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Ten Famous Dead People and Their Cause of Death

Passionate, Committed, Diligent, Creative, Eager, Aspirational, Articulate.


It has been posited to exceedingly broad lengths by this point that the modern age of celebrities and famous people have become the symbolic essence of the closest incarnation of gods, and it has some logical grounds of feasible basis, in all candour. The less elevated of us who's really lauded and exalted the most prominent dignitaries of the popular culture of society to such a degree that an establishment atop a hallowed epitome of a pedestal is all but guaranteed for an emergent talent after just a short succession of album releases, phenomenal film credits, or artistic or philosophical accolades; And while there are many arguments propagating the detrimental effects upon a societal parity, that the consequence in that cannot be refuted(often even by the celebrities themselves) and that falling susceptible to the intoxication of being star struck is sort of trivial and petty.

It is often irresistible to ingratiate the legendary members of our very own species however, and that has permitted the relished indulgence in their broadcasted delights of media consumption. Or even just their magnetic and attractive personalities. Recent examples of cultivated reverence consist of Robert Downey Jr., David Tennant and Scarlett Johansson for instance. The vehement development of a zeitgeist attributed to these incredible individuals really found its precursory origins in the first true superstar generation during the 1950s and 60s-With the likes of Elvis Presley Marilyn Monroe and Cary Grant for instance, being the icons of the decades, beheld and beloved so emphatically; Even decades later they are still immortalized in an eternal state of highest esteem and regard, as the instigating bastions of benevolent greatness.

However, besides their immaculate reputations, everything is temporary, and unfortunately, their mortality is no exception. and so the very restrictive boundaries of their own biological genealogy and makeup have of course eventually led to the harsh, deprived dissipation of the exposure to their amazing eminence-As well as their lives being snatched away all too soon in most cases. And so this pessimistic acknowledgement will do that exactly and hopefully serve as a homage and testament to the deserved recognition that ten of the most famous dead people already possess.


10. Chester Bennington

Chester Bennington was, and will hopefully remain, one of the most widely and fervently respected and dignified musicians in the entire new metal scene, and amidst multiple genres in addition to that. He is one of the fortunate few to be able to lay claim to the prestigious accomplishment of having circumvented the internal demons and pathological neuroses that plagued and afflicted the entirety of his early life and young adulthood, and having achieved remarkable success with his innovative and radically revolutionary band, Linkin Park-Commercially, critically and profoundly.

This was largely by inspiring the avid and rampant fans of the paragon of naughties, to exact the same feat of perseverance and defiance to personal adversity. Conducted via the emissary provisions of visceral and harmoniously resonant and seductive vocal tones, conveying the philosophies of galvanization and support he so proudly wore on his sleeve. Controversies of the criticism over the band's drastic alteration in stylistic identity and the disappointing infection of diluting the sheer intensity of the sound did emerge to an undesirable effect toward the end of his life, but did not come at the expense of any respect.

And when all facets are taken into consideration, it makes the realization of the resurfacing of his own troubled turmoil causing him to take his own life by hanging at just 41 years old on the 20th of July 2017 so much more tragic than it already was. The world is a more sore and sorry place for the loss of an icon that defined a generation of introverted outcasts.


9. Cliff Burton

For fans of any specific individual genre of the elaborate and gratuitous sundry of the minutia of metal genres, a quintessential staple band that virtually everyone is familiar with is Metallica. Such a monolithically salient and seminal band that have inspired many of the bands that are making considerably innovative strides in the present, alongside their predecessors who were still active as well.

And the vast majority accredit their success to their own genesis being heavily influenced by the behemoth of bravado and theatrical insanity-Immediately from their debut effort, with Kill 'Em All, through their sophomore and third studio albums, Master of Puppets and Ride the Lightning, and spanning the majority of the band's tenure in the immensely amazing industry they have cemented a legacy of incredibly crucial and prominent impact upon. They are the beneficiaries of the bolstering bountiful profiles attributed to them by one of the largest fan bases in the world, and even music appreciators extrinsic to that. Seek & Destroy, Master of Puppets and For Whom the Bell Tolls are absolutely stellar outputs that have spread like a virus because of the adoration for the thrill and the adrenaline rush that is consistently experienced when being serenaded by them. Perhaps the most underappreciated part in any band is the bass. Not always intentionally, as sometimes the tones are more difficult to extrapolate than those of the lead or the keyboard, for instance, but Metallica never suffered such a detriment; As one of the kings of the bass, Cliff Burton, had the honour of plucking the four strings to death during the interval of time the band made their statement of intent-Addressed toward the whole world.

