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12 TV Shows Like Hannibal That Will Haunt You

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What Series Are Like Hannibal?

Hannibal couldn’t be the mainstream success it deserved to be, and unsurprisingly, NBC killed it off. Season 3 ended a couple of years ago, leaving the audience with a cliffhanger. You don’t see shows like that, not on cable networks at least.

Well, it’s over. We won’t blame you if you happen to be looking for more TV series like Hannibal. Fret not. You’ll get your fix. Take a look at these shows.

Criminal Minds


The plot revolves around a group of profilers, who attempt to anticipate what’s going on inside the minds of most dangerous criminals. These profilers anticipate all the next probable moves and prevent criminals from striking again.

It has been an enjoying ride for last cope of years. With CBS, you’re guaranteed consistency with quality of content. Some might shrug it off as a CSI rip-off. Yes, it has some elements of CSI. However, it’s much more than a procedural drama. While CSI guides you all the way through to a prefect, coherent ending, “Criminal Minds” hands it over to you to make sense of what you’ve seen.

The plotlines are always fascinating and engaging. It always keeps you on the edge of your seat, leaving you guessing till credits begin to roll. An entertaining show that rewards you for your stay. Give it a shot if you’re looking for some great TV shows like “Hannibal”.

Bates Motel


Have you watched the 1960’s thriller named Psycho? It was a haunting experience for most of us. Just how messed up Norman Bates was? “Bates Motel” tries to answer that. It takes us back to Bates’ younger days when he was just normal, geeky kid. As the plot unravels, we discover how slowly but surely he turned out to be a psycho.

There are some inconsistencies, of course. I still can’t figure out why this is set in the present day. Characters feel hallow at times, leaving a lot more to be desired. Nonetheless, it’s a pretty solid show.

With 4th season just around the corner, you have a lot of catching up to do. Grab a DVD wherever you can.


This is the story of a famous psychic, who can spot minute details, manipulate people into doing what he wants to be done, play mind games, and read them like an open book. When his family is killed by a madman, he makes his way into joining California Bureau of Investigation in a bid to bring the killer to justice.

It’s more like a procedural crime drama with a twist. There is an overarching plot that always keeps on moving while he solves weekly cases. Some people compare this show to “Psych”. I’d say it’s much more like ”Sherlock Holmes”. The plot is thicker and darker than “Psych” with a lot more on stake. It can go from funny to disturbing to unbearable within minutes.

Overall, “The Mentalist” is a well-acted and beautifully directed TV show like “Hannibal”. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s because they didn’t tell you about it. Give it a shot.


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It’s quite an accomplishment to get anyone to like a moody serial killer – someone who is addicted to it. But “Dexter” pulled it off in an emphatic manner. Nothing is forced upon you. No crap like “He had a different, troubled childhood, so we must like him”. To be honest, with his charm, you just begin to love seeing him murder those who’ve escaped the justice.

The plotline always stays on the line, never derailing from the story it’s trying to tell. It’s actually pretty uncomfortable and chilly at times. The cold-heartedness can be a bit too much for some people. Those who loved the elegant cannibal Dr. Hannibal, however, would find a new home.

With its clever writing and some authenticating acting, “Dexter” can be hilarious when it wants to, chilling and uncomfortable when it wants to go there. Definitely one of a kind.

The Walking Dead – One of the best zombie shows like Hannibal


The plot revolves around a couple of survivors, who struggle to survive in a world overtaken by zombies. A bite or scratch by the undead means a certain death. With scarce resources and threat looming around the corners, they must work together to survive as long as they can.

If you haven’t’ watched this show yet, it might be hard to believe that “The Walking Dead” and “Hannibal” has more in common than you think. For starters, both shows don’t hold back anything, especially in terms of gore and violence. Apart from that, both shows have a serious tone that makes it click with an adult audience.

Black Mirror


Black Mirror is an anthology series that explores the dark side of gadgets and technologies we nonchalantly use. It shows how even the slightest of slip up could lead us far away from our luxurious lives.

Each episode tells a different episode with different characters and different themes, showcasing a dark world that’s not too different from the one we’re living in. It can be chilling at times to witness the twists and turns in the story as plot unravels before you. Quite an eye opener.

If you’re looking for some great TV shows like “Hannibal” that stay with you for a long time, give “Black Mirror” a go.

The Following


A charismatic, yet completely screwed up serial killer finds a way to communicate with other serial killers, which soon turns into a cult of followers.

