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Taylor Swift's Influence on My Life

Tiarna is a performer and passionate writer. She loves all things musical theatre, travel and books.


'There are two ways you can go with pain. You can let it destroy you or use it as fuel to drive you to dream bigger, work harder.' - Taylor Swift

When I was four I was singing nursery rhymes. When I was five I was singing, listening to or watching Taylor Swift's hit song Love Story on repeat. I heard Love Story for the first time in a shopping centre, and I still remember being absolutely ecstatic when I heard the lyric 'You'll be the prince, and I'll be the princess' because what five year old girl doesn't love princesses? Taylor Swift was the first time I connected with real music and I remember thinking 'oh my goodness! What is this?!' Love Story was all it took to turn me into a music mad little girl, who sang every second of the day.


From that moment, I longed to be a singer. I put on concerts for my family and friends. I asked my school teachers if I could sing for the class and I always told people that when I grow up I wanted to be exactly like Taylor Swift. Now I realise that I need to be my own person, but Taylor Swift is still my role model. She is kind, she is gracious and the love she shows her fans are qualities that I greatly admire.

What makes Taylor's music so special is that it comes straight from her heart, and connects with people all over the world. Her music shows us that it is okay to be sad, to be scared and to be vulnerable. But also that it's okay to be proud of your achievements, and to be happy and excited. Taylor's music tells us that it is okay to share our feelings. She uses her position to do amazing things for other artists, herself and the wider community. She is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in and is always true to herself!

'If you go too far down the rabbit hole of what people think about you, it can change everything about who you are.' - Taylor Swift

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When I was eight I went to her Speak Now concert and it is probably the most inspiring night of my life! At the time I told my friend I was with that it was the best night of my life, and she said, "what about when you get married or have kids?" and I said "No! This will still be better!" Seeing her perform was a dream come true. Hearing everyone singing along to her songs and watching her perform Love Story live was surreal for me. It made me even more determined to work hard and follow my dreams.

'For everything I do, I think about a 6-year-old girl and her mom that I saw at my concert last night. I think about what those two individuals would think if I were at a club last night. I never want to be arrested, and I never want to get a DUI, those are my moral values.' - Taylor Swift

The quote above has influenced me in so many ways. Ever since I read it years ago I have always kept it in the back of my mind, because it is so true! I want to have morals as strong as hers, and I never want someone to look at me or something I've done and turn their child away because I am not being a good role model. I think it is amazing that Taylor has stayed true to that statement throughout her career . It is so important that young people growing up today can look to her as a role model.


'When you’re living for the approval of strangers, and that is where you derive all of your joy and fulfillment, one bad thing can cause everything to crumble' - Taylor Swift

Her Miss Americana documentary on Netflix was so wonderful and inspiring to watch. I watched the film in awe, as it felt like Taylor was reading my thoughts. I related to her in so many ways. As I watched it I realised that I am not alone in a lot of the things I have felt and experienced. I'm not silly for thinking the way I do, because Taylor thinks that way as well. She has obviously struggled in the spotlight and has had some really tough experiences, and the way she has come back fighting and hasn't let those things affect her career is so wonderful and inspiring. It made me realise that despite the difficulties and the internal struggles that come with chasing your dreams, it is still possible to achieve them.


I truly adore Taylor Swift, and I cannot wait to see where the future takes her. She is an extremely special person, and I know that she has not only influenced my life, but many of yours as well.

'We don’t need to share the same opinions as others, but we need to be respectful.' - Taylor Swift

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