Laying the accompaniment to the remainder of the musical magnificence exhibited, Cliff quickly became one of the most highly recognized and exalted bassists to ever accommodate the instrument, and his establishment as an elite player was merely the most modest of his accolades along the long road to glory he traversed extremely quickly. That road came to an abrupt end on September the 27th 1986 however, when, like most of the recorded instances of disaster on this register, tragedy transpired in the brutal and untimely tour bus incident that claimed his life while in Sweden in support of the immensely popular Master of Puppets album. Even over 30 years later, tributes are still pouring in deferential memorial of the saint of bass on the anniversaries of his birth and death.

And the impact of that horrible fate was so strong and poignant, that a lot of the preceding album to Metallica's third, And Justice For All.... was recorded in subsequent and sporadic states of disorder at various intermissions, for different reasons, and it has been speculated that his death influenced James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich's decisions to reduce the volume of bass on the record-Despite the recruitment of Jason Newsted's astonishing talent.


8. John Candy

The Canadian actor-comedian amassed himself documented credentials of the uppermost proficiency in the muse of entertaining spectators fortunate enough to witness his supreme talent for facetious and flagrantly funny acting, in some of the most reverently perceived classics; Such as Cool Runnings, Planes, Trains and Automobiles, and The Great Outdoors, that are adored unanimously.

He collaborated with some of the most acclaimed workers within the industry, he managed to captivate audiences, and he stole the screen in almost every scene that he was in. The struggles he incurred due to weight-related health issues were ultimately the architects of his demise. Retrospectively unsurprising, but nonetheless devastating at the time. He is just so beloved, he has received a posthumous induction into the Canadian Walk of Fame, and recently a prevailing petition to rename the Canadian Screen Awards the candies in honor of such a great man has materialised.


7. John F Kennedy

There aren't many people in the world that would patently acknowledge that they have more than an inch of respect for politicians, and they are certainly a breed that has seemingly exponentially increasing reputation for being amongst the most disgraceful exploitive figures in society. And even if that sweeping statement had no rational validity to it, what is a veritable certainty is the fact that they are rarely, if ever, the most admired and lionized people on the planet. Few are ever remembered for contributions of magnanimity-When in contrast to the ruthless dictators that there has been a superfluous excess of.

So consequently, when the more noble leaders of sovereign nations emerge, they are perhaps revered to a level higher than they should be. John F Kennedy is a figure that is still talked about in schools for his galvanizing installation of morale and resilience into the citizens of the USA and the world during the Cold War and the space race with the Soviet Union during the early 1960s. They would prevail in their ultimate ambition of landing a man on the moon, and he was a vital component in the persevering mentality that triumphed over the might of the Russians. He was not without his faults and controversies by any means however, with the disclosure of the revelation of his marital Affairs emerging after his death. But, when on the 22nd of November 1963, he was shot with a sniper by Lee Harvey Oswald from the 5th floor of the Texas School Book Depository while appearing in a presidential motorcade throughout the streets of Dallas, the world was so shaken.

These details were made lucid common knowledge, and the distinguished recognition he has received for being the epitomizing symbol of patriotism throughout his military service, journalism and political careers, is best surmised with the famous quote constantly attributed to the mere mentioning of his name; "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country." He is also credited with the exultation for promoting the evolutionary methods of consideration of the general welfare and integrity of relations with Native American descendants and African Americans' oppression, civil rights and liberties, domestic and foreign policies, immigration laws and admissions, and of course the pursuit of endeavours in space.

He is commemorated for all of those with the monuments to his memory in the re-designation of titles of airports, schools, streets, and landmarks-The most famous of course being the primary active airport of New York City, which was previously colloquially known as Idlewild Airport.


6. Michael Jackson

The very definition of pure, unadulterated talent for such an early age, and allocated the title of the King of Pop very affectionately by all of those in awe of his divine exhibitions of that talent-Michael Jackson began quite humbly as a member of the Jackson 5, surrounded by siblings as the youngest amongst them, and it quickly became apparent that his voice was so tremendously distinct for its unmistakable audible opulence. Soon after the realization of his remarkable inclination for producing pristine pieces of listening material.

He scaled the marginal echelons of excellence and defied the established fact that there was no metric to gauge such incredibility against, by transcending each and every genre, and every boundary of segregation and exclusion; And now every generation, via the enticing sound of his voice and the message he imparted through the expression of it. Becoming a celebrity invites the potential to become a model member of society, as when a certain level of fame is reached, a gathering of devoted admirers is inevitably due to amass. The consequent palpable influence that implicitly bestowed upon that celebrity is powerful, but it's an essentially responsible trait to possess. Some are not too concerned with it, some may not even be overly aware of it, but others are very cognizant of it. And using it to their advantage to nurture their real nature with benevolent or malevolent examples of both are now rife within the view of the public.

