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TV Shows and Movies: Michelle Trachtenberg

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With those big beautiful, striking blue eyes and that exquisite countenance, she has worked her way from television commercials to television shows and movies.

Michelle Trachtenberg is no stranger to show business. She's been working in the entertainment industry since she was 3 years old, back in the late 1980s. She's done TV and movies since then and hasn't stopped. She hangs with the big names, models for the big magazines and is involved in good causes.

Is it any wonder she catches attention? With those big beautiful, striking blue eyes and that exquisitely gorgeous and adorable countenance, she has worked her way from television commercials to television shows and movies.

Who is she?

Michelle Trachtenberg in Complex magazine.

Michelle Trachtenberg in Complex magazine.

Who is Michelle Trachtenberg?

Michelle Trachtenberg was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York where she said she was bullied ruthlessly in school: In fact, she says she doesn't keep in contact with anyone from her old neighborhood and doesn't quite know how to respond when someone recognizes her and mentions her home city district. She's done something about all that; more on it later.

Her father is German and her mother is Russian. Michelle speaks fluent Russian (more on that later, too). She is Jewish and both her grandparents live in Israel.

When she was 3 years old she began to appear in television commercials. And,so, started her long career in show business.

Michelle Trachtenberg as a Vlogger on Law and Order

Michelle Trachtenberg in Complex.

Michelle Trachtenberg in Complex.

Michelle Trachtenberg in TV and Movies

Michelle ended up doing over 100 commercials as a child. Then, in 1993 she got a permanent role in a television show called The Adventures of Pete and Pete. From there, she went on to get the lead role in the Disney movie Harriet the Spy and after that played the niece of the title character in Inspector Gadget in 1999.

But it was in 2000 that she landed the role that received the most attention, as the sister of Buffy in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Sarah Michelle Gellar, star of the show, had been friends with Trachtenberg since the days they had both played in the popular, long-running American soap opera All My Children in the mid-1990s.

In 2005, Michelle starred in the drama Ice Princess in which she played a young science genius that was caught between the choices of continuing her education or following her dream to be a figure skater.

Other movies she starred in included Euro Trip, 17 Again and Black Christmas, a remake of an old horror classic. In 2010, she starred in a movie with Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan called Cop Out.

She went back and forth between movies and TV, even guesting on House, one of her favorite shows, after she convinced her friend, a producer of the show, to let her appear in an episode. She had a recurring role in the HBO production, Six Feet Under. She's also played business competitor and rival to the lead character in the TV show Weeds. In addition to all of this, she's tried her hand at parts in music videos.

More recently she has had a recurring role as the villainous Georgina Sparks in Gossip Girl, playing along-side the equally gorgeous Blake Lively.

She just finished filming a movie called Scribbler and has also played a stalker on Criminal Minds, harassing a lead character's girlfriend.

She had formerly played in the medical drama, Mercy. She was a kidnapped Vlogger, modeled after LonelyGirl15, on an episode of Law and Order.

Michelle Trachtenberg with Sarah Michelle Gellar at the Teen Choice Awards 2001

Michelle Trachtenberg Speaks Out Against Bullying

When the documentary Bully in New York City was made, Michelle supported it and took the opportunity to speak out against bullying. Having been a victim of bullying as a child, she knew full well the detrimental effects it has on a person. Of course, having been on the cover of Maxim and hanging out with royalty at basketball games and attending charity events put on by Mercedes-Benz, otherwise known as the Art of Elysium HEAVEN Gala, I guess Michelle doesn't need to worry about what the bullies think. She's doing alright.

Michelle Trachtenberg's Work


All My Children, The Adventures of Pete and Pete, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Gossip Girl, Mercy

Harriet the Spy, Ice Princess, Black Christmas, 17 Again, Inspector Gadget, Killing Kennedy, Scribbler

Speaks out against bullying.

Michelle Trachtenberg

Michelle Trachtenberg

Michelle Trachtenberg in Killing Kennedy

Michelle recently got to use the Russian which she speaks fluently in a new docudrama for the National Geographic channel about the Kennedy assassination called, Killing Kennedy, based on the book by the same name, by Bill O-Reilly. She plays alleged assassin Lee Harvy Oswald's Russian-born wife, Marina Oswald. She said she was very excited about the role, being able to use her Russian in the movie and she found the whole subject matter fascinating. The fact that the real Marina is still alive made Michelle very much compelled to nail the part. Marina, by the way, still claims her deceased husband is innocent. He never stood trial, himself being assassinated by night-club owner Jack Ruby before he could stand trial.

Michelle Trachtenberg

Michelle Trachtenberg

Michelle Trachtenberg

Michelle Trachtenberg

Michelle Trachtenberg is an accomplished actress with a range of experience in television and movies, in action and comedy and drama. She continues to play roles in important productions, able to make use of her beauty, talent and knowledge. She is one of those stars that you know very well is here to stay.

Michelle Trachtenberg

Michelle Trachtenberg


Nathan Bernardo (author) from California, United States of America on January 23, 2014:

Thanks, Chace. I appreciate that.

Chace from Charlotte, NC on January 23, 2014:

Wow, she's grown up so much. I remember when she was Harriet the Spy! ...and of course screaming, "Get out, get out, GET OUT!" on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

It always seems celebrities grow up faster than everyone else. Awesome hub. I really love the pictures you used. They're so vibrant!

Nathan Bernardo (author) from California, United States of America on January 22, 2014:

Thanks, Kevina. Yeah, I'm a big fan of hers too. I want to watch Killing Kennedy too. Yes, she dealt with some abusive rotten people when she was a kid. I found it very interesting that she can speak Russian and used it in Killing Kennedy.

Kevina Oyatedor on January 22, 2014:

Loved her in Harriet the Spy and Gossip Girl. She's one of my favorite actresses. I watched a snippet about her being bullied and that she told the interviewer that a bully punched her in the face because she was sitting in her favorite seat. I forgot that she speaks Russian and that she was in Killing Kennedy. Need to watch it. Great hub.