The writing is fantastic, keeping you on the edge of your seat all the time. I couldn’t help but think it’s more like “Se7en”. Think about it as a prolonged movie. Shaen Ashmore is quite brilliant as a broken, damaged FBI agent, who has a lot to prove. Purefoy is just as good as in the role of a serial killer as they come.

Overall, “The Following” is a gritty and sometimes, very scary TV show that’s not afraid of going down the unexplored paths. It’s a shame that it had to be cancelled so soon. Nevertheless, you still have a lot to devour on.

Being Human - An underrated TV show like Hannibal


Based upon the BBC’s original show, “Being Human” revolves around a vampire, a ghost and a werewolf. They try to live under a roof in peace and harmony, but things don’t go as they’re planed. Everything spirals out of control.

I have seen all the episodes of the original version. I loved it. But there is no reason to hate on this remake. Don’t pay attention to the negative vibes around it. Those who’re complaining haven’t even given it a chance.

The plotline stays intriguing all the time, keeping you on the edge of your seat. You’d care about the characters as they struggle to keep alive. Whatever happens to them, happens to you.

If you’re looking for some TV shows like “Hannibal” with a supernatural twist, give “Being Human” a go.

Hemlock Grave


The plot revolves around a girl, who gets murdered. In a town where everyone is good at keeping secrets, the hunt for the killer proves to be a more difficult job than they initially anticipated. As the plot thickens, it turns out that there are bigger stakes involved in it. Is the monster living among them?

Netflix has been hitting it out of the park with their original programs for quite a while now. And “Hemlock Grove” is no different. Shows like Hemlock Grove is what keeps people hooked up to Netflix. It’s shocking, even groundbreaking in many ways.

Vampires and werewolves isn’t anything original, not by any stretch of imagination. Still, they manage to capture our attention whenever a new show with even a hint of supernatural entities begins airing. “Hemlock Grove”, however, manages to stand out from other countless offerings on TV. With its new approach to storytelling and a dark setting, it cements its place as one of the must-watch TV shows like “Hannibal”.


Drugs business sure as hell is lucrative. At the same time, it’s pretty dangerous. When a chemistry teacher diagnosed with cancer tries his luck with Manufacturing and selling meth, he finds it impossible to hang up the boots.

Breaking Bad is quite simply one of the finest stories ever told on TV. Everything from casting, directing to acting is superb. The tension never let up till the very last episode, leading to a very emotional and satisfying closure. I’m sure this show is not flawless, but I couldn’t find any.

If you want to watch an interesting story of a drug dealer unfold before your eyes, this is the show for you.

American Horror Story – One of the best horror TV shows like Hannibal


There is nothing scarier than this show on TV right now. It’s pretty difficult to genuinely scare people these days. But “American Horror Story” gets it. It knows how to shake its audience to the core. And they don’t mind even if they have to look a bit absurd doing it. As long as it scares and disgusts you, who cares?

That’s not to say that plotline is nonsense. Apart from mediocre third season, every other season is just what you call “genuinely scary”. Every season centers on different stories, locations and characters. So the good news it, you can skip any season you like and jump straight on to your favorite setting.

There is a lot of gore, violence and things one can’t possibly explain with words. You have to see it first hand to experience what kind of beast this show really is. If it doesn’t deliver genuine scares, you’re immune to scares.

Penny Dreadful – One of the goriest TV shows like Hannibal


Three vampire hunters go about doing their jobs in Victorian London. There are holy creatures lurking around everywhere, and the must be dealt with. With these three on hunt, they stand no chance.

Gory, moody and brimming with a lot of potential. Catch up to it before the 3rd season begins airing.


Brandi Goodman from Holland, MI on July 03, 2020:

I've seen about 3/4 of these. I'll have to check out the others. Nice list of options!

Chroma Joanna Anekwe on March 17, 2020:

Your list leans towards satisfying fans of horror series. I identified with Hannibal on a more cerebral term. From that stand point, Hannibal has almost no equal. It is excellent in its rendition.

MadReviewer83 on June 23, 2019:

Good list, even though comparing some of those shows to Hannibal is a bit vacuous. Also you didn't mention any of those shows disadvantages, for example, viewers should be aware that Dexter's writing takes a wrong turn in the last seasons.

Rachel M Johnson on August 03, 2018:

Loved everything on this list! I’ve watched almost all of them, but now I think I need to go check out Hemlock Grove! Thanks for the heads up!

Ashley Ferguson from Indiana/Chicagoland on January 24, 2016:

Love all of the ones I've heard of, must check out the rest!

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