But Michael Jackson was one of the first to really take on the honus and place it on the importance of the role that a mere musician can play in society. His is very comparable to Chester Bennington's odyssey and the overcoming of personal demons, and the inspiration of others to do the same. He suffered terribly from the affliction that affects far too many of those who achieved stardom from such a young age do. A troubled past necessitated the creative self-expression he constantly paraded almost to serve as an outlet or vice to cope with the struggles that persisted beneath the surface, while he externally perpetuated an optimistic philosophy.

He could not escape attention and that was a tragically inadequate realization that was all too late, after his death on the 25th of June 2009 at 50 years old from the prescription of propofol lorazepam and midazolam he was ostensibly overdosing on, and that led to the allegation of a homicide on the part of his personal physician. It entailed a monument of literally astronomical worldwide mourning, and still presently unconfirmed allegations have not blemished the legacy those committed to the continued approbation of the charitable and devoted diversity of a marvellous maverick musician.


5. Robin Williams

There have been many people who have defined many different forms and styles of many different things-Some of which feature in virtually every instalment into this itinerary and can range from the broader strokes of Bennington and Jackson's definition of the confluence of multiple different genres of music, to the more insular and specialized examples. Possibly the best of these is the definition of physical comedy, as defined by Robin Williams. Even in his earliest performances, he was so animated, that he could not be resisted or censured for any aspect of the on-screen privileges.

Mork & Mindy provided him with the platform for exposing himself to the world in flourishing eminence that immediately appealed to audiences on multiple different levels, and he proved that he could be competent in any versatile acting role in any miscellany of the available variety. He could be stoic and serious, jovial and villainous, brave and courageous or cowardly and treacherous-Seemingly all at once in some instances, despite the contradiction. Animated parts like the genie in Aladdin, comedic parts with undertones of something more austere like Mrs. Doubtfire, abstruse but compelling parts like Andrew in Bicentennial Man, and so much more. But his foundational Genesis was predominantly based in comedy.

He could appease fans of any form of it, and became the stalwart custodian of the duty of preserving the sustained esteem of the genre in perpetuity, as he never really put a foot wrong. Again, similar to Michael Jackson and Chester Bennington outside of his profession, in the purported encouragement of optimism and resilience-Despite his own inner turmoil that he'd really concealed so well, that the world was oblivious to it. His suicide by hanging on the 11th of August 2014 at age 63 evoked an impulsive sensation of overwhelming and unprepared grief in his fans, and anyone even remotely aware of the indelible impact that he left behind. The wound remains sore to this day.


4. Elvis Presley

The King of Pop has preceded the King of Rock and Roll, and it would be remiss to neglect his recognition as well. Elvis Presley changed the world-A proclamation that is so generalized and cliched by this point, but it remains true and inescapably so. He is the undisputed people's champion of the music genre that has been absolutely imperative for the emergence of his successes. Without rock and roll, there would be no Rock. Without rock and roll, there would be no metal. Without rock and roll, there would be no pop, or modern folk, or house music, or R&B, or dubstep, or modern jazz and blues, or even possibly rap and grime.

And without Elvis Presley, it is almost an assured certainty that rock and roll would not have sustained its longevity sufficiently enough to influence and inspire the advent of all the aforementioned genres. He is not solely responsible for this feat, but when the indirect impacts he has had in addition to the most lucid and clear are taken into consideration, it's no surprise that even those who are not fans of his music are still objectively compelled to appreciate it. He made and lived a mostly blessed and enviable life for himself, and deserved it far more aptly than a lot of his peers. He embodied a symbolic role model, even in his later, more dubious years, and only really experienced an exponential ascension in the perception and cultivation of the establishment of his greatness-That didn't even cease with his untimely and unfortunate death at disappointingly agonizing young age of 42 on the 16th of August 1977 from a heart attack.

The tragedy eventuated from the confluence of his affliction with cardiac arrhythmia and prescription drug abuse, and he departed the world like a true rock star on the toilet. Again, the world mourned, but he was perhaps one of the inductees to this record that was the fortunate recipient of a reaction of more immediate optimism than others, due to the prolific rise in the success of the critical and commercial success of his music; Finally been legitimized by the accolade of becoming the highest selling solo artist of all time.


3. Marilyn Monroe

As if 42 and 41 weren't young enough ages to have life stolen from-Marilyn Monroe's inescapably escapable fate at 36 is a despicably horrendously low milestone to have reached before death. Of course, many have died even younger, but not many have achieved and contributed that sheer density of ornate provisions that Marilyn Monroe had by the time of her own fatality on the 5th of August 1962-Via barbiturate overdose. To have touched the people she had by those virtues, makes the deprivation of an inherent beauty and charm both aesthetically and relatably(through the conveyance of an affable and empowering personality) all the more heartbreaking.

