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Television Show - Claim to Fame

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Claim to Fame

Claim to Fame is a television show that premiered on Monday, July 11, 2022 at 10pm on ABC television.


This television show, Claim to Fame is hosted by Kevin and Frankie Jonas of the famous Jonas brothers that also include the very famous Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas.

Claim to Fame is hosted by Kevin Jonas and Frankie Jonas

Kevin Jonas and Frankie Jonas appeared on the talk show, The View on the same day, Monday, July 11, 2022 at 11am Eastern time on ABC to discuss the show, Claim to Fame, promote it and advertise it.

Spoiler alert

They provided a couple of spoilers including that you can expect to see The View talk show host Whoopi Goldberg's grand daughter Amara on the show Claim to Fame.

On this television show Claim to Fame, seemingly ordinary people who are the contestants on the show gather together at a house. (Much like on the show Big Brother.)

They will sleep overnight at this house and across a series of Claim to Fame television show episodes, it will slowly be revealed that each of the contestants have a famous celebrity relative.

Hmm. Who can these famous celebrity relatives be?

It is up to the fellow peer contestants and the television viewing audience to try to figure it all out.

Simone Biles' sister

For starters, there is one contestant on the Claim to Fame television show that looks SO much like highly decorated U.S. Olympic gymnast Simone Biles!

  • 90% of the Claim to Fame tv show contestants have noticed this.
  • She is indeed Simone Biles' sister but she has not been eliminated from the Claim to Fame show yet!
  • You will still see her there at next week's show episode!

Maxwell Norris, Chuck Norris' grandson

Instead, the first contestant to be eliminated from the Claim to Fame television show was a young man by the name of Maxwell Norris.

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He is the grandson of the famous Chuck Norris, but here's the twist:

Maxwell Norris was not eliminated from the show because other contestants guessed that he was related to Chuck Norris.

They actually had no idea and one contestant had been confident that Maxwell was related to Steven Spielberg which was a wrong guess.

Maxwell Norris was disqualified

The reason that Maxwell Norris was eliminated from the television show, Claim to Fame was actually because he was disqualified.

Maxwell Norris' disqualification from the show was a surprising and unexpected element in the show. What a twist!

The reason for the disqualification

Claim to Fame television show contestants are not allowed to have their cell phones, computers / laptops or Ipads with them at the Claim to Fame show house. They are not allowed access to any devices that can allow them to look up information about their fellow contestants and figure out who they might be and in turn, who their celebrity relatives might be.

Well, Maxwell Norris hid his phone in his luggage and took it to the Claim to Fame house anyway!

He was caught on hidden camera with it.

Matter of fact

In a very matter of fact way, Kevin Jonas and Frankie Jonas told Maxwell Norris that they knew what he did!

They take the show very seriously

They lectured him that they take the show [and the integrity of the show and its contestants] very seriously and sent him on his way.

A shout out to Papa

Before he left, Maxwell Norris gave a shout out to his grandfather Chuck Norris who he calls "Papa".

Very interesting

This first episode of the Claim to Fame television show was very interesting in unexpected ways.

Claim to Fame television show

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