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Television Show: Abbott Elementary

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Television Show : Abbott Elementary


Abbott Elementary television show is a funny show. This television show, Abbott Elementary, currently airs on Wednesdays at 9pm on ABC network television channel. The tv show, Abbott Elementary was created by Quinta Brunson who also stars on the show.

The television show, Abbott Elementary pays homage to the teachers that educated Quinta Brunson in Philadelphia.

Set in Philadelphia, Abbott Elementary follows a group of teachers and students in their assorted interactions that are very awkward.

Most scenes in the television show episodes take place within the school building but there was an episode with a Abbott Elementary school field trip to the zoo, for example of another location.

The television show, Abbott Elementary is naturally and organically funny with no laugh track or filming in front of the laughter of a live studio audience, as if to say, I am going to make you laugh but if you don't, that's okay too.

Main characters on the television show, Abbott Elementary include, Janine, a young rookie teacher, played by Quinta Brunson and Barbara, an older teacher played by actress Sheryl Lee Ralph.

Sheryl Lee Ralph, a seasoned actress has been acting on television for many years in roles including as a hotel restaurant waitress on the television show, It's A Living and as Moesha's stepmother on the television show, Moesha starring singer and actress, Brandy (Norwood).

Teachers and Substitute Teachers might find some of the banter and dialogue among Abbott Elementary television show characters to be oddly relatable in many ways.

In the Abbott Elementary television show, the Principal of the school, played by actress Janelle James is also a very funny character.

In one example episode of the Abbott Elementary television show:

The teachers at the school have been instructed to use new technology to record the levels of students' reading achievements.

Barbara, a Kindergarten Teacher, who is having difficulty understanding how to use the new technology in the program inadvertently records that one of her students, William is reading at the 4th grade reading level when he is only in Kindergarten.

Barbara is actually just teaching her students to learn how to read.

When William is coached on his reading of Jack And Jill, he gets stuck on the word, hill.

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He is then told that the word is like his name, but with an 'h'.

He then says, "Jack and Jill went up the hilliam." instead of "Jack and Jill went up the hill."

This is just one example of the many funny moments on this show, Abbott Elementary.

Jack and Jill went up the hilliam.

— Student, William, on Abbott Elementary

Remember the show, Everybody Hates Chris, based on the childhood of actor and comedian, Chris Rock?

The boy that played the role of Chris so well (Tyler James Williams) is now all grown up but still instantly recognizable in the television show, Abbott Elementary.

In the Abbott Elementary television show, he plays the role of a substitute teacher that might secure a role as a permanent teacher at Abbott Elementary School in the foreseeable future.

(Other episodes of the show touch on the fact that he actually applied to be the Principal of the school but was overlooked for the current Principal because she blackmailed the Superintendent of schools.)

This substitute teacher character has an evident crush on the star of the show, the character Janine, played by Quinta Brunson, but my goodness, their interactions are so hilariously awkward.

Apparently oblivious to the idea that the new substitute teacher (Greg) has a crush on her, Janine is very friendly towards him and even invites him to go to IKEA with her and her boyfriend to help them pick out their bed!

Of course, he declines the invitation and says that he has other after school plans with a female friend of his own.

(Janine's boyfriend is another very funny character who is shown on other episodes of the show. He and Janine eventually take "a break" when he moves to New York for his budding music career and she does not go with him.)

Memo to Janine:

The guy that has a crush on you is not going to want to help you and your boyfriend to pick out your bed at IKEA.

Abbott Elementary television show

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