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Techno Album Review: "Lost Frequencies" by John Faust

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John Faust’s Lost Frequencies is a deep, powerful musical journey through lushly crafted techno landscapes that have a smooth energy and flowing sensibility as they unfold through the EP. There’s a layered, ear-grabbing sound to the album that keeps the listener engaged.

“Gozen Yoji” comes to life with wide-open bass and a steady, evenly throbbing drumbeat. The bass sounds are deep and soothing while the pulsating kick drum provides a guiding feeling. Lush, dark sounds flow as higher notes echo out in tranquil lines while the drums provide a constant force to direct the music.

The drumbeat keeps everything on an even keel while the bass echoes out into space, smoothly floating and allowing me to take a breath as I listen. Wind sweeps through and the creamy bass waves lap as medium-high synths create ripples that spread through the music.The drumbeat kicks in to add propulsion and direction. The lapping synths are like cosmic waves touching against eternal sand.
Floating, gliding, medium high notes drift along on the breaths of air around them.

Sparkles of medium-high, caressing sound flicker and breathy flows of air drift along with the trickling synths that flutter out into space with ease. Wind sweeps as the delicate, shimmering synths undulate and elevated sounds twinkle as the well of endless bass goes on. The drumbeat pulses into the music as the raised, lambent synths are like misty sunlight on water. Below it all, the ripples spread outwards and lower still, the luscious bass keeps lapping in a tidal flow. Drums pulsate non-stop, shaping the music as it begins to fade out.

Gigantic bass throb opens “Chemical Station” along with a velvety background that smoothly flows above it. There’s an open, airy feeling to the way the background sound glides along and the percussion adds more form as the bass heartbeat pulses. There’s a sense of flow and float over the further propulsion of drums and massive bass, imbuing the music with both ease and energy.

The bass drive dominates as the drums brush and the ethereal, galactic feeling of the music gains energy. A breeze sweeps through and the hollow synths take on a darker shadows as a twisted, brief string-like pulsation echoes. Bass weight throbs heavily and there’s some tension in the sonic darkness that floats above it.

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The driven beat pushes the music on, piano-like notes echoing out in wide, slightly tense lines. All of the distant sounds continue to float in a ghostly flow far in the background. The drums and bass drop out and the music moves in shadowy, ancient-feeling notes. Angular, medium-high synth drifts in melancholy repetition and after a drum fill the propulsive beat launches again. Haunted, distant sounds echo above the relentless bass pulsation before silence falls.

“Analogue Walk” starts off as huge, smoothly surging bass ripples along with medium-low, hollow synths moving in broken bursts as the drums add further form to the music. The hypnotic pulse smoothly propels the music along with those round, shadowy synth bursts. There’s a resonance and float to this music, the metallic hiss of the drums cutting in.

There’s a break into a steady bright shine and sweeping, delicate sounds before the bass begins to slowly tremble. As sonic wind sweeps, the tidal bass surge moves along with distant, ghostly sounds flowing through. The music's heartbeat is unrelenting as it drives along in a deep line that buoys up the other elements.

An ethereal, reverent synth drifts as round, undulating notes form a repeating pattern and the muscled, ultra-low bass surge floats along again. The bass moves in lapping, continual waves underneath the trance-inducing synth. The drums and bass have an endless, cosmic feeling to them before they fade out.

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