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TV Dolls


Your Guide To TV Dolls . . .

Welcome to TV Dolls, the place where you will find the most recent one of a kind creations based on your favorite TV star. Hollywood Doll artists love television, too, and you will find their works of art something to write home about. PLUS you will also find leads and links to vintage and custom action figures based on your favorite TV shows, too.

The mascots for today's TVDolls are "Endora" and "Samantha" of the television program, "Bewitched," by award winning doll artist, Laurie Everton of The Barbie Canvas.

Stay tuned . . . There is always more to come . . .

AS SEEN ON TV! - OOAK and Classic TV Celebrity Dolls


One Of A Kind Celebrity Portrait Doll Inspired by "The Big Bang Theory"

Kaley Cuoco as "Penny" by Laurie Everton

TV Celebrity Row . . . - Tribute To Farrah Fawcett


One Of A Kind Hollywood Tribute Doll

 OOAK Tribute to FARRAH FAWCETT - Mego Bust Repaint by Noel Cruz

Dedicated To Soap Operas

TV Dolls - The Young and Restless "Nick" by EmmaJude

TV Dolls - The Young and Restless "Nick" by EmmaJude

"All My Children" and "Days Of Our Lives" are two of the biggest Emmy winning daytime television soap operas of all time. For some mad reason, they are being replaced with talk shows, and Hoover doesn't like it .

Soap operas have been with us since the beginning of electronic media. It began with the radios, where one could imagine being part of the story told. Then, when television became a popular mode of transmitting a story, soap operas were right there to help us get through our daily chores. I remember my mother ironing while watching "As The World Turns."

Soap operas have come a long way since that time, and have always touched base with the hot topics of the day. Some of the biggest soap operas of all time even made it to prime time television: "Dynasty," "Dallas," and most recently "24." Although the programs are no longer with us, their legend lives on through syndication, and some television networks provide the means for us to see them on their internet domains. (For example, provides us with episodes of "Dynasty." )

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This section is dedicated to the Soap Opera and the daytime stars who often provide more action and adventure than Indiana Jones could imagine. The first mascot is a tribute to "The Young and Restless," by doll artist, EmmaJude. "Nick was inspired by the actor Joshua Morrow who plays Nicholas Newman on the Young and the Restless."


One Of A Kind Hollywood Doll inspired by the popular HBO Southern Vampire series "True Blood" and represents the Nordic vampire character "Eric Northman," "Bill Compton," and Sookie" by OOAK Portrait Doll Artist Lisa Ramsammy

More "True Blood," "Twilight," and "New Moon" OOAK Dolls below.



Celebrity Doll Information & Inspiration

Based on the Golden Globes Winning Program Mad Men

The "Mad Men" Cast by Mattel

Inspired by the TV Show "Lost In Space" -- The Robot by B9 Creations


Wait! Don't touch that dial . . . Between writer strikes, diva dramas, cat fights, barroom brawls, and the TMZ, even the TV Dolls don't get away with much anymore . . . If you have a unique TV Doll you'd like to share, or if you have a link to your favorite TV Toy Store, you are welcome to post it here. Thank you for stopping by.

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