most mothers would get jobs, mortgage their homes, borrow from parents, or do just about anything to provide for their children, DeLonda refuses to forfeit her lavish lifestyle and pimps out her own son, knowing this could possibly lead him to prison... just like Wee Bey, his loser father.

Eventually, Bunny Coleman saves Namond from DeLonda, and gives him a chance at a life. What happens to DeLonda? She gets drunk, swears a lot, and visits Wee Bey in prison. Even Wee Bey has the good sense to tell the Dlondz to cut loose her own son.

For selfishness, bad parenting and great taste in clothes, DeLonda earns a spot on my top 10.



9. Gaia - Rome

With her dreads and torn clothing, Gaia looks like she should be crowd surfing at a SlipKnot show. Gaia is tough, mean and an opportunist. Don't let the doe eyes fool you. The bridge and tunnel girls of ancient Rome would stab you for crumbs on the street.

Running a scuzzy brothel, she easily seduces Pullo, even as she is serving as a slave to his ever dutiful, former slave wife Eirene. Huh? Yep. Not that Gaia lets this arrangement go on for very long.

Giving a bogus story to the herbalist, Gaia procures deadly abortion herbs and spikes Eirene's food, causing Eirene to miscarriage, and then ultimately bleed to death. Nice! Gaia then hooks up with Pullo, living happily ever after, until Gaia is mortally wounded, and confesses to Eirene's murder.

For some reason, Gaia thought that after a few years of marriage, it would be totally cool to mention how she subjected Pullo's former wife and child to a hideous agonizing death. Even though Pullo is a slut and a player, he is so offended by this revelation that he strangles Gaia, and chucks her in swamp.

For being a homewrecker, baby killer and shameless opportunist, Gaia comes in at #9.

Clayton Hughes


8. Clayton Hughes - OZ

Wow, this guy was nuts.

The son of a former corrections officer at OZ, Clayton Hughes screws up everything - waves a tazer around, accidentally smacks another C.O. and finally ends up under the control of Adebisi... who should probably be on this list, too- now that I think of it.

Clayton was unhinged to start with, and after attempting to kill the governor, returns to OZ as an inmate. In a segregated area with two other cops, he routinely aggravates them to no end.

He ends up stabbing Johnny Basil and is sent to solitary. After that, he invents a magical world, goes completely off the deep end, and thankfully gets shanked by Penders. Penders is mildly less aggravating than Hughes, but still pesters the warden for brownie points for saving him.

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For no moral compass, being totally annoying, and making mentally ill people look bad, Clayton earns his spot at #8.

Cy Tolliver


7. Cy Tolliver - Deadwood

After playing cult murderer Jim Jones on some tv movie, Powers Boothe all but seemed to disappear from tv land. Lucky for us, HBO was smart enough to cast him as Cy Tolliver, dapper brothel owner and human trafficker.

Cy Tolliver glides into Deadwood and opens the Bella Union saloon, a cleaner, less disease infested alternative to Swearengen's dump. But as we all know you don't get into the business of selling other human beings by being some upstanding person, and Cy Tolliver's blatant racism and racketeering make him thoroughly reprehensible.

Even when he tries to go legit, as when teaming up with the iconic Hearst family, he can't escape his past of carving up thieves and feeding them to hogs and storing Asian prostitutes in dog cages.

Unlike Swearengen, who never claimed to be anything else but a giant slime ball, Cy Tolliver fronts as a "business man". Anyone who uses that term probably doesn't wash their hands after they crap.

For human trafficking, numerous violent assaults, and a sleazy look in his eye, Cy's on the list at #7.

Cersei.. talks about dead people.

6. Cersei - Game of Thrones

Remember that news story a while back about the mom that helped her daughter terrorize a neighborhood girl so badly she ended up committing suicide?

Cersei would totally do something like that, if she had the Internet. When she's not blathering on about family, she's acting like everything is normal. Which is what makes her truly sick. Anyone who watches the show knows about the totally casual attitude Cersei takes towards her incestuous relationship with her twin brother, which has resulted in 3 children.

One of the most loathsome human beings on television, the only reason why she isn't higher up on the list is because her son... is even worse. Did I mention the gleeful look on her face when she commands the killing of Sansa's dog? Or the self centered speech about her own son, as Catelyn sits vigil at Bran's bedside?

Being a jerk does end up wearing on Cersei, and in the later seasons her descent into alcoholism becomes more apparent. Margery seizes on this immediately to stick it to Cersei, mostly for threatening to strangle her in her bed. There's also the famous comeuppance "Walk of Shame", but Cersei isn't one to be reflective.

She's back this season in that terrible wig and more miserable than before. For incest, lack of objectivity towards her monster children, and drunken belligerence, Cersei is in at #6.

HBO's Wicked Women

Atia of the Julii


5. Atia - Rome

Like Cersei, Atia has some major royal blood, and doesn't mind using her children to benefit her own political aspirations.

Unlike Cersei, Atia doesn't have a whole lot of respect or compassion for her children. Her daughter Octavia doesn't fare much better than a show poodle. After brokering a marriage between Octavia and the emperor, Atia encourages the emperor to have sex with Octavia, right there and then in the same room. Gross. This is after Atia murdered Octavia's first husband, who Octavia actually liked.

