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Teen Wolf Creatures

maybe I'm not a professional writer or something like that but that was always my dream and thanks to this page I can convince my parents


You may already heard about a tv serie call teen wolf, this is a serie about a teenager who was bitten by a wolf at the woods named Peter Hale, then with the help of his best friend called Mieczyslaw Stilinski also known as Stiles they investigate things about werewolves and some other unnatural creatures, now I am gonna tell you some examples:



Although the series is about werewolves, it is something complicated to learn all the terms, each type of werewolf have different color of eyes have in fact there are 3 types of werewolves and now im gonna explain each one



The first type of werewolf is the beta. This is the first step when you become a werewolf. This type has less strength than an alfa and it's also stronger than an omega, the beta wolves are the members of each pack and have yellow eyes. The way to become one is for an alpha to bite or scratch you



The second type of werewolf is the alpha, this is the most powerful werewolf type, it's also the leader of each pack, the alpha wolves have red eyes, the way to become one is to kill an alpha or by demonstrating strength of character and will, this is known as a true alpha.



The third type of werewolf is the omega, this is the most weakness type, it's a type of werewolf that doesn’t have a pack, his eyes are also yellow and is the most easily to be killed by hunters



The kanima is a monster with paralyzing poison in the claws and in the tail. It is controlled by a person who is mostly out for revenge and the host of the monster has no idea what he is doing. It has a green lizard-like skin but a size slightly larger than the host

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The werecoyote are almost the same as werewolves, they have the same abilities like de claws, the super hearing, the speed, the healing and the super strength, the only things that are different is that when coyote woman has a son she passes a large part of her powers to him



The banshee is a creature that feels when someone is gonna die, and can also find the bodies easily. They can scream and be heard miles away,they can also hear souls in pain and turn a werewolf into a human with a scream. This creature can only be a woman.



The kitsune is a creature of the spirit of the fox, they are 13 types of kitsunes and they have multiple powers. They are inmunes to human sickness and they age slower. They are very strong and very fast, the kitsune that appears in the serie have the power to absorb or to produce energy



This creature is a type of kitsune only, this is one of the most unstable and evil, this type is very playful and joking looking to cause pain to people. They have the ability to remove pain but not for good but to feed on it and become more powerful



This creature is one of the most powerful, this creature has the ability to provoke flames and extreme heat from its own body, this creature can find bodies just like the banshees only they find the supernatural. This creature has the ability to be immune to mountain dust, kanima poison, electricity and the screams of a banshee.



Chimeras are not in themselves true creatures since they were actually created by the Dread doctors who injected DNA from mythological creatures into teenagers turning them into mixtures of 2 or more creatures such as wolf and coyote. Some powers are known that the Dread doctors could clone such as the poison of kanima, the claws of wolf and garuda, also the invisibility and poison and eyes of scorpion



Berserkers have over-human strength and equal speed, sometimes they use axes or sometimes only the fists, they are only 3 forms to destroy a berserker, the first is to explode or set it on fire or split the skull in half they can also be released if the host has enough willpower to break the skull


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