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Taylor and Brooke Could Cause Ridge to Leave LA

Who will Ridge choose?

Who will Ridge choose?

Thorsten Kaye might need a break

In March the rumor mill teased that a major character was going to leave The Bold and the Beautiful. It was being reported that Thorsten Kaye desired a break from portraying Ridge Forrester and was going to take a year off from the CBS soap. Kaye has been in the role of the designer for Forrester Creations since 2013 and allegedly has said he has been working nonstop ever since. It's now June and nothing more has been revealed but the storyline seems to be heading in that direction. Fans are saying they are tired of watching Ridge being pulled back and forth between Taylor Hayes (Krista Allen) and Brooke Logan ( Katherine Kelly Lang). Ridge is legally married to Brooke but Taylor and her children Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson) and Steffy Finnegan (Jackie Wood) don't respect the marriage. They have continued to pressure Ridge to reunite their family even as Brooke begs her spouse to come home. On Tuesday Brooke kicked Deacon Sharpe (Sean Kanan) to the curb and told him he was no longer welcome in her home. He was stunned but she is determined to set the stage for a reunion that may never come. If Ridge runs away from his troubles it might just be Deacon who helps Brooke pick up the pieces.

Ridge needs a backbone

If ever there was a man who needs to get away, clear his head, and find himself it is the "dressmaker.” Ridge has been in a love triangle with his current and former wife since the days Ron Moss was in the role.,Those who watch The Bold and the Beautiful are saying they hate the way Ridge is manipulated and cannot seem to make a decision for himself. Most fans say he is married to Brooke and should forgive her and honor his marriage vows. There are others who consider the blonde to be the true home wrecker who stole Ridge away from Taylo, Thomas and Steffy.,If Brooke ever finds out that Thomas knew Sheila Carter ( Kimberlin Brown ) gave her alcohol and Ridge found out and kept it quiet she would be livid. This would seem to be proof Ridge is more protective of his family with Taylor and leaning toward choosing her but this is not necessarily the case. Ridge loves the one he is with and appears to be about to choose whichever woman is in his presence. Once he is with the other the same thing applies. Both Taylor and Brooke have made it clear they love him but Forrester is unable to make a final decision. If Kaye does leave The Bold and the Beautiful and his role is not recast there will be chaos in the aftermath. Even if Ridge remains in town he needs to man up and choose one woman and leave the other alone.

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LA without Ridge

Should Ridge leave LA without choosing which woman he desires to spend his life with there will be chaos. Brooke and Taylor will blame one another for pressuring him. Each woman will make her case as to why she should have been chosen. Taylor, Thomas, and Steffy have been reminding Ridge they are a family and he has connected to them once again in the aftermath of Sheila’s actions. Brooke has been showing up reminding Ridge he is her husband and all of this might be too much for the man. Brooke has never been one to wait around so she might find comfort in the arms of Deacon or Dollar Bill Spencer ( Don Diamond). Some B& B viewers believe that Taylor May end up with Bill which would only infuriate her rival. Eric Forrester ( John McCook ) certainly will be stunned if his son walks away from the family business and with Steffy away he would have to make some changes in order to keep things running smoothly. A year is a long time to keep two women hanging so there is a chance that if Kaye leaves his character will be recast. Fans overwhelmingly are saying that something definitely needs to take place and end this stalemate so stay tuned to find out what happens next.


Thorsten Kaye may leave The Bold and the Beautiful

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