More than just a pretty face, in an era where women were often subjected to innocent, inoffensive offences of misogyny and objectification. Monroe did adhere to the typical role most women of that time did, in being a sex symbol for appearances in As Young As You Feel, Crash By Night, and The 7 Year Itch. And in the model and she participated in as well, but she also refused to conform to a submissive character in the persona that blonde bombshell roles would denote, and was a widely respected icon in the industry for that.

She was compelling and endearing just by nature, although her career took a modest decline toward the end of her life, through toils with depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and the highly publicized divorces she endured with second and third husbands Joe DiMaggio and Arthur Miller. Her legacy of really spearheading the preliminary phases that instigated the blasphemously long journey toward the parity of women's place in professional and domestic society(whether intentionally or not) remains intact, and cherished by women and men alike. It's about time, and it's partially thanks to her.


2. David Bowie

A complex, abstruse, mischievous, effervescent, profound amalgamation of a man, who was just weird weird in the best way. A man that has received criticisms and controversy, but not an outright abundance of conspicuous critics. Objectively, it cannot be professed that there is nothing remotely engrossing about David Bowie; Whether as the staple renegade maverick, or in any of his drastic shades of embodied characters. He was one of the first notable figureheads of the construction of definitive and distinguished evolutionary processes and identities to complement his submitted pieces of listening and viewing pleasure, as opposed to being nothing more than a superficial gimmick-Which draws similarities with Marilyn Monroe, but in an entirely unique way.

They were both really quite divergent in the regard that any stereotype or preconceived notion could not be attributed to them at any one point, but where Monroe was contumacious to the authoritative objectification agenda through deposing it by persevering with her work, and not bowing to the sexualized demands of her-Bowie occasionally embraced the characteristics of the other gender visually, while blatantly stating his intent for the equality and parity of all things verbally, in a far more glaring and audacious way. This was of course where the controversy stemmed from at times, but for all the correct reasons. He brought the iniquity of the world to the attention of the ignorant in a very stern and serious crusade for justice, but was a liberally spirited character that was always in favour of a joyous experience(if not at the expense of others). And that is all while neglecting to mention the seminal versatility and pandemic allure of his distinct and absurdly for bewitching material of musicianship and acting; Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars, The Man Who Sold the World, Labyrinth, and the list just goes on.

His death at 69 years old from cancer on the 10th of January 2016, two days after his birthday, being preceded by the immaculate conception of a premeditated swan song release, Blackstar, was both heroic in the revelation that he wrote it all the while being very aware of his inevitable death, and sorrowful and astonishingly appreciable through the perspective of the aftermath-With his death amplifying the already present remarkable adulation for the beauty of the product, and the appreciation for the fact that he persevered with his work, despite the knowledge of the futility of it; Hopefully, the breaking of the record of being the most viewed artist in a single day on Vevo to accompany the plethora of other accolades that were far more important, that had been awarded during and after his life, would render it not completely redundant though.


1. Kurt Cobain

The vast majority of the world is at least in some way privy to the pandemic cultural impact that the grunge band heralding from Seattle enforced through the opulent, visceral tones of their musical compositions. The vast majority of the world is at least in some way appreciative of the band and all its members, and those affiliated with them. The vast majority of the world is aware of the huge jolting pivot the trajectory of the ascendance of the genre and the style of music in general took when the band ceased to be, due to the horrible death of the lead singer and guitarist Kurt Cobain at the age of just 27 on the 5th of April 1994, in the purported suicide via gunshot-Though the determination of the true cause has been widely speculated about, and many conspiracy theories circulate with pertinence to it to this day.

And the vast majority of the world really felt the entire brunt of the weight of that bombardment in the event of the horrible tragedy. A flurry of mourning phenomenons occurred in an earnestly inundated delirium for more than just the very day of his death, but for a ridiculous period ensuing afterwards, as well. The tributes and memorial ceremonies resembled those of religious processions, and the news stations advocated a huge magnitude of coverage to them, to such a degree of obsession, that it is still available for viewership today. Kurt Cobain and his bandmates were the perfect embodiment of contumacy that superseded even David Bowie in some aspects, and their fans clamoured for the content they produced that facilitated the relief in the release of all the tensions and anxieties of life through the aggressive but refined infallibility of it.

Cobain had an almost lifelong struggle with substance abuse as the coping mechanisms for his own anxieties and perturbation with the attention he received in a catch-22; Being proud to influence the lives of his avaricious fans, but feeling uncomfortable with the mainstream fame that made him feel as if he was betraying his own sense of discontent for the conventions of demographic societal conformity. Many other elements in addition to his perceived sense of treasonous infidelity to those convictions factored into the overwhelming of his mentality-Which pushed him over the edge, and invoked the taking of his own life. The most optimistic thing that can be derived from the entire terrible situation, just like all of the contemporaries on this list, is the fact that he will not be forgotten having left a legacy of eternal aspirational admiration for the feats he was able to achieve.

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