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Ten Best Bands Named After Bodies Of Water

The Little River Band Hit It Big In the Seventies


The Sultans Of Swing Guys Would Have Made It Had Their Straits Not Been Dire

Great Britain's Lanterns on the Lake, a popular alternative rock band, recently issued some new music. A single titled "Every Atom" has been shared on various streaming services, while the album Spoke The Heard is set for release on February 21.

While its sound certainly entertains the ears, the alliterative name of the group appeals to the tongue. The repetition of the L sound almost makes its speaker sing the name rather than merely pronounce it, but its two nouns also serve as symbols for light and water.

As innovative as Lanterns on the Lake may be musically, they are far from the first group to use a body of water in its name. Here are ten of the most recognizable bands with some formation of H2O excluding artists whose last names happen to fit the description, such as Matt Pond, Emerson, Lake and Palmer and Johnny Rivers.

1. Ocean

This Sixties ensemble is best remembered for encouraging us to put our hands in the hand of the man who stilled the waters, which is exactly the theme of this list.

2. Sea Level

Born out of the demise of the Allman Brothers Band, this blue rock group released five albums during the last four years of the Seventies.

3. Deep Blue Something

In spite of the great tracks on the quartet's Home album, DBS has become known mostly for the one huge hit "Breakfast At Tiffany's."

4. Lake Street Dive

Fifteen years have flown by since this Boston band formed, bringing a pleasant mix of country, jazz, blues, and rock.

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5. Okervill River

Wil Sheff and his indie band have been releasing underrated records for two decades, including a comeback album for former rock legend Roky Erickson.

6. Bay City Rollers

Even the most spelling-challenged youth in the mid Seventies, thanks to this Scottissh pop band's ubiquitous hit, knew that the last day of the week was spelled S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y.

7. Nickel Creek

Bluegrass star Allison Krausse produced the breakthrough record for this trio, two thirds of which are a brother and sister named Watkins.

8. Little River Band

"Lady" and "Happy Anniversary" scored this Australian pop group several hits, in addition to the one about reminiscing.

9. Midlake

Folk-rock is the primary sound from this Texas septet, which has been creating quality records since before the turn of the century.

10. Lagoon

David Ziegler-Voll fronts this indie rock band out of Tucson, Arizona, whose first three records exhibit an influence of REM.

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