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10 Activities to Try While Sitting on the Toilet


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Some Things Can't Be Rushed.

Some things just can't be rushed. Going to the bathroom is one of those things. The more you try to hurry the process along so you can return to the party, the slower all those muscles and organs seem to respond.

We spend a surprising amount of time sitting on the potty. A typical female spends around 85 minutes a week on the toilet, while the average male spends approximately 105 minutes. That's a lot of time that could be put to good use.

So, instead of anxiously wishing the time away, here are 10 activities you can engage in to make the most of toilet time.

10 Cool Toilet Activities to Try

1. Eye Exercises - Did you know that dry eyes, blurred vision and headaches could just be symptoms of eye strain? Sitting on the potty is the perfect place to work those eye muscles and help relieve eye strain before heading back to the computer screen. And no one can see you looking goofy while you trace a figure 8 with your eyes or move your finger in front of your nose.

Why not build in an eye exercise routine with your restroom routine while taking that break at work?

2. Toilet Paper Origami - Yep, it's a thing! Folding toilet paper into cute little boats, hearts or flowers could be the perfect distraction while waiting on the toilet. There are websites, books and even YouTube tutorials devoted to the practice of folding toilet paper into fun and fantastical shapes.

Most toilet paper origami can be folded right on the roll, so you can leave a pleasant surprise for the next person who uses that bathroom. You might just be giving them the sweet distraction during their toilet time.

3. Memorize a Poem - Shakespeare's sonnets can be found on the internet or in nearly any bookstore. Take a picture of a favorite sonnet and store it in your phone. While you are waiting for your bowels to cooperate, memorize a few lines of your sonnet. You will be reciting Shakespeare in no time at all.

If you're not a sonnet person, you can memorize one of your favorite poems or even write one of your own. Just remember not to recite out loud while in the bathroom, or you might have some concerned restroom neighbors.

4. Press Those Pressure Points - Acupressure has been used for thousands of years to improve health and beauty. If constipation is what's slowing you down, try pushing on a few points that target movement of the bowels.

There is a pressure point for nearly any ailment you might have, and what a perfect time to practice it while waiting on the toilet.

5. Create a To Do List - You're constantly creating lists in your mind anyway, so why not pop open your cell phone and put it in writing? Groceries, gifts and errands are just a few of the lists that tend to course through the mind about the time you want to go to sleep. Take advantage of toilet time by keeping running lists of items you know you need to address.

Try adding tasks to your phone calendar, or download an app that makes To Do lists easy and fun.

6. Freshen Up - If you keep a few basic makeup and toiletry items in your purse or coat pocket, the restroom stall is a great place to freshen up. Put on another layer of deodorant, or file those nails. If you decide to refresh some lipstick, just be careful not to drop it in the toilet!

7. Tap Your Troubles Away - If you've never heard of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), it might be worth looking into. EFT tapping is a unique way to clear out unwanted emotional or physical stress. It's silent, so no one in the stall next to you will know you're tapping on your meridian points.

There is now an app that has tapping meditations designed to support a myriad of issues. Spend a moment tapping out anger, resentment or stress while on the loo and see how different you feel afterward.

8. Exercise - There are many exercises and stretches you can do while seated on a toilet. Select a few areas to target and use bathroom time to tone those muscles. You might be surprised by how much a few reps each day can do for your body.

9. Take a Mental Vacation - Don't focus on work travel or that family reunion you have to prepare for. Use this toilet time to imagine you are someplace you have always dreamed of going, or to recall an experience that really brought you joy.

Studies show mental vacations can reduce stress. Use all five senses to recall details and quickly reduce those cortisol levels while you sit.

10. Aromatherapy - Whether it's lavender, grapefruit, or another favorite aroma, you can find an essential oil to boost your mood. Keep a tiny dropper of your favorite oil in your purse or coat pocket and pull it out while you are waiting. Not only can the scent lift your spirits, it can help relieve restroom smells that are potent and nauseating.