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Television Show : The Lee and Hayley Show

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The Lee and Hayley Show


Now that the talk show, The Real has ended, a new show has taken that time slot at 1pm Eastern time on FOX 8-1 in the Greensboro, High Point area of North Carolina, US.

The Lee and Hayley Show is funny and quirky.

Lee and Hayley gave a shout out to the Greensboro, North Carolina and High Point, North Carolina area because they were aware of this addition to their viewership starting today, July 7, 2022.

Lee and Hayley film the Lee and Hayley Show out of Kentucky.

Lee and Hayley featured North Carolina heavily in this episode of the show. They made mention of the well known area restaurant Bonefish Grill.

They also took a tour of Mt. Airy, North Carolina, the hometown of Andy Griffith.

Mt. Airy was an inspiration for the town of Mayberry on The Andy Griffith Show.

Lee and Hayley also took a tour of The Andy Griffith Museum in Mt. Airy.

They sat on a large swing outside of Andy Griffith' s homeplace, which takes reservations for lodging. It was a small house that he lived in as a child and made additions to for his family as he grew older and more famous.

Later in this hour long show, Lee and Hayley participated in office prank shenanigans.

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Out of a mug, they drew challenges that had been written on small strips of paper, similar to the paper in fortune cookies, and took on the challenges, daring each other to do what was written on each paper.

Examples of their office prank shenanigans included:

  • high-fiving coworkers as they exited the restroom (so awkward and uncomfortable).
  • and posting photos of their belly buttons on Instagram.

Towards the end of the hour, Lee and Hayley mentioned a few celebrities including Beyonce and Adele.

  • With newly released music, Beyonce has marked a milestone of being among a few musical artists such as Paul McCartney with the most songs in the top 20 of the Billboard top 100 songs list.
  • Adele has expressed that she considered fan response to be pretty 'brutal' when she had to cancel some performances.

Lee and Hayley also mentioned one story that I was hearing about for the first time.

  • Lee and Hayley talked about 74 year old singer and guitarist Carlos Santana. They mentioned that he had a heat exhaustion incident while performing on a stage in Michigan in almost 90 degree heat.

This is one incident that I had not already been informed about and I am usually aware of the breaking news.

Overall, this television show, The Lee and Hayley Show is slow paced and does not jump quickly from topic to topic.

The Lee and Hayley Show is informative but mostly comedic.

Lee and Hayley are a funny duo.

The Lee and Hayley Show

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