During the war effort, she finds out Octavia's gal pal has tons of money, and sends soldiers to kill off the whole family. When the girl escapes and seeks shelter with Octavia, Atia acts shocked and promptly marries her off to an elderly scribe, shipping her off to Egypt. When the girl complains about how old the scribe is, Atia reminds her of what a good deal she's getting since her whole family is gone. The family that Atia killed, of course. Evil.

Her adversarial relationship with fellow aristocrat Servilia culminates in Servilia attempting to poison Atia, and Atia retaliating by having Servilia kidnapped and tortured.

Atia's demands to "cut up her face" become too much for even the torturer, who ends up freeing Servilia and throttling Atia. Servilia eventually sits vigil on Atia's doorstep, moaning and dousing herself in ashes, to get Atia's attention. She then promptly stabs curses Atia and stabs herself.

Atia probably would have fared better in a modern world running Hewlett Packard. Her realpoliticking never really gives her the results she wants. A good example is when she brokers a marriage to Marc Antony, and her son agrees, but has him marry her daughter.

For multiple murders, torture and child abuse, Atia easily makes it onto the list as #5.

King Joffrey


4. Joffrey - Game of Thrones

Joffrey is unrepentant, relentless and only seems happy when he's making someone else suffer. A true sadist, he delights in showing Sansa her father's head on a pike.

With his goldilocks and spritely gait, he appears onscreen like a demonic Peter Pan with a mindful of mischief, but it's the kind of mischief that involves animal torture and random executions.

Cersei's blind spot for her children is really apparent with Joffrey; she makes a lame attempt to stop him from executing Ned Stark, and enables him to believe he won the Blackwater conflict, even though he hid with a bunch of girls.

Easily one of the worst people ever to exist in tv land, more viewers were simply relieved than excited when he was killed off the show. Actor Jack Gleeson is leaving acting and that's probably a good thing; I doubt he could ever get cast in anything after playing this monster.

For animal cruelty, extreme sadism, cowardice in battle, Joffman weasels his way into the #4 slot.

Marlo Stanfield

3. Marlo Stanfield - The Wire

One of the most captivating aspects of The Wire was watching how the drug trade operates in the same manner as corporate America. Board meetings, promotions, hierarchical management, bureaucracy, annoying co workers. The shadow corporate America.

The twist, of course, is that "employees" routinely served jail time and engaged in felony murders. Avon Barksdale, Stringer Bell and the iconic Omar did a lot of bad things to make a buck, but none of them came close to the new man, Marlo.

Marlo lacks any conscience, kills anyone he even suspects might be problematic, and doesn't even really have much interest in getting anywhere in life. When his drug trade work brings him to the gates of wealthy social gatherings and a world he could live in without dealing, he heads back to the corner and starts primal screaming into the night.

For multiple murders, conspiracy, ruining people's lives with illegal substances, using child militia (snoop) and not having any code whatsoever, Marlo the sociopath makes it to the top #3. Not that he would care, though.


2. Robson - OZ

Schillinger was bad, but he could never have managed half of the misery he perpetrated upon Oz without the help of his Nazi soldier, Robson.

Robson, in for murdering a black person...just... because... is a sarcastic, brainwashed white power zealot, whose sadistic bent is almost matched by his utter defeatism.

With nothing to lose, he schemes against other inmates, carries out hits and annoys black correctional officers.

A top henchman for the Brotherhood, things go south when his dental implants are revealed to be extracted from an African American person. Robson attempts to extract his "ghetto gums" himself, but the Nazis disown him anyway.

In his downward spiral, he convinces a man to commit suicide through auto erotic asphyxiation, rapes and terrorizes his wife, and has terrible prison sex culminating in him contracting HIV. At this point Robson decides it's a good idea to get some counseling. Yeah. You would think...

For Nazism, multiple felony murders, sexual assault, and no sense of self, Robson is a big #2 (ha ha).

Ramsay Bolton

1. Ramsay Bolton - Game of Thrones

Nothing compares, nothing compares, to you! - Sinead O' Connor (Nothing compares 2 U, Prince)

And there really is no comparison. Chasing people to their deaths with vicious dogs, skinning people alive, genital mutilation, infanticide, mind control, kidnapping, sexual abuse, child abuse.. oh and all the things we don't even know he's done yet.

Recently Ramsay killed his father so he could take over as the rightful Lord Bolton, and then fed Lord Bolton Sr's wife and child to a pack of wild dogs.

It's not enough for him to torture and kill people, he also makes sure to let the right people know about it. He mails Rheon's privates to sister Yara and a note to Jon Snow detailing all the things he intends to do to Rickon Stark.

Instead of burying his gal pal Myranda, he orders her corpse be fed to the animals. And this was one of the few people that got along with him.

For ultra sadism, and everything else, Ramsay slashes his way to to the top spot. (Note - the actor is trying to do charity sing alongs on the youtubes to assure everyone he's not some, like, terrible person, fo